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13 May 1999 Heidi Klum vs Rebecca Romijn I

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Originally posted by Simguy on Thursday, 13-May-1999 21:18:15


Before: Fight nobody thought would ever get made, finally gets done when Romijn agrees to three/quarters purse against current Sports Illustrated champ Klum. Rebecca boldly confident says: “I’ll take the pay cut now, and get it back when I defend the title. I’m retiring Heidi Klum.” Rebecca in black two piece faux lingerie bikini, Klum in grey string bikini.


During R1: The girls stand flat footed, touching each others faces with heavy jabs. It looks as though neither wants to commit, but midway through the round, Klum seems to surprise Rebecca, coming off the jab with lancing right hand that pops loudly off the blonde’s jaw. Romijn staggers, nearly pitching forward, eyes wide, as klum wades in, swinging wide lefts and rights to the chin of the hurt blonde. AND IT’S OVER!!! Heidi Klum stuns Rebecca Romijn, pounding her to her back with looping blows, and laughs as she almost trips over the fallen beauty’s body. KO1 for the winner, and STILL champion, Heidi Klum.


After: Romijn comes to and is essentially unhurt physically, but she is absolutely crushed by her choke-job in this one. Sobbing in her corner, she is taunted by Klum from across the ring, as the super-models live up to their reputation of being the least gracious of all celebrity classes.


Reposted by Archer 7/16/09.


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