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13 Dec 2003 Krista Allen vs Jenny McCarthy

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Originally posted by Simguy on 12/13/2003, 9:11 am


Before: Jenny’s excited. “Krista and I have a chance to be one of the great blonde=brunette match ups in the game,” says shrewder-then-expected McCarthy in prefight, “but Krista’s got to punch. (Turning to Allen). Nobody wants to see you run from me—do the right thing and let’s really get it on.” Allen pursing her lips at the suggestion she might from Jen in the ring. “I handled Jenny’s business on the beach and I’ll handle it again,” curvy brunette purrs. “I knocked Cat Bell out—what makes Jenny think she’ll survive that kind of power?” Part of Allen’s training regimen for this fight included a topless bout at the La Playboy mansion—outdoors, Tiki-lamp illuminated in which the young brunette proceeded to beat the legendary Dian Parkinson into a final, wretched retirement. “I turned Parkinson into putty,” smiles the unrepentant Krista when asked about it. Jenny howling from her side of the daix: Parkinson’s like EIGHTY TEARS OLD!”


Jenny black bikini, Krista in red bikini, little cube-link connections at the hips.


During R1: Jenny the aggressor, walking Krista down, swinging hard overhand rights and roaring, rising lefts—all power early, Krista shying away,. Using every inch of ring, looking rushed at times as she skips along the perimeter. McCarthy stopping to drop her mitts and taunt Krista—blonde not getting the slugfest she wanted early, but winning points by default.


R2: Krista settling down, jabbing from the outside, stepping right, eyes narrowed in concentration, Versatile Jenny also tightening up, jabbing to Krista’s chest, right hand at the cheek, good head movement—professional display midring by beauties. Chess match to Allen’s liking—she’s a little rangier, jabs a little spicier—she’s imposing a thinking-woman’s pace on this bout.


R3: Krista stays in control. Flat footed, set piece boxing battles go Krista’s way as she outjabs Jen from outside, placing lefts against Mac’s firm midsection, upperchest and left eye, Allen’s legs keeping her safe from bursts of McCarthy aggression—brunette dancing back from the charges, sidestepping pretty at the ropes keeping her distance. Mac frustrated—she can’t quite break Allen down in the boxing sequences, and she can’t get to the target to brawl her.


R4: Jen gambling a bit, sacrificing her face to get after Allen’s body. Krista takes the bait, turning into tasty right hands across blonde jaw—McCarthy soaks it up, pounds back into taut brunette waist thick right/lefts, bouncing mitt off meat. Jenny getting her range, moving up-torso to trounce Krista’s world class rack and Allen doesn’t like it. Crowd roaring to its feet as cover-girls suddenly get rowdy, standing, delivering to jug with heartfelt, pumping blows. Last minute: furious jug-trade has Jenny grimacing, apparently wilting—she sells it like she can’t take any more, stepping back and walking Krista into a GORGEOUS right hand on the chin! Allen stepping funky—Jenny picks her up a left uppy on the chin, touches up the measuring left elbow and slams home another clouting right through the mitts. Allen put wobbly butt, hurt—she drapes herself up high on Jenny. Blonde with big smile, wrapped up around her head, hands free to plunder belly and trunk down below as she relaxes back into the ropes—Allen suffering as she staggers forward, taking. Mac warned for low blows, but she’s got a point: Krista was holding  directing punches meant for the body into tender trunk region.


R5: Grinny Jenny all a-swagger—she steps to her hurting brunette intent on the finish and MCCARTHY GOES DOWN! Allen with that vicious, step-in, lead left uppercut gets ALL of J-mac’s chin, putting the blonde on her back and all but out! Jenny beats the count, but OH, the damage done—blonde reeling, glassy eyed as Krista comes for her, Allen scowling, cleaning up on a shipwrecked blonde—brutal mop up minute has McCarthy fans biting knuckles, covering their eyes. Krista laying I shellack--glorious rights/lefts ripped against trembling belly; romping jug muggage, shoulders shrugging in chugging blows; clipping uppercuts, sitting Jenny hurt in the ropes, head on a swivel. Final minute—Allen’s in danger of punching herself out—she drapes her left arm around Jen’s back, slumps her forward, pumps into forlorn body and pancaked rack with greedy, methodical right hands to the bell. Girls peeled apart—Allen leaning in close, sniffing at the hurt, lips slightly parted as Jenny sways somnambulant against the ropes.


R6: Krista: live-legged, eyes bright, bouncing, stepping footwork. Jenny: woozy, hurting flat footed, eyelashes fluttering, stooped forward, dukes up,. Kris stepping right, batting out the jab with an insolent I-can-touch-you-anywhere-I-want attitude. Mac getting spanked, looking back with how-could-you eyes, inching forward with the instinct to slug. Midway through, Kris just slidi9ng right, feints, turns on the slicing hesitation right to cleave Jenny perfectly across the chin—blonde legs give way—Jen spills to all fours in shabby fashion. Mac hauls her carc-ass off the mat, takes another wobbly-butt 8, digs in. Krista stepping-to all confident brunette—tidying up on jenny’s flanks with batting rights and lefts, still stepping out occasionally in healthy respect for Jen’s unpredictable power.


R7: Krista being patient—she’s used her legs to create distance tonight, now she uses them to open jenny up. Feinting in, stepping to the side, Allen prompts Jenny punching—leaning and swiveling away from blows, making boozy blonde stagger with each miss. Midway through, Kris takes advantage—pulling back on her hips from a McCarthy left, rocketing back in with banging straight right on the lips—woozy aftershock in Jenny’s legs as blonde staffers on her heels, almost going to her rump. Krista hopping forward, pokes a measuring right to the lips as Jenny backpedals, then rips that fabulous left uppercut to the point of the chin. Mac helped onto her backside by the blow—seated at the ropes head lolling, arms reaching into the ropes to try to pull her butt off the canvas, but it’s not happening. Jenny a pathetic sight, trying to command lifeless legs—Allen parading gloves held high. KO7 Krista Allen.


After: Jenny drew first blood, hurting Krista to end the 4th, but blonde cockiness comes back to haunt her as just moments later, Allen landed the first of many, many blockbuster punches that would culminate in a devastating blonde KO. Allen indulging herself I postfight, dramatically wiping off her hands, then helping herself to a distraught McCarthy, pulling the blonde off her stool and marching her around the ring in shabby display. FHM labels Krista walking Jenny as one of their “Top 20 Sexiest Moments of 2003”, proving Jenny’s pre-fight estimation of the match was correct.


Reposted by Archer 4/27

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