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13 Jul 2002 Jennifer Connelly vs Denise Richards

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Posted by simguy on 7/13/2002, 7:57 pm.


Before: Rivalry takes on new significance with the shockingly different landscape at bantam - winner here keeps her place in line for a rematch with the new queen Dani Fishel. No surprises between these two - both have the size, the skills - all about desire when Jenny meets Denise. Jen in navy sports bra, red boy cut trunks, slick ponytail, Denise in teal bikini top, white boy cut trunks, messy ponytail.


During R1: Shutout Connelly. Working well off the jab, Connelly putting together batting hooks and right hands to the sides of her foe, coming up top with the left uppercut/right cross routine. Richards with a high, rigid guard does a good job of blocking or blunting a lot of Connelly work, but not answering back at all, gives away the first.


R2: Better effort from Denise - she joins the jab party, then gets after Connelly's flat tummy with the same workmanlike hook, right hand combination. Girls trading methodically, crisply, each taking turns putting together 3 and 4 punch tic tac toe clusters, then covering up nice and tight to receive.


R3,4: Fight settling into a busy, comfortable rhythm, neither girl backing off or clinching, both relying on blocking defenses, standing in the pocket as they wait their turns. Connelly busier, landing 3 to 2 and that's the difference. Both girls mixing it up nice - throwing tough to the body, getting their bodies behind hard shots to the head, but Jennifer's outworking Denise.


R5: Denise ups the tempo, changes the look of the bout slightly. D working the jab more, stepping around Jennifer rather than covering up to work off the block - it's got Connelly following and looking rather than working. Nice thick left hook on the waist, followed by a ringing left uppercut to back Jennifer up late.


R6: Shutout Richards. Jab really setting the table - Denise able to keep Jen covered up as she steps around the brunette to find an angle for the hard right hand, follow up left hook. Denise not sticking around for the receipt, but not running either - this is just good solid punch and move, Richards landing in popping combinations, then turning her girl to draw even after 6 close rounds.


R7: Jen upping her work rate, retakes the initiative. Connelly coming in off the jab and once she's close, she's doubling up the hook in the stomach, extending the left as she shifts weight to her right foot, then drives in with hard right hands. Richards cringing slightly from the body work - she's been taking that hook on the beltline all night long and it's starting to stick with her in the late innings.


R8: Up to now it's been nice and civilized, almost a chess match - fight breaks out this round. Connelly gets it going as she digs with a pumping barrage of cranking lefts to the pit of Richard's belly - blonde legs give out and Richards falls in to clinch, hurt for the first time in the fight. Referee issuing breaks - hungry, hungry Jennifer walking her foe down behind a measuring jab, then bashing away with clubbing lefts and rights. Midway through, Richards beats Jen to short right hands inside, shaking Connelly's legs, then beats Jen to the follow up hook. LOOSE head swivel Jennifer as Connelly droops forward hurt, Richards stepping back and walking Jen onto crumpling rights and lefts to the belly to force the first brunette clinches. Richards with more steam down the stretch, bodying Connelly to the ropes and she piles on to bludgeon her foe at the bell.


R9: Connelly out with a nice firm stick, right hand at her cheek as she spears in the left, turns it over into a hook, then drops the right hand to get Richards backing up. Denise with her butt on the ropes from the minute mark on and Jennifer takes advantage. Connelly setting down now, cranking 3 and 4 hooks with her torso twisting and reloading, right hand staying clamped to her face as she bites 'em in. Denise getting shellacked, taking the hook clean and just standing there hurt - it's a brunette romp to the final minute. Richards just gutting up, simply deciding not to go under and SHE starts slugging back. Girls trading lefts and rights, toe to toe and CONNELLY GETS HURT! Jen staggering back, covers up, leans forward and Denise punishes her with banging body work, nice tight uppercuts between the mitts from either hand. D just keeps punching after the bell - crowd noise drowning out the clang.


R10: CLAMBAKE! Both girls lumping up nicely, but both have plenty left - they get to midring, plant wide and light each other up with the same spanking give and take. Both girls scoring with thick left hooks to the waistline of the other, but Connelly doing more with the right hand, jamming it in short and straight to the face, using it to set up not just her hook but the left uppercut as well. Richards bravely hanging in there but she's outslugged - neither girl really loses her form as high quality banging continues on after the bell once again. Comes back a hard fought UD10 Jennifer Connelly.


After: Connelly stepping over and forcing eye contact after the decision is announced - Richards shoving her back and the girls get nose to nose until officials intervene. Very close fight, girls almost mirror images of one another in there, anticipating each other well, taking turns getting off almost on cue. Connelly showing better punch selection, tougher body work and just more determined to win - it's enough to give her a very slender victory margin.


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