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12 October 2001 Megan Gallagher vs Katherine Heigl

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Posted by Simguy on 10/12/2001, 5:48 pm.


Before: Megs grabbing the headlines for her chafing-thighed comeback, but Heigl a solid bettors favourite coming in. Gallagher an older, heavier version of Heigl herself, neither girl a busy fighter - preferring to load up and do maximum hurt with single bombs. Megan in pale blue cotton tank top and panties, Heigl in tight black cropped tshirt, scoop front, baby doll sleeves, black aerobics bottoms, curls and ponytail.


During R1: Girls body up, making sure of contact before punching, then falling in to stay close - it's big girl mouth-on-shoulder slogging. Pretty even with both girls slamming away to the body, but down the stretch, Heigl digging right uppercuts, using her left shoulder to bump in between punches - jerky dig to the belly, clipping shot off the jaw, delayed action as Megs wavers for a moment then sinks to one knee with a sick look as Kathy steps back at the bell.


R2,3: Girls walk calmly to midring, bodying up shoulder to shoulder and it's more of the same - very patient, methodical, as much about walking the other girl back as it is about breaking her down. Basically right handed - girls bumping and rubbing with left shoulder, using left hand to wrap, then turning quickly into short, punishing rights to the body and head. Heigl landing harder punches more often, and she's the boss, bodying Megs backward, putting Gallagher against the ropes with ease.


R4: Struggling in close, brawny arms wrestling for position - Megs suddenly jerks a short right uppercut to the chin to put Katherine wobbly butt, more wrestling, then suddenly puts a left/right across the chops to put Heigl on her backside! Kathy up and discouraged - she sags into the ropes covered up tight as Megs hammers away at the rounded shoulder and biceps of her foe, occasionally reaching down into the waist. Heigl recovers to have a nice final minute, reaching under Megan's arms to walk her off the ropes.



R5: Little bit of outside fighting - both girls giving a flat footed George Foreman impression, palming one another's shoulders, deceptively quick one-twos with all the power behind the chopping right. Both bottoms shaken by right crosses and midway through, Megs pushes a straight left/right into Heigl's mouth and KATHY GOES DOWN! Heigl on all fours and badly adrift - she gets to her feet wonky, but Megs too anxious on follow up. Heigl gets the better of the late trade, catching Gallagher on the chin with a wide left hook and staggering her at the bell with the short, hamfisted right cross.


R6: Nice consolidation round for Megs - Kathy's hurt - Gallagher chests her to the ropes and stays on top. Beefy to the midsection, Megs putting her forehead on Kathy's chest and pumping away with both fists hip to hip on Heigl. Kathy hurt, grimacing, sitting on the ropes - she does more pushing off of Gallagher than actual slugging this round.


R7: Kathy recovers well - Megs looks a little gassed after a few good stanzas. Heigl's tree-trunk jab puts Megan woozy, forces her to the ropes and Heigl steps in with a gorgeous right uppercut on the overhanging face straightening Gallagher up pretty. Megs with gloves at her temples starts to unravel - big blonde cudgelling away to the meaty arms and soft waist, punishing Megs along the ropes as Gallagher stumbles to her left. Gallagher ashen faced at the bell - oh those heavy hands of Heigl.


R8: Gutty, gutty effort from Megan Gallagher. She won't back up - she pushes hard against Kathy's shoulders, walking the blonde back, falling in behind blockbuster right hands on the jaw, outworking the blonde inside. Cheek to cheek, they lay in, trading short right uppercuts to the breadbasket and breasts - Gallagher won't be rolled over. Heigl comes out of the round shaking her head - both girls looking shopworn through 8 grueling, flatfooted rounds.


R9: Heigl palming her right hand against Megan, lands several stunning left hooks, levering the punches into the waist and chin as Gallagher crumples. Megs hurting, seated on the ropes - Heigl puts it to her with heartbreaking power shots cruel to the gut, short between the gloves as Megan leans forward in pain. Bruising shove and slug to the bell from Kathy - she's finally got Megan hollow-eyed and despairing.


R10: Megan with some early defiance, shouldering up and refusing to budge, but eventually Heigl's strength takes over. Megs bulled and mugged to the ropes - Katherine reaching under the arms or palming to shove, then banging Megan's body like a gong down the stretch. Gallagher suffering badly in the final moments as she bends forward, allowing Heigl to reef piteously at the left side ribs and hip. At the bell - Megan relaxes and Katherine tags her a cheap late hook that catches plenty of forearm, draping Gallagher defenceless against the ropes as the ref jumps in. Comes back a narrow UD10 Kathy Heigl.


After: Both big women drained, puffy, and exhausted - Gallagher showing plenty of heart in extending Heigl the distance, not to mention forcing the blonde slugmistress to clamber up off the mat twice. Hard to imagine Katherine losing this sort of fight - fought at her pace, body on body - late hit at the end shows some frustration however as Megs proved her tenacity.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09

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