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13 Dec 2008 Laetitia Casta vs Karen Cliche

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Posted by simguy on 12/13/2008, 9:11 am.

Before: "Laetitia Casta's doing important work for the Krushers," says a Krusher spokesman in prefight. "She's been tasked with thinning out the herd at lightweight, grinding down up and coming threats, and touching base with some of the girls we don't see often, so that profiles can be updated and impressions recorded. Karen Cliche is a great example of this. Maybe she doesn't merit Theron or Heigl's time just yet - but she's definitely a hovering name we need to keep tabs on. In the case of an Adrianne Palicki - Casta answered all our questions without us having to commit our capital fighters - and gave us a good scouting look at Adrianne's progress to date. She's been a work horse for us, and exceeded our expectations in terms of the hard rounds she's been able to give us." Cliche coming off a tough loss, but looking at Casta as a golden opportunity for redemption. "Any time you've got the chance to jump in with a former multi-time lightweight champ - you jump," Karen declares at podium. "Casta's still rugged competition - I know for a fact the Krushers want her working my body whether she wins or loses, so I need to dispose of her quickly if I can. It's a fight that could get me ranked before the year is out, so yeah: this is huge for me." Karen in leopard print bikini; tan boxing moccassins (long); black gloves. Tish in heroic black push up bra; black gloves; tan boxing moccassins to midcalf; hair in loose/twisty battle bun.

During R1: Cliche PUMPING jabs - hammering at Casta's face, steppin' left. Karen intense, dark eyes blazing as drills French beauty - Cliche leans into a rifling right cross, POUNDING CASTA'S HEAD ASIDE! 'Tish's head waay back, then lolling forward as she stumbles forward into a thick, digging left hook square amidships. Laetitia spits mouthpiece out, cringes forward behind loose guard: Karen lashing a whippy right to waist; rips a muscular right uppercut to chin and SITS CASTA DOWN! Tish punched up straight - back leg skidding forward, dropping her to rump; she tilts awkwardly to her left, into Karen's knees as Cliche scampers out of the way. Crowd shrill - Cliche sprinting to neutral corner, pulse pounding: TISH BEATS THE COUNT! Laetitia a-swoon, sagging against ropes: Karen quickly-to, setting up wide-stance and GOING TO TOWN! Oh the beating: Tish taking it to jug via rampaging left uppercuts; Tish eating it to chin as Karen turns into lanky right crosses; Tish sobbing from sidearm-swiping rights in her waist; Tish rocked back into ropes, nearly sat back down as Cliche checks chin via right uppercut. Casta sliding to her right, out on her feet - tummy, jugs and thighs all trembling out of control: Cliche steps-with, prodding the extended left to measure, the POURING on the hurt. Great, heaping sheets of Cliche smashes at Casta driving her to Krusher korner. At the bell - Laetitia's spellbound - pressed against home turnbuckles, arms outstretched, eyes shut tight in shocked grimace as Karen rakes away lefts and rights unopposed! Bell: seething Cliche bodied back - teeth bared with mindless aggression as she yearns to finish Casta right now! During break - Casta getting smelling salts: she groggily tells ref she's good. LIAR!

R2: Casta stumbles out of the gate, eyes unfocused, swelling lips parted; gloves are up as 'Tish affects shabby high guard. Cliche loping to midring, hopping in her stance, dragging a big right hand into Laetitia's breadbasket to begin festivities. Tish grunting on receipt, bunching slightly, but holding ground. Cliche hooking wide, palm-down - trying to sweep Laetitia's hands out the way so right hands can BOOM up the middle. Rich, shellacking hook/cross combos from Cliche - feet wide-spread - strong, rangy punches shredding Casta's defences. Tish dipping low, getting under taller girl's shots: Casta punches straight right hand palm-down to body, landing well. Casta bobbing at the waist: snarling Cliche misses a left, misses a right - punches curling over and across Casta's back as Tish moves head. Casta out of the crouch, puts another straight right into Cliche ribs; stamps the left hand in while stepping her left foot forward. Casta rises from her crouch as Cliche prepares a left hook from the hip: CASTA HOOKS FIRST! 'Tish stepping in, erupting from her crouch - may-day left hook tight and smashing swivels Karen's head - shoots her mouthpiece across ring and KAREN CLICHE GOES DOWN! Long tall Cliche stiffly to her back - legs rigidly outstretched: SHE'S FINISHED! Huge, slugging come-back KO, 'Tish Casta!

After: 'Workhorse' Casta swaying on the spot - too hurt to be overjoyed - but in days to come she'll recognize this as one of her most stirring career victories over a very determined, strong opponent. Poor Karen! Another bright spotlight - another disasterous defeat: huge setback despite a roaring start puts the 'choker' label on Karen big time.


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