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13 December 2008 Gena Lee Nolin Vs Brooke Shields

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posted by simguy on 12/13/2008, 9:13 am

Before: Veteran welters coming out of retirement to resurrect distinguished careers: good test-fight for both retraining programs. "I'm definitely stronger and fitter than I was in my twenties," says a chiseled Brooke Shields in prefight, displaying intimidating arms in sleeveless tank top. "To fight in your forties, you've got to put a premium on conditioning - and I know for a fact that the Brooke Shields of 15 years ago couldn't last 5 rounds with the woman I am now. I'm excited to be back: I just feel well-rested and upbeat - not rusty at all!" Nolin a little softer in her bigness, but thick and strong - she re-enters the lists with brand new backing and a new outlook. "I'm finally going to get proper support from a management team," Nolin says, silently accusing the Krushers of sabotage. "I'm going to bring championship pedigree to this young outfit and show the kind of leadership that makes other girls better. Crushing Brooke Shields sends a huge statement to the FCBA and my new stablemates: Gena Lee is back, badder than ever, and welterweight's just going to be the tip of the iceberg!" Shields in simple black lace bra and panties; long brown curls tied back off her brow; black gloves, Nolin in bright baby blue lace bra and boy cut panties; white gloves.

During R1: Cautious maneuvers early: Gena creep-stepping to her right, weight on right foot, left shoulder pointed Brooke's way; Shields stalking - right at her chin - extended left pawing - weight on right (back) foot as she edges forward. Gena attempts to uncoil from a screened stance with sweeping right overhands; Shields attempting to cut off the ring, or step big to her right in an effort to expose Gena's back as blonde presents closed-front. Grazing contact leads to brawny clinches: big girls grunting as they fall-in and strain. Shoulders writhe as each wriggles to get her arms inside the other's limbs, get rib-position, then turn opponent to ropes. Both women elect to slug from the clinch: left hands reached underneath opposing right arms - girls slugging awkwardly, but heavily with right hands. In these lock ups, fighters will duck to their right to avoid headshots, or put heads in close together while tucking home thick right hands underneath. Bruising, thumping fare: both women gasping open-mouthed from the occasional blockbuster to rib or tummy. All even till late: fighters push to disengage; Gena swipe-hooks Brooke's mouth - straightening brunette up. Shields very erect, snarling as she tries straight rights and lefts: Nolin crouching, bobbing side to side - she's able to land heavy, swinging rights and lefts against Shields' exposed jawlines, lighting Brooke up at bell. Good blonde clout takes the round - fails to shake sturdy brunette legs as Shields snorts in derision at Gena's pop.

R2: Similar pace...girls steppin's around, pawing with jabs, looking for hard right hands. They fall in, clinch, push each other around, then club away righty while holding with muscular left arms. Each fighter useful with her left shoulder pressed against opposing chest for pushing control inside: sloppy right hands dig hard to the body; club uselessly up top as each ducks in the grasp. Ref's breaks pushes heavy, sweaty beauties apart: seething looks as they negotiate back in to work tummy-to-tummy. Brooke extremely strong, but Nolin fighting lower, getting leverage - blonde holding her own in the slugging clinches, turning Shields, making her move her feet. Gena warned for hitting on the break: that's where she's getting the extra touches - startling Brooke to chin. Bell: girls grinding away in clinch; Gena throws a tuff left shoulder to Brooke's mouth; Shields shouts in protest; ref moves in with warnings all round.

R3: Same again - paw/close/clinch/push/scrounge/break. Both women sporting pink ribcages and tummies: right hands are getting in thick downstairs. Brooke stepping in a useful jab early - heavy and crisp: Nolin has to circle away in her crouch. Brooke coming in tall - chin up high: she's punching straight left/rights down at Nolin in jamming, palm-down fashion. Nolin crouching low, weaving side to side: she's slipping shots while pulling wide, walloping lefts and rights onto Brooke's jawlines. Huge blonde haymakers detonate either side of Shields' face, tossing brunette head side to side. Brooke trudging forward, but belted off her stance - she's rocked, stumbling; Gena circles-right, quickly becoming the stalker. Brooke stunned, but still way too upright - she's stamping out straight shots, facing into Gena's looping receipts. NOLIN CAN'T MISS! Gena bending into glory - SHELLACKING Brooke upside the head again and again - sweeping rights and lefts from the crouch as Brooke practically poses for clout. Shields stumbling - punches now erratic, buttocks wobbling: Gena able to bend side to side, clapping away on Brooke's face and SHIELDS GOES DOWN! Brook punched to her buns by a furious free-swinging barrage - she's stretched out awkwardly - head and shoulders supported on bottom rope - eyes staring glassily around. IT'S OVER! KO3 in swamping fashion, Gena Lee Nolin!

After: Brooke all tremble-bodied - big, strong brunette all vulnerable and helpless as she's sat up and tended to. Nolin joins the chin-checkers club in fine style - proving she's still got big-woman chops in dropping an old rival. "Looks like they need to get that girl back in the shop," Nolin gloats - either arm around the shoulders of Adrianne on the right and Jenny on the left. "Brooke's back on the scrap-heap where she belongs, and I'M back on track to take over boxing again - where I belong!"


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