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13 Aug 2004 Title Ch Jen Garner vs Catherine Zeta Jones

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Unified Lightweight Title


Originally posted by Simguy on 8/13/2004, 7:03 am.


Before: Garner choosing brains over brawn for her first defence—slickly skilled Brit not as muscular as the champ, but pound for pound just might be the most unpredictable girl in the game. “Nobody likes fighting Catherine,” Jennifer admits, “but that doesn’t mean you can ignore her. I think every champion needs to prove herself against Jones. She can punch with the right hand, she’s a very good counterpuncher, and she’s hardnosed. She’s not often ranked because of politics in my books, but she’s a blue-chipper—you have to have her name on your mantelpiece.” Jones getting herself into her best condition since “Zorro”, taking training camp very seriously—title shots don’t grow on trees for Catherine and she knows she’s not getting any younger.


Red bikini Jones—electric blue, bra style top, Electra curls back off the face.


During R1: Jones up on her toes, matching Garner’s pace, jabbing with Jen—very brisk tempo for Catherine. Nice crisp moves, Jones: turning her shoulders to the right to slip Garner’s rapid rights, hooking ribs underneath; rolling left to get under Garner’s jab, answering it with a cuffing hook/chop right hand combo. Jenny rung up time and again by gambling Jones counters: it’s the quickest, sharpest CZJ we’ve seen in some time. 10 second warning: Jones bobbing, hooking forward, carries herself in close—roughhouse clinch puts Jen against the ropes, short cocoa-butt on the cheek draws a cry of outrage from the champ. Shutout Jones, and a warning to end the first.


R2: Jones continues to set a torrid pace, stepping lively left, eyes wide as she fences jabs with garner, stoops to jab the Garner midsection, pivots as she hooks Garner’s temple. Jennifer actually slower than Jones and more tentative—stepping out, walking to her right with furrowed brow—sheer pace of Catherine surprising. Jones with that tap0-dancing footwork not only able to cut off the ring—she’s darting in and out on Garner, lighting her up combinations. Final minute: Jones with a spiffy lead right timed over jen’s jab staggers the champ—CZJ hops in, twists her hips and gets beef behind a clanging hook on the chops. Garner hits ropes in a fog—Catherine jumping in a bashing overhand right loud between the breasts—arching her back to hoist a vicious left uppercut up underneath, gets it again, drifts a liiiitle low to get it a third time and Garner’s hanging on in pain. Jenny open mouthed, shaking her head in the clinch: Jones throws a tuff left shoulder against her girl’s teeth to draw a warning at the bell. Catherine huffy, stomping back to her corner—she’s just shut Jennifer Garner out for 6 straight minutes.


R3: Jennifer doubling up the jab to discourage Catherine’s gambling counter right hands—Jones fading back, batting Jen’s stick out of the air, looking for cheek hooks—this is classy give and take. Jones very nimble, eyes wide as she thrusts and parries: she’s loving the physical challenge Jen’s providing. Garner getting off now, stabilizing Jones with jabs to the chest, then working around her guard with rigid lefts and rights—Catherine bobbing and weaving, trying to slip Jen’s side to side work and land off the counter. Down the stretch, Garner backing Jones up—Catherine bends low, drops her right foot back and walks Jennifer into a gorgeous snapping left uppercut. CZJ getting her hips and back into it, standing up into the blow—Jennifer’s legs concertina at the knees as she momentarily slides into stupor. Catherine easing in with her left shoulder as Jen crosses her arms—Jones hooks trunks, throws her elbow at Jen’s chest, turns on a clouting right across the teeth—Garner thrown back into the ropes in disarray. Catherine cleaning up on Jen as Garner bends forward mute with punishment—Jones letting her hands play across Jen’s taut back and rib meat, pursing her lips with the effort of slugging. Bell sounds—Jones helps herself to a late left hook clean across the face. Garner glaring at Jones in shock and disappointment: Jones shrugs her shoulders, eyes cold, unrepentant, as if to say “what did you expect?”


R4: Garner fights herself into this match as Jones’ legs start to slow down. Furious early pace sustained by Jones replaced by a more methodical, shuffling gait—Jones closing up her stance, pointing her left shoulder at Jen, relying more on upperbody cutes than her legs to make Jennifer miss. Garner the Lance Armstrong of the FCBA—she warmed up, now she starts to up the tempo, stepping right to wrong-foot Catherine, touching her with jabs, stabbing out poke-and-retract straight right hands. Jennifer’s face hard with concentration—gloves always at cheek height, weight forward—pulsing, straight punches. By the end of the round, Catherine’s mouth breathing, signs of concern in those sultry hazel eyes as she gets touched plenty in the fourth.


R5: Garner jabbing to close, takes it to Jones’ midsection this round. Catherine backed butt-first into the ropes, stooping forward sullen—Garner working the pale body in front of her with systematic non-stop punching, Gouging, digging hooks in behind the right elbow. Dip n’ rip right uppercuts placed firm to the sternum. Sometimes set up by a prefatory right uppy tapped quick to the chin. Hacking, meanspirited right hands above the left hip. Catherine crouching low, then leaning back to point her shoulder and slip, then looking to clinch around the waist. Ref issuing breaks—Jennifer wipes her face with her bicep/shoulder, then stalks back in for more. Bell to bell Jenny, really wearing the CZJ midriff out—Catherine all wincing, testy on her stool during the break.


R6 Jones fighting in spots now—fading to the ropes, walking Jen in, then turning on one hard right hand or leaning back to pull a sneaky hook across Garner’s face. Jen not falling for much of it—keeping that pulsing jab in Catherine’s face or stomach, hooking off it, putting right hands on top and now getting a fourth or fifth nagging hook in Jones’ right side ribs. Catherine breathing hard, often palming Jen’s shoulders and pushing her back for a second’s grace—Garner just staying on her girl, walking her down and punishing her: stamina as a weapon through 6.


R7: Catherine fading in front of Jennifer, then cagily spitting her mouthpiece out—buys a little time as the ref washes it off and reinserts it. Jones immediately ducking and lunging in to clinch, taking the opportunity to butt Jennifer under her left eye and draw another warning. Then a 30 second burst of sharp stick and move from Jones, steering Jennifer around the ring, walking her into that short, serious right hand, then there’s loose tape conveniently on Jones’ glove: another break,. Girls falling in together off their jabs: Jones goes trunk with curling right/left—immediately ref’s break, more resting time for Jones as Garner walks it off wincing. Jones finishes with 30 seconds of savvy boxing again, sprinkling Garner with jabs, and landing a firm right hand across the chin as Jen backs straight up late. Crafty shutout CZJ, but she is WINDED with the effort of keeping Garner at bay.


R8: Relentless Jen Garner. Jennifer stoic, expression never changing—she finds Jones with pounding jabs, hounds `her with deft footwork—noose tightening and Jones can’t get away. Catherine forced to be sly against the ropes, dipping and twisting, rolling punches, looking for counters, but not really clearing the holsters—Garner just piling up too much insurance on that pale, regal torso. Jen putting ‘em in flat to the upperchest and biceps in gorgeous splatter patterns of straight lefts and rights, hooking’em  round the elbows to carve up ribs, hup-hup-hupping ‘em as Jones bends forward and takes it tuff on her tummy. Garner almost Hagler like at times when she stacks Jones up and works her over—shoulders shrugging, good short punches, the odd cracking right straight thought the middle as Jones leans back near exhaustion. Give CZJ credit—she takes a beating this round, suffering in silence, apparently out of tricks—but it’s all even after 8.


R9: Garner on Jones, hard, bell to bell. Jennifer just setting a torrid pace with Jones wilting on the ropes—hook, hook, hooking while bopping to either side, going outside-in with a looped right uppercut to straighten Jones up. Catherine’s left across throbbing gut, right at her cheek, dipping and turning, often presenting the long pale coastline of her left flank for Jen’s inspection: Garner heartless as she pounds away combinations to the hip, back, belly and buttock. Unwritten rule in the FCBA is you don’t punch Catherine Zeta Jones in the face: Jens breaking that rule with clubbing hooks, clocking crosses, jagged uppercuts—really busting that ice-queen up at the bell. Jones in a stupor—reeling—Garner all business as she strides across the ring to her corner.


R10: Jennifer Garner goes at Catherine Zeta Jones hard: champ doesn’t want this thing to go to the cards. Jones battered, used up, but one of the proudest women in boxing: she hunkers down, trying to take the edge off with canny shoulder rolls and weaves, but her movements are sluggish, slow. Garner beating an unmerciful rhythm against Catherine’s belly and flanks, drawing groans from ringsiders, throttled sobs from Catherine as Jones tries to disguise her anguish. Zeta-J’s thighs a-quiver—she reaches under Jennifer’s arms to clinch, resting her cheek on Garner’s shoulder, eyes closed—ref working hard to dislodge Catherine as she clings to Jen’s body like a life preserver. Jen busier, crisper than she was at the start, pouring punches into the pout of Catherine’s midsection, hammering the arms and sides, then in the final moments—paydirt. Garner wreaking havoc downstairs comes off the body with juicy. Jerking little left uppercut and JONES GOES DOWN!  Poor Catherine pools on her haunches at Jen’s feet, tilting forward onto her face as Garner steps away. CZJ will beat the count on pure hatred, but she’s got nothing left. Bell sounds to end the torment—Jennifer closes the show like a champ.


After: Jones jumping to the fast start, able to outbox Garner in the first half, but executing at that pace took its toll. Jennifer inexorably gobbling up the Zeya Jones reserves, pressing Catherine, hounding her into defeat—just a great, professional beat down from a grand champion. “Hard fight,” Garner admits, toweling off, sipping from a water bottle. “You know, she’s so much better than she thinks she is—she was butting me and trunking me and I just said—‘Cathy—you’re better than this’. Seriously—tonight she beats probably 8n of the girls in the top 10. I’m glad to get past her.”


Jones badly lumped up, dazed, but she’s livid when she sees the swollen wreckage of her eyebrows and cheeks in the locker room. Garner doing the unspeakable as far as CZJ is concerned with that heartless face punching—leads to an immediate, even rash challenge for an apartment house wrestling match from Jones.


Reposted by Archer 4/18/09.


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