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12 June 2009 Julianne Hough vs Hayden Panettiere

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Posted by simguy on 6/12/2009, 8:22 am

BEFORE: Tough situation when a girl needs to regroup and boost her confidence, BUT... her stable needs her to keep the gate for a champion. "It is tough," Hayden admits in prefight. "Julianne's probably not the fighter I'd be looking at right now, under normal circumstances - but Sarah wants Hough reduced, and it's the Foxfire way to help her do that. Julianne's very mobile and agile - right up there with Sarah: it's going to be tricky tracking her down and making her fight. That's the mission though: find her ribcage and wear her out!"


Hough upbeat: perky little country singer and DWTS phenom anxious to make her mark on boxing...and Hayden: "Obviously, I want to compete with Sarah," Julianne explains, "but if I have to punch through Hayden to get there, I will. I do have respect for Carter, it's just that I'm a legitimate, professional, competitive dancer, while she's just another starlet with a 'dance background' - you can't really compare the two. As for Hayden - she's just not equipped to box with me. I'll touch her up, move on her. Plus, one thing you guys need to know about me: I'm tuff! If Hayden and I stood toe to toe and swapped it up all night, don't be so sure she'd be lovin' it. I'll get my respect from Hayden, then be very pretty with her...in that order!"


Hayden in teal bikini; small black work out gloves; hair back in slugger's bun. Hough in black bra; racy leopard print bikini bottoms; small black work out gloves; hair in bouncy ponytail with messy bangs framing face.

During R1: Julianne quick-shifting left, making little circles with her fists; eyes wide, bright; feet wide spread. Hayden scooting-to, crouching: she's moving hands from brow to crossed arm as she bobs forward. Julianne licking out classy jabs, searching for Hayden's hairline. Panettiere weaving, trying to leap up out of her crouch with whistling hooks. Surprisingly springy leg from Hayden: she's bopping in and out, cutting off the ring like a little champ. Minute mark - Hayden doubles up her jab, bounces forward, catches Julianne a pounding right hand off the forehead. Follow up swinging left catches Hough's cheek; another sweeping right pounds her hairline and HOUGH GOES DOWN! Julianne springing right back up - all that noggin knockin' simply unbalanced her: she's blinking in alarm for her 8. HAYDEN ATTACKS! Panny pouncing forward, swinging viciously, but keeping her balance and distance: SHE'S BOUNCING MITTS OFF HOUGH'S FACE! Julianne stunned - repeatedly slugged back into ropes all startled and vexed: sinewy blonde dancer starts weaving her torso, looking to punch back. Hayden still showing a classy leg: bopping out of range, hopping back in - fists in constant, vicious motion as Julianne takes hard clouts head and shoulders. Final minute, Hough forced into shaky earmuff, stooping forward butt-in-ropes...HAYDEN BANGS THE BODKIN! OH, the thump! Hayd bouncing her fists off Julianne's sleek flank and flat tummy muscles: poor dancer stricken, cringing forward hurt and SHE TAKES A KNEE! Hough blinking back pretty tears at the bell, trembling on her right knee as Hayden slams away 10-7! Julianne snivelling en route to her corner for break, but collecting herself to smile at the judges - trying to convince them Hayden didn't hurt her in classic ball-room style.

R2: Hough a good competitor: she rallies herself during break, comes out sharp. Crisp poke-and-pivot boxing - Hough keeping Hayden at bay - even bouncing both hands short n' brisk against Panny's forehead in spots. Jerking little left uppercuts scoring for Hough as she executes pivot-left: danger-sign for Hayden as she doesn't want to eat that all night. All Julianne till late: Hayden pursuing - often measuring J with an extended left arm, just tracing little circles in the air with the fist. Hayden finally gets to Hough with a quick-swatting left hook from this look, then a swinging right to Julianne's jaw that has dancer stutter-steppin'! Hayden quickly at that rib cage - baring her teeth as she RIPS rights and lefts to Juli's flanks: small mitts thumping off drum-tight torso. Hough cringing forward as she backs away: Hayden clips her a tasty little right uppercut - picking Hough's face up all startled and SITTING HER DOWN! Julianne a confused beauty, sitting and blinking midring: Hayden steals a clear Julianne round, banks a big 10-8.

R3: Julianne still boxing smartly, but she's forced to gamble a little: needs to start chipping away at Hayden's big lead. Leads to several crowd-pleasing exchanges: Julianne trying her best to stand-and-paste, but this is Hayden's game. Panny bobbing on the spot, grinning as she comes up slugging and finding Hough's too-cute face. Julianne catching ringing blasts upside her head, forced to perimeter and walked down as Hayden dominates. Panny able to twist-n'-pitch from her hips very quickly: short arms allowing her get off shots most girls couldn't prep in time. Hough landing in combinations, but always backing away and made to look harrassed: she's scuffed up, disheveled through 3 as Hayden jogs back to corner all grinning and exuberant.

R4: Julianne shiny-faced, concerned, working her jab and sidestepping Hayden. Panettiere a bobbing little maniac - dipping, weaving - darting in and out with springy little hops. Minute mark: Julianne tries the right uppercut; Hayden triggers a jammin' straight right...Julianne's right (back) knee gives way in the trade, putting her down. Hough up quickly...delayed effect hits her in the knees, spilling her to ropes: she's dazed, staring, lips parted. Swaying 8, Hough: ON COMES PANNY! Hayden hops-to, hooks Julianne's tummy something awful: Hough grunts, cringes up behind her mitts. Hayden sets her feet, pops hips-right: she tucks another withering hook to flat paunch...resets...pops hips-left to rip a brutal right hand off Julianne's slender flank. Panny bangs away thudding lefts and rights ribs and waist, shaking poor Julianne: Hough weepy, achy, finally stumbling away to her right with how-could-you eyes, hands stacked right atop left at her body. Hayden hops-with hooking hard to face: Julianne's head snaps back - legs lock stiff: she twists to her left, topples straight out, crashing rigidly to her back parallel to ropes. Hough's beautiful face pinched in agony, eyes shut tight; left knee up, right leg out flat...it's over! Julianne can't get off her back - murmering in shock as 10 count passes her by. Hammering KO4 Hayden Panettiere!

After; Panny just thrilled - jumping into Madsen's embrace, hugging teamates. Typical withering punching performance by Hayden augmented by extraordinary hopping footwork: Hough undone by pressure intelligently applied via darting in-out movement. "I never gave her the chance to fight her fight," a peppy Hayden chirps in postfight. "'Hurt her early' - that's what we preached in camp: I had to hurt her, then pound her body to make sure she couldn't make this a track meet. The knockdowns really messed up her plans - she HAD to slug with me then, and I just totally overwhelmed her. She's classy - very quick - but I think Sarah hits harder. Sarah can hurt you when she decides to: I'm not sure Julianne can. OH: and I want to thank Kelly Monaco for all her help in training. She really got me moving my legs tonight, and that got Julianne beat!" Carter not letting the opportunity to taunt a woozy and devastated Hough pass by in postfight: it's actually Hayden pulling the champ away as Julianne's breaking down into fresh tears from Sarah's meanspirited tongue lashing.

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