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12 Janurary 2008 Jennifer Aniston vs Jennifer Connelly

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Posted by simguy on 1/12/2008, 9:07 am


BEFORE: Big money bantam bout brings out the egos: both girls playing Diva-games during negotiations and in prefight. "I just think Connelly's tired, and she's ready to go," shrugs a very fit, toned Jen Aniston in prefight. "I've had the best sparring of my career for this fight - it's been a great camp, and I'm ready to take it to Jennifer." Connelly glaring at Courtney Cox on the Aniston side of the dais - many reported altercations between members of team Aniston and TU fighters in Vegas casinos, including a shoving incident between Reiko Aylesworth and Rachel Nichols - tensions running high as fight-nite approaches. "Aniston's definitely pushing her luck this time," Conelly affirms. "Frankly, I and my team deserve more respect than we're getting, and I'm tired of it. Sometimes, you just have to beat on a girl until she gets it. Obviously, I'm at that stage with Jennifer, and she's got it coming."


Jen C in black bikini, slick ponytail; small black gloves. Jen A in teal/green stripy bikini, scruffy beach bun hair; small white gloves.

During R1: Identical, well-schooled stances: elbows in, dukes up, chins tucked. Connelly stepping HARD one-twos early, pounding at Aniston's defences, backing her up. Minute in, Jan A getting loosened by the shelling, eats a tuff right to chin, has to clinch or go down. Ref's break separates 'em, but Conelly pouncing back in with a shafting right down into Aniston's tummy, keeping blonde pinned down. Connelly opening up, hooking wide to flank and shoulder, bubby-whipping overhand rights; hoisting vicious left uppercuts to Aniston's midsection. Jenny A under fire - earmuffed up, crouching down and shipping a scrumptious beating from tight-lipped Jen C in the first.

R2: Connelly's jarring, crisp one-twos up top penetrating Aniston's guard - blonde head kicking back abrupt - she's backpedalling in stupor. LEFT HOOK JEN CONNELLY! JC stepping in and biting it off, cleaning up every scrap of Jenny A's chin - ANISTON SCOOTS TO HER REAR! Connelly glaring down, eyes flashing - she bats her mitts together in satisfaction at blonde's plight. Jenny A's conditioning on show - she beats the count, digs in at apron. Connelly wading in, eyes narrowed: plenty of time on the clock, so she gets after Aniston methodical. Banging one-twos up top; gouging hooks underneath; brawny pushes to reset. Jen C carving a particularly vicious hook in under Aniston's right breast - blonde cringing on contact, sitting into ropes. Aniston riding it out earmuff - clinching on occasion to help stem the tide: brawny Connelly second has her well in front early.

R3: Aniston unpacks the jab: much improved poke from blonde finally halts brunette advance. Connelly trying to penetrate - gets rejected as Aniston pumps stick, steps out smartly, rotates to her left. Second minute, Aniston hooking off the jab rings up Connelly's chin: JC retreating thereafter as Aniston takes over. Down the stretch - Connelly earmuffed up at ropes, stooping forward: Aniston allowed to get workmanlike to the body, lashing right/lefts home to JC's flat waist. Right uppercut startles Connelly - she never sees the hook that PUTS HER DOWN! Connely blinking in wonder, seated with back to ropes: Aniston hollering down at her as ref moves in to restore order.

R4: Oh. They. Bang. Away! Gorgeous, unexpected stuff as two classy vixens get in there and get their hands dirty. Aniston tuff n' rugged to Connelly's body, wading into brunette with free-swinging rights and lefts, backing JC breathless to ropes. Connelly pounding up the middle with jarring one-twos, cleaning up that biting hook under Aniston's right breast. Both girls lay in mouth on shoulder at times, lapping at one another's thighs and tummies - each drawing warnings for unintional low blows. Connelly's hurt midway through by a series of chopping Aniston rights to the left ear. Aniston startled and shook by a ringing Connelly hook carved tidy to chin. More warnings as elbows come up - girls pushing each other aggressively to reject clinches.

R5: Connelly scowling - she's getting a real fight from Aniston, forced to raise her game as a result. Sharp, piercing jabs break down Aniston's front: Connelly able to pour in right hands, clean-up hooks as Aniston backpedals: Janny A's lumping up. Aniston's curvy legs proving solid - even clean Connelly chinchecks are being weathered here as Aniston covers up and rallies rather than going down. Connelly the busier, harder-working beauty - uprooting Aniston from dug in positions, muscling her all around the ring - but Jenny A scrappy and competitive. At one point, Aniston bares her teeth and initiates torrid exchange of rights and lefts to jug - girls just huffing and puffing as they hup-hup away. Connelly's round, but Aniston defiant, challenging after the bell as ref intervenes.

R6: ANISTON ups tempo - backing Connelly up with those chopping right hands to ear. At ropes, Aniston rough - pushing Connelly upright with the left hand at Jen C's throat, then clobbering her rights and lefts. Jen C writhing, twisting and turning in the pocket, trying to evade beat-down - Aniston doing a good job of pushing and jostlling to set up the punching. Connelly dug in at apron, sluggng up out of her crouch to Aniston's stomach - grueling toe-to-toe lcouting late as they women square away and trade. Bell: ref has to push seething A-listers apart to enforce break.

R7: Torrid pace continues - girls faces taut with tension. Midring, they bang away recklessly - trading swinging rights and lefts in the horizontal plane while dipping side to side. Heavy clout detonating upside both women's heads, but it's Aniston giving ground, eventually forced to dig in at apron. Connelly edging her left shoulder into Aniston's chest, pinning blonde down, then working her over tidy: brunette carving and swatting tidy hooks and clubbing right hands from the close-in posture. Aniston teeth bared as she's beaten - but look how combative! Everytime Connelly puts punches together and seems to have Aniston hurt - blonde rallies, punching back in spurts, scoring to pale Connelly tummy and plump Connelly tits. Bell: girls still grinding it out in the trenches - ref has to pull JC off.

R8: Free swinging, wild sluggiing midring, both women landing upside the head with wide blockbusters: this time it's Connelly who's banged back to ropes. Aniston crowdiing in - her chin out over Connelly's right shoulder, her hands palming Conelly's hips and pushing her butt-in-ropes. Lapping, limber body wallop applied - Aniston leaning in and going at Connelly's tummy like never before: JC groaning, face unhappy as she rests her chin out over Aniston's right shoulder. Aniston bullying Connelly - shouldering her int the chest, bodying into her, leaning forward and staying on that body - steady beat of lapping blonde licks tears up brunette tummy, ribs and tits. Connelly forced to slosh back in kind - but she's butt in ropes, not getting much on her shots. Bell: Aniston banking some insurance body shots - ref has to pull her off panting brunette prey.

R9: Girls shabby with hurt, plodding into each other - they embrace, wrestle midring as this fight looks to be decided at close quarters. Rough work - girls moving their heads to either opposition shoulder - hands constantly pushing at ribs or hips to turn the other around. Aniston slowly emerging as the stronger fixen, finally taking Connelly to ropes. Aniston on top, crowding, jamming in rights to tummy; wedging in lefts to jug and in behind Connelly's right elbow. Connelly mouth breathing, really taking it to the body tonight: she's never seen Jen Aniston this determined. Plowing, pushing, mauling work, Aniston on Connelly - ref has to pull Jenny A off as once again, nobody heeds the bell.

R10: Connelly unpacks the all-but-forgotten jab, renegotiating terms midring and keeping Jen outside. Right hands follow, pounding in between Aniston's mitts, then clean up hooks carve in on rib below the breastline. Aniston discouraged, giving ground: she needs to be smothering Connelly to be effective. JC stalking, using little step-outs and a stiff jab to maintain distance - she's got Aniston contained. Jen C very thorough - coming in off the jab, hooking the body, then pushing her girl off: Aniston mouth breathing, falling off the pace. Late the round, Connelly batting hooks to weary Aniston abs has the blonde doubled over: HARD hook in behind blonde elbow nearly puts Aniston down. Gaspng, blonde's able to clinch instead, but she's badly shaken - Connelly able to close out the round mauling Aniston at the ropes. Comes back fearsome UD10...DRAW!

After: Connelly getting into it with Aniston afterward - Aylesworth pushing Nichols - Cox pushing Connelly - hotly contested draw has tempers flaring on both sides. "Typical BS," Aniston spits in postfight. "Anyone could see she was giving in to me - judges need to learn to read the fighters - she was quitting!" Connelly hard-eyed - drawiing with Aniston a slap in the face to this proud fighter. "She got away with murder in this fight," Jen laments. "That was about as poorly officiated and judges a fight as I've ever been a part of. If you take away her holding and hitting, what did she do? I beat her soundly in the actual boxing match - she's no closer to my level now than she's ever been."

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