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12 July 2007 Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs  Katherine Heigl

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Posted by simguy on 7/12/2007, 5:49 pm


Before: Heigl downplaying any animosity she may or may not feel for Mary Elizabeth in response to reports that Winstead's break out summer has Kathy hot and bothered. "That's nonsense," Heigl says in prefight. "Mary's just another fight for me. The focus here is on me, and my boxing: just a few years ago, a lot of you guys would have made me the stepping stone in this bout. NOW, you know damn good and well that Mary's not going three rounds with me. The story here is how far I've come: Mary's a footnote." Winstead not having it, answering Kathy's newfound haughtiness with eager podium-pluck. "Hey, I'll fight Katherine Heigl tooth and nail," Mary promises. "I know she's all big and stuff, but lots of girls have outboxed her and I will too. Kathy's gonna find out that I've got skills - I'm way farther ahead than she was at this point in her career - and I'm gonna go right at her. If she thinks I'm just going to lie down and let her have her way with me - she's gonna be AMAZED by what happens to her!" Mary in light brown bikini, yellow strings, white gloves. Kathy in baby blue lace push up; royal blue bikini bottons with big white polkadots; white gloves; long low ponytail with bangs framing face.


During R1: Mary feisty at the open, driving Kathy back with walking barrage of rights and lefts - largely blocked by Heigl's raised hands, but disconcerting. Winstead whaling away wide lefts and rights as Kathy covers up on ropes: Heigl buffetted, then reaching for Winstead, tieing her up, walking her back to midring for catch-and-release. Heigl slowly asserting control - strong flat footed stance, heavy jabs pounding out from the shoulder, bashing onto Mary's brow/upperchest. Heigl stepping Winstead down, thudding away jabs, dropping the odd right hand, then bodying up to walk Winstead around.


R2: Mary uptempoing again - surprising Kat with a scoring jab, hard right hand to chin. Winstead's left hook misses as Heigl's stepping back - but brunette ferocity enough to move fight to ropes. Winny back to the Heigl midsection with free-swinging enthusiasm: Kathy frowning, sponges shock, then ties up around Mary's elbows, leans in to walk brunette back to midring. Heigl scowling, asserting control with her lead pipe jab - sorting Mary out at distance, then bodying up to make the kid take weight.


R3: Heigl scoring big: crisp one-two startles Mary; Winny backing away all stunned, hands down, takes a swinging hook to chin that unhinges her knees. Heigl grinning, smelling the end - but Winny staggers away, bats her fist against her heart and shouts "Come on!" Battle rejoined as Heigl pushes her way in: Mary pushing back, holds her ground, treats herself to a pair of plugging left hands to Heigl's majestic paunch. Brisk, swiping trade inside sees Mary clobber Katherine's titanic rack: Heigl covers up earmuff, stooping forward to eat a well-chosen Winstead right uppercut. Mary stepping back, snarling - still a little rung up, but competing her little heart out. Heigl walking brunette down, but getting beaten to punches as Mary fights with pure desperation. Judges like Kathy's early effective power - not a lot on Mary's punches, but brunette denying blonde any chance of a finishing run.


R4: Mary Elizabeth Winstead stands up to Katherine Heigl, butts heads and shoulders with her, bangs away toe-to-toe midring and outworks her blonde in a terrific two-way fourth. Heigl just not accepting it: she's landing stout to body and head, then taking a picture, figuring she's done enought: Mary soaking the work and answering right back - nearly always catching Heigl admiring her handiwork. Lots of grinding clinches as Heigl tries to walk Mary back, but Winstead squirming, digging in, denying canvas to bigger blonde - doing a good job of yanking her hands free and churning away tummy and jug. Sloppy stuff, but at the bell - spirited brunette shouts in Kathy's face, once again batting at her heart as Heigl steps back blinking/confused.


R5: Krusher corner soothing Kathy's ruffled ego - telling her to focus on the minutes, get back to basics. Heigl composed - strong, flat footed stance - starts with that thudding jab to keep Winstead under control. Smashing impacts doing the job - spanking off Winny's pretty face, shaking her upperchest, steering her around the ring. Heigl stepping-to Mary, leaning into brunette with right hands, then bodying up to walk her around: pressure, pressure, pressure. Winstead ineffective, pouting and fretting more than punching as Kathy bangs out workmanlike points.


R6: Kathy wedges in a hard right hand to chin, testing Winstead's legs: Mary's hurt, falls in to clinch, gets walked to ropes and stacked up beefy. Heigl in her element now - using her left hand either to jab or push at Mary, pinning her down for smashing right hands. Kathy very methodical, placing the right hands to tummy, flank, chest, chin. Heigl constantly putting her body on Mary's, pushing brunette deep to ropes: press of weight and Kathy's hard punches visibly diminishing Winstead. Katherine happily bludgeons her foe's arms as Mary covers up earmuff; leans a forearm on Mary's upperback whenever Winny's bent forward double - blonde really getting big on her girl. Bell to bell Kathy enjoying Mary: Heigl turns abruptly away, drawing her long, smooth ponytail across Mary's bruised face. Winstead galvanized by the feathery touch - shouts "Don't!" pushing Kathy in the back - bringing in the ref.


7: Mary's breaking down, but still trying: Winstead winning some fans with a Die Hard attitude, electing to go right at the Heigl tummy and tits with chugging enthusiasm. Kathy driven back early, but managing her brunette well - coaxing Mary into brawny clinches, tieing her up, walking her back, then putting the jab on her. Heigl's big stick really busting Mary up - Winny's defence no longer up to the task of blocking Kathy's thudding poke. When Kathy's able to come forward, Mary can't hold her off - round becomes a series of relentless Heigl advances, stepping Mary to ropes. Winstead beaten badly about her chest, head and shoulders - Kathy just stacking her up, slamming away hard to leave Mary swaying at the bell.

R8: Mary slipping from "plucky" to "foolish" - refusing to quit on her stool and stumbling out to give fresh battle to a now fully dominant Katherine Heigl. Kathy snarling - greeting Mary with crunching jabs midring; dropping the right cross through to shake Winny's foundations; mopping up a thick, thumping hook deep to belly. Mary cries out, hugging her tummy, turning away and dropping to her knees: she's badly gutshot as Kathy strides past, looking down in satisfaction. Winny's corner gesturing for her to 'stay down' - but Mary struggles up the ropes - crying, still cradling her throbbing midsection as ref gives her 8. Heigl saunters in grinning, squaring away as she jabs Winny upright at ropes. Kathy cycling in her left hand against Mary's earmuff D: Heigl just turning on thick, smashing rights, clobbering Mary upside the head, or plowing her fat in the chest or tummy. Kathy reaching in to stack Mary up as necessary - but badly battered Winstead slides to all fours at the two minute mark, shuddering in pain. Winstead beats the count AGAIN, swaying and sobbing at the ropes, but refusing ref's invitation to quit: man has to choice but to wave Heigl forward. Kathy all smiles - she's just squaring away, going at her brunette thick n' wide: Winstead showing a drowsy crossed-arm as Heigl's numbing shellack gets applied in coats. Mary stooped forward, no longer competing - Kathy's wide swings bouncing off flanks, arms, back: stop the fight ref - just stop it. Official finally moves in as Winstead's going down - he cradles her to ropes for a bruising TKO8 finish.


After: Welcome-to-the-FCBA style beatdown for Winstead - but she wins a round and takes Kathy deeper than expected in a crowd-pleasing mismatch that bodes well for Mary's future. Heigl utterly dismissive, despite a slight mouse under the right eye, courtesy one of those hearty Winstead right hands: "I had her hurt in the third as I predicted," Kathy breezes in postfight, "but I eased up. Greasing this girl doesn't do me any good - I needed rounds and I wanted to work on some things, so I carried her a little. Believe me, I could have ended Mary's night anytime I wanted to - I just didn't want the fans going away hungry


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