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13 April 2001 Rachael Leigh Cook vs Kelly Packard

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Posted by simguy on 4/13/2001, 9:47 am

Before: Cook's publicity people anxious to get Packard in the ring - blonde seen as the perfect foil to get Rachel over once and for good. Rachel playing her part during pre-fight, "Kelly's a jab and a black bikini - that's it," sneers the brunette, "I'll be on her belly all night long, breaking her spirit. God, is there anything sadder than an aging beach bunny?" Packard not taking the bait: "I should beat Rachel - you all know it, I know it, and she knows it. I'm guaranteeing a victory tonight. Kelly Packard is not washed up." Packard in black string bikini, Rachel in navy and electric blue tiger striped bikini.


During R1: Kelly fast on the jab, doubling it into Rachel's face as she hotfoots to her left. Cook bobbing, corrals Kelly around the waist with her left, crams right hands into Packard's belly from a snuggled position at the blonde's right side and KELLY IS HURT! Blonde's face wincing in disappointed agony - she falters to the ropes in Cook's happy grasp as the brunette digs away. Packard clinches, gets the break, but Rachel stays on her, getting her head on Kelly's chest, pushing her fists back and forth into Kelly's stomach. Shaky start for the blonde as Rachel leaves her humming at the bell.


R2: Packard still looking wounded, abandons her boxing to turn slugger this round. Pitching from the waist, she stands toe to toe with the shorter brunette, repeatedly beating Rachel to lefts and rights from the hips. COOK BREAKS DOWN! Rachel suddenly glassy eyed, stumbles backward after a series of whipping connects to her chin puts her wobbly butt. Packard wading in, laps at Rachel's tummy with lanky lefts and rights, pumping back and forth with her slender arms and it's Cook's turn to clinch or be beaten. Packard fighting big-girl at the ropes, using her bony shoulder and left elbow to nudge Cook back, then gouging away at the belly with curling right hands, biting up top with the hook. Scored 10-8 without a knockdown as Kelly leaves Rachel swooning at the bell.


R3: Rachel out with crazy overhand lefts and rights, ringing a shocked Packard up with outrageous connects - Kelly battered into a corner as the crowd roars. Packard soaking up chugging blows to her stomach and breasts as Cook churns away, but the blonde keeps her composure, covers up, looking for openings, and starts to nibble with short counter uppercuts from either hand. Midway through, Packard licks a compact left off Rachel's face and Cook's legs tremble - Kelly with her fists at her cheeks, clubs and shoves her way off the ropes, all short licks and elbows as Cook staggers backwards. Down the stretch, Packard boxes her fightplan for the first time, circling, banging her clever jab against Rachel's bewitching eyes. Round to Packard, but more importantly, control.


R4: Packard tightens the noose with a sweet, scientific shutout. Jab banging home hard to the brunette's precious face - air of cruelty to this deliberate attack, like a crow on roadkill. Packard's eyes intense - she works to her left, dropping in hard straight right hands - Cook breaking down under the constant tapping - she's all puffy after 4 as Packard rediscovers a spring in her step to her corner.


R5: Rachel with body work early, but Packard able to open up the canvas, use her legs to diffuse the situation, then get back to work on Rachel's eyes with the jab. Midway through, Kelly stuns Rachel with a sharp hook off the teeth, jumping in with two more as Cook's legs quiver and a straight right chaser to the ropes. All Packard to the bell.


R6: Cook fighting desperate, gambling on homerun swings - Kelly pulling away from wild looping shots, but Rachel finally connects on a hammering right upside the head that has Packard wobbly butt. Kelly puts her gloves on her face, stoops forward - Rachel helps herself to ribcage with ripping left hooks, bitterly stamping the punch in for payback. Packard on crumbling legs, clinches repeatedly in a sloppy middle minute - blonde just trying to keep it together. Down the stretch, Cook gets into position at kelly's right hip, riding her left around around Kelly's back, cramming in the right fist to the blonde's tight gut - Kelly making the "UHHH!" face to the bell.


R7: Shutout Rachel Leigh Cook - Packard starting to scuff up, break down. Rambling brawl staggers around the ring, lingers in the corners, burbles along the ropes - Rachel just getting her head on Kelly's chest and busying herself in Packard's sweet midriff. Kelly clinching, tieing up, slowing the brunette down, staggers through a disheartening round as Cook scrubs 'er up.


R8: Rachel with some HARD body punching in a slugging first minute with the blonde riding ropes, but Kelly gets it together, licking the short counters, spinning into open canvas, then retargetting the jab on her opponent's face. Cook walking into punishment as Kelly lures her around the ring - long, straight punching from Packard as she mixes in the one-two.


R9: Bitter hammer and tongs fighting - Packard flat footed, dull eyed, just brawling - Rachel staggery, fighting her way in past the jab, piling up punches to the body of her foe. Back and forth, girls just taking turns on one another, tasty licks spanking to the hips and tummies, sharp, cracking punches jerking pretty heads to the side - neither girl can get enough mustard on her punches to put the other down. Round ends with Kelly exhausted on the ropes, pulling wearily on the back of Rachel's neck as the brunette plunges blind lefts and rights into the blonde's black trunks.


R10: Packard stepping to her right, feinting, takes a half step back as Cook rushes in and walks the brunette into the sweetest right uppercut of the fight - Rachel badly shaken, won't go down, but she's SO badly hurt. Packard taking over numbly, cranking her slender arms to the girl's waist, then chugging mercilessly to the chest, flapjacking Rachel's small breasts with galloping lefts and rights as Cook's face goes blank. Packard just laying a tired beating on Cook the rest of the way, slapping and cuffing the brunette around the ring, thudding away to the stomach, clouting away on the mouth to the bell. Comes back a hard fought UD10 Kelly Packard - Rachel Leigh Cook all used up and shiny at the announcement.

After: Packard fighting big gets it done - but life and death against Cook doesn't bode well for the blonde's title hopes. Lack of stopping power a big problem - Kelly can get you hurt, but she can't get you out of there - she BOMBED away in the second and couldn't get Rachel off her feet. Cook outclassed, but pundits expect her to be carefully matched - she can beat small brawlers inside and has the star power to get advantageous match ups IF her pride doesn't get in the way of good sense.

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