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13 July 2008 Cat Bell vs Jeri Ryan 4 Post Fight

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Posted by Jeri’s Knockouts on 7/13/2008, 12:27 am.


Jeri Ryan purred as she ran her ungloved hands across her chest.  The texture of her lace bra felt so good… it was a sentiment that felt all the better when combined with the sweet taste of victory.  Her fourth fight against Cat Bell was a paradoxical mirror of the third.  Unlike that fight, this time their roles had been reversed with the blonde dominating early and surviving a late rally by the brunette. 


Jeri’s eyes met Cat’s as they stood in their opposing corners of the ring.  Cat’s glare was full of hate, as though she had just been terribly wronged.  Jeri simply replied with a smile.  To her credit, Cat did a better job of maintaining her composure, but deep down the brunette must’ve been heartbroken over the loss.  All the blonde had to do was drag it out into the open.  Jeri marched over to Cat’s corner, totally self-assured as she went to claim the spoils of victory.  Cat was still defiant as they met, facing each other down.


“No one is going to save you,” Jeri proclaimed, “I hope you remember those words.”


“Screw you,” Cat retorted flatly.


As in their previous encounter, Jeri reached around Cat’s back and pulled her in, locking on with a bearhug.  Once again, Cat responded with one of her own.  Jeri let Cat get in the first squeeze, wincing as the brunette’s grip tightened around her waist, before answering in kind.  Unlike their last encounter, Cat threw her head back and groaned loudly in pain.  Her midsection, given plenty of attention to by the blonde during their fight, was betraying her as it succumbed to the pressure.


“Not this time, bitch,” Jeri crowed, “This time, you’re mine…”


“Screw you!” Cat shouted back.  Before she could continue, Cat let forth an anguished cry as the pressure from Jeri’s arms increased sharply. 


Jeri smiled as her hold garnered the exact response she was looking for.  Cat’s arm strength and resistance were ebbing away rapidly.  Leading them out of the corner a few steps, she shoved the brunette back, stacking her up against the ropes.  Jeri pressed her forehead against the crook of Cat’s neck, pressing her foe’s head back uncomfortably as she continued to hug with her arms.  Cat whined and unsuccessfully tried to push her way off of the ropes, only to have the blonde give her waist another tight squeeze.  Cat groaned loudly and Jeri felt a shudder run through Cat’s body.  The blonde simply smiled and continued to squeeze until she felt no more pressure coming from Cat’s arms.


Standing both her and Cat up straight, Jeri adjusted her hand grip up Cat’s back and pressed their foreheads together.  Pushing Cat against the ropes with her weight, Jeri hugged her again, this time focusing the pressure into her chest and mashing her jugs against the brunette’s pair.  She worked the hold, grinding her tits into Cat’s, and after a few minutes she was rewarded with a loud and anguished groan from the brunette’s lips.


“Looks like the bra’s on the other pair, as they would say,” Jeri purred, “Hurts to know my girls are firmer and better than yours, doesn’t it?”


Cat bit her lip, clearly trying to maintain her composure.  Jeri knew it wouldn’t last.  Cat soon screamed loudly and broke down crying the pain and humiliation.  Her breasts, badly abused by Jeri’s jug mugging in their fight, couldn’t stand up to the blonde’s pair.  They softened rapidly, and in the blink of an eye they yielded completely.  Jeri grinned as her breasts mashed Cat’s flat.  Her own jugs were in significant pain as well, but it was a small price to pay for the physical and mental agony she was inflicting on Cat.


“Who’s got the better tits, bitch,” Jeri asked, “I want you to say it.”


“Yours,” Cat sobbed, “Yours are better…”


Finally relinquishing her bearhug, Jeri seized Cat’s lip arms and hung them over the top rope.  Pushing down, Jeri wrapped her hands around the back of Cat’s head and buried the brunette’s face between her tits.  Jeri smiled in satisfaction as her breast smother did its work.  Most of the time in their fights when she breast smothered Cat, there was a great deal of resistance… This time, there was barely any.  She could feel Cat’s face nuzzling against her cleavage in a vain attempt to find some sort of escape, but there was nothing more beyond that.


Finally, and mercifully, Cat’s body went limp.  Holding on a little while longer and hamming it up, Jeri finally let go and stepped back.  Pulling back, she untangled one of Cat’s arms from the ropes.  The brunette slid down and fell, collapsing in an unconscious slumber at Jeri’s feet.  The blonde simply smiled.


“Guess that makes us even, doesn’t it?”

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