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12 May 2007 (Title) Ch Jennifer Odell vs Tricia Helfer

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Unified Lightweight Title


Posted by simguy on 5/12/2007, 8:25 am


Before: It's not friendly at the dais. Rising HMK/BSE tensions over the past several months brought to a head by Charisma Carpenter willfully supporting and assisting Krista Allen in her war to overthrow Brittany Daniel best of 7 - just another escalating step in increasingly frosty relations between two usually respectful houses. "I'll just say it," Jenny says at the podium, eyes challenging. "Taylor Cole exposed Tricia Helfer. It happens to all these smoke-and-mirror fighters eventually - Kelly Hu, Claire Danes, Liz Hurley - now Trish. Sooner or later, somebody draws the curtain back on Oz and the whole thing's just a hollow gimmick. I can't wait for this fight - it's been brewing for some time, the way these girls keep comparing themselves to us - keep nagging at us - it's time I took their flagship out and gave her a good working over." Usually gracious Tricia testy, stung by champ's words and attitude. "Taylor Cole fought a great fight, but Jenny's missing the point," Helfer explains, making elegant gestures with her finger to underscore her statements. "The point is that Taylor Cole's a better fighter than Jenny O'Dell - not that I got exposed. I hope Jenny tries to muscle me, because I'll take her apart - she's not going to be able to execute a Taylor Cole fight plan against me. As for us 'comparing' ourselves to BSE girls - only BSE girls would think that. There IS no comparison, and to tell the truth, with BSE supporting a chop-blocking witch like Krista Allen? They've debased themselves, pure and simple. If they ever were on our level, they certaintly aren't now." Tricia in metallic baby blue bikini, white gloves. Jenny in black Shark bikini, white gloves. Icy stare down, noses an inch apart, eyes locked on as ref's mumbling something about sportsmanship in the background.

During R1: Jenny looking to close behind her jab, crouch, then bang the body on Trish. Helfer sinewy, supple, leggy - denying Jenny access, sidestepping and luring her around the ring. Helfer loping to her right - elbows in, hands up and out in a gentle gull-wing: she'll suddenly step into Jenny, lashing limber rights and stroking lefts out of the posture before easing out of range again. Tricia's jab stiff and judicious, finding and pre-empting Jenny, helping Helfer flank the champ and keep things midring. Nobody hurt - Helfer's ring generalship clearly the dominant factor in a tactical first.

R2: Good strong round, Jenny O'Dell. Tricia jabbed to ropes - she covers up face in gloves, elbows in - twisting her torso side to side, bending at the waist, slipping and rolling in sinuous fashion. Jenny disciplined here - refusing the temptation of Helfer's head to focus instead on torso, torso, torso. Jenny just banging it out - strapping, thick licks dished from both hands, taking Tricia in her ribcage, flanks, arms. Helfer's flat, toned tummy well shellacked - Jenny twisting on her hips, laying in leather with grunting effort, trying to chop her willowy foe in half. Helfer grimacing, feeling Jenny's power - Trish frequently tieing up head-and-arm on Jenny, pulling her forward as Helfer reclines on ropes for ref's breaks. Bell to bell O'Dell, stroking home methodical hurt: Jenny making pointed eye contact at the break as she just did what Tricia said couldn't be done in this fight.

R3: Tricia answers, and answers, with vigour. Jenny coming forward compact, crouching: Helfer melting away, gliding and sidestepping - making Jenny pay for every forward step. Tricia leggy and calm, feinting Jenny into crouching, then lashing champ across her back, or digging in thick behind either elbow. Succulent, slinging leverage from Trish - she leans in, lashes, steps away, leaving Jenny cringing with hurt. Helfer's feints beguiling, freezing Jen - Tricia able to sling limber right hands thick underneath, shocking Jenny with lanky heft to paunch: champ's legs shaking with these blasts as Helfer shows her under-rated body punching ability. Tricia also leaning in on front (left) foot to reach the long hook down Jenny's right side, parking shivering blasts in behind the elbow, or cranking 'em up into breadbasket Tommy Hearns style. Savage elegance from Helfer as she walks Jenny in, licks her brutal, steps away. Down the stretch, Jenny mouthbreathing, obviously surprised - she keeps working her way forward, but she's taking terrible, stroking punishment downstairs as Helfer has champ hurt. DOWN GOES JENNY! Crowd shouting in astonishment as O'Dell goes woozily to all fours, panting, eyes shut tight - oh, those limber body blows! Bright smile Tricia Helfer as she struts past all long legged superiority: friendly wink into the BSE corner helps rub home the point, "I can hurt your girl."

R4: Jenny turns counterpuncher! O'Dell still tender from the thorough body beating in the third - she shies away from Tricia, coaxing Helfer over to offence. Trish obliging, wanting to pile on - but she's not as effective to the body when Jenny's not coming forward - Helfer clearly not getting the same kind of lank, often caught reaching long for Jenny's middle. O'Dell stepping to her right, counter-pouncing with quick hooks or lead right hands, then stepping away - not a lot on these, but disruptive rhythm clearly confusing Tricia. Helfer pressing the action, but this isn't her forte - she tries to get on Jenny big-girl with mixed results as O'Dell boxes the boxer for points.

R5: Both corners improvising strategy during the break - Tricia forced to respect Jenny's skills; Jenny forced to respect Tricia's power in role reversals early. O'Dell resumes the offensive in the fifth - attacking up the middle behind a jolting jab, scooting her feet forward, planting a hard sidearm right in Tricia's ribs to establish. Helfer sliding to her right (away from Jenny's right hand), dragging the front (left) foot - she's touching Jenny the jab, dropping limber right hands, lashing her limber hooks underneath, all while gently turning champ's left flank. Close round until late - Jenny with a sharp, clubbing right to the cheek, then a ripping left under the jugline drives Helfer to ropes. Champ able to body-up, squirm her arms in under Tricia's and maul the challenger belly to belly to capture closest round of the fight.


R6: Tricia SO hard to hit clean: she's leaning into Jenny while dropping the right foot back, then easing out of range; she's twisting and rolling as shots land, taking the edge off. Punches to Tricia's chin never seem to jolt as she rolls her head instinctively. Still, Jenny's coming forward, getting off, putting volume on Helfer - judges can't mistake O'Dell's patient aggression here. Ropes: Tricia immediately glomming on, wrestling with Jenny, denying champ opportunities to bludgeon away - ref working hard to separate and restart action. Soft, damp blonde curls all a-tangle as heads rub in close; lips part to pant little breathy grunts of exertion. Tricia dragging supple lefts and rights into Jenny as part of Helfer's overall swaying rhythm - but there's just not enough of it. Hard working Jenny outhustles Tricia, puts a little mileage on sinewy blonde legs, takes another round in blue collar fashion.


R7: Similar to the sixth, only Tricia being more active, touching Jenny more consistently, controlling and turning Jenny midring. O'Dell in a nice tight crouch, blocking most of the real damage - but Tricia's punches DO land loud, mitts bouncing off prepared flanks, arms, shoulders as O'Dell walks through harm. Helfer leaning in, just touching the right hand against Jenny, then lashing her the hook; pawing the jab a few times before really snapping one out; hooking Jenny's ear, then pivoting left to change direction on Jenny. Most hurtful of Tricia's punches are limber strokes across Jenny's back as O'Dell ducking forward - ref issuing orders; Jenny scowling in irritation as Helfer gazes back without regret. O'Dell a half-beat behind the rhythm can't get position, can't get off with authority - she's dressed up for points in the 7th.


R8: Rare defensive miscue, Tricia Helfer - Jenny able to wrong foot Trish and NAIL challenger a busting lead right hand up the middle: platinum blonde head ratchets around, long legs scramble as Helfer reels hurt to ropes. Jenny batting mitts together, taking deep breath - she hops-to, beats a pair of sidearm rights against Helfer's midsection to begin festivities. Left uppercut takes Tricia in her chest; left hook tucks in behind her right elbow; left hook clubs her jaw; right hand misses over the top as Helfer bends low at the waist. Jenny easing right foot back, pushing Tricia roughly in her shoulder, then hooking Helfer's mouth: Tricia a little rocked, but still rolling with punches, managing the pocket beautifully. Jenny disciplined - not going ballistic here as Helfer's still too hard to tag clean - just very strong on Tricia, whacking at her midsection, pushing into her to stabilize, beating her slender arms. Jenny setting a steady miler's pace, pouring volume onto Helfer - ignoring the head to concentrate on that supple ribcage, those elegant limbs. Tricia grimacing, clinching when she can for breaks, slipping and rolling when she can't tie up. Bell: Jenny chests up brazen, forcing harsh eye contact; Helfer's eyelashes batting, lips parted - she's beat up here and both girls know it.

During the break, Jenny fidgetty on her stool - she flat out tells her trainer: "I can stop her - she's giving in to me. I'm gonna stop her!"


R9: Jenny pushing the pace: Tricia melting away, lashing, stroking, poking an over-eager O'Dell. Helfer so hard to discourage - she's taken several hard beatdowns from Jenny tonight, but challenger won't give an inch - here she lures Jenny forward, feints her, then wallops her lanky before sidestepping away. Jenny cringing, straightening and openly complaining about Tricia's scouring blows to lower back - ref wagging a finger in Helfer's face, but Jenny's own deep crouch at least partially to blame. Helfer doing yeoman's work underneath off the feint, lifting succulent hooks to midsection, or slinging sidearm rights to left hip - answering Jenny's own jackhammering body work with supple, stroking style. Helfer dropping right hands slick to Jenny's face as O'Dell's crouching forward, then easing weight to right (back) foot while drawing hook across Jenny's mouth - nice pasting action has Jenny scowling. Dying moments see Jenny establish on Tricia's chest - champ digging furiously at classy challenger's chassis - Helfer answering back dip-n'-rip uppercuts in sudden ferocious toe-to-toe. Neither girl heeds the bell - ref has to push seething blondes back as tempers flare.


R10: Jenny STRONG on Tricia to close the show - champion tackling challenger about her hips, leg-driving Helfer awkwardly to HMK corner - girls hit with a ring-rattling crash as O'Dell sets the tone. Jenny: head down; fists churning, arms thrashing - she piles up hot contact until grimacing Helfer can tie up for break. Ref pushes 'em apart - Tricia starting to lope off the ropes, but Jenny dives back in, tackling up around slender Helfer waist, driving Tricia sidways to ropes. Ref barking warnings - Jenny's roughouse not strictly legal here, but she's got a fight to win. Helfer gritting her teeth, slightly stooped forward, hands stacked right atop left at her body: she's committed to slugging, has to compete here. Jenny just BELTING Tricia's flanks and arms - skidding blows off the top of Tricia's skull - suppressive fire shaking Helfer, preventing her from getting off. Trish shoeshining her mitts across Jenny's jugs, or occasionally getting lank on rising left uppercuts as she tips left for leverage - but it's O'Dell bell to bell. Jenny smearing Tricia, constantly at and on her - O'Dell drawing frequent warnings for tousle-scrubbing, high elbows and rough shoulders - anything she can do to jostle and destablize Trish, Jenny's doing. Bell: Jenny still plundering Helfer's flat midsection, Tricia gasping, tieing up behind champion's arms and holding her until ref can get in there. Comes back one point duke...for the winner...and STILL CHAMPION - JENNY O'DELL!


After: Tricia bleak, looking gut kicked: all she remembers is putting Jenny down with body blows. O'Dell ferocious with the announcement - pumping her fist - shouting "YES!" - and immediately getting in Tricia's face to celebrate. Helfer trying to look away, trying to back up - but Jenny's just not obliging: an unusually belligerent Jenny O'Dell tonight following a hotly contested title bout. TRICIA SLAPS JENNY! Helfer's composure breaks - she open-palms champ's face to get a little personal space between them - HMK officials quick to jump in, pulling Helfer away as Jenny's looking to open up bare-knuckle. VERY tense postfight as both stables are milling around at defcon 4 - Jenny avenges Charisma's defeat as this thing's starting to feel like a good old fashioned vendetta.



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