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13 May 2000 Mariah Carey vs Jeri Ryan

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Posted by Simguy on Saturday, 13-May-2000 12:09:33


Before: Mariah anxious to get back in the mix, Jeri patiently beating up all the ranked contenders before fighting for the big money. Potentially dangerous opponent for Ryan, Mariah in the Dunning mold of high risk, high reward brawler. Neither girl particularly effective moving backward—should lead to a high contact affair. Mariah in gold bikini, blonde curls; Jeri in red bandeau bikini.


During R1: Fact-paced first—Mariah reaching with the left and slinging overhand or looping uppercut rights, Jeri leading with the jab and snapping off a much straighter right hand in even slugging. Late in the round, Mariah’s uppercut, connects flush, and Jeri is hurt, stumbling sideways with the guard down. In comes Carey, hacking with overhand rights against the side of Ryan’s head and Jeri comes apart. Spilling backwards, Jeri is defencesless and a crashing right hand spanks her face, chasing Ryan to the canvas for a disastrous opening round knockdown. Carey standing over Ryan induces a long count—Ryan getting out of the round on shaky legs as the ref struggles to keep Mariah back.


R2: Similar look to the first—both girls pressing forward, Jeri timing Mariah’s wide swings to kiss short right hands off the singer’s chin, but Carey looping her shots around Ryan’s guard to cuff Jeri about the ears. Again, even slugging with both women scoring throughout the round, but a late exchange of rights goes Mariah’s way as Jeri begins to wilt backwards. Carey pushing Jeri back with the left, loads up on right hands to the mouth, pounding Ryan to the ropes and once again Jeri is in real danger of going down, gloves at her chest, bending forward and getting clocked as Mariah heaves in wide lefts and rights to the bell. Ryan staggering, Mariah prancing as the singer beats it out of the actress for the second straight round.


R3: Jeri showing good resiliency, shakes off Mariah’s punishment and goes back to basics, showing Carey a little more lateral movement, and a more consistent jab. Easy shutout for Ryan as she steers Carey around the ring, getting off first and keeping the

Singer at bay, if not hurting Mariah this round.


R4: Mariah’s eager brawling re-takes the initiative as she catches Jeri flat footed too  many times this round. Ryan not getting off, crossing her arms, hunkering forward as Carey lashes away with those wide lefts and rights—most of which bounce off shoulders and arms, but the singer is finally busier in the fourth.


R5: Jeri bouncing back, jabbing to Mariah’s belly and breasts, circling and the fight is definitely easier whenever Ryan moves at all. Ryan making some headway in Mariah’s gut, going there with a banging straight right that has the big blonde cringing upon impact.


R6: Mariah takes over the seesaw affair, crudely effective with the reaching left, she holds and pulls Ryan onto the uppercut, often holding Jeri bent double to accept the punches. Fouling and hard right hands have Ryan in trouble as Mariah wallops her foe around the ring, working towards the end with a confident smile as Ryan sags against the ropes.


R7:  Mariah with a strong start, shooting in the left to grab a hold of Jeri’s shoulder or neck, then slinging in the right, falling in to hold and clout until the ref can separate the two women. Carey bullying Jeri through much of the round, shamelessly holding, hitting, then headlocking Ryan for breaks. Late in the round, Ryan comes to life, bending low out of a clinch, shucking Mariah and coming back with a booming right hand on the point of the chin that has Carey suddenly wobbly butt! Mariah stunned, is helpless as Jeri steps in, shoves Carey back and cracks her chin another crisp right and MARIAH FLOPS TO THE MAT! Mariah Carey is knocked out, spread eagling nicely at Jeri’s feet, arms above her sleeping head in picturesque fashion, Jeri Ryan KO7.


After: Ryan coming from behind, survives the early Carey surge and puts the singer out with a devastating KO right hand that had Mariah woozy for several minutes following the bout. Ryan having trouble with helter skelter style of Carey, but no doubt about that compact power—Carey just couldn’t take what Jeri had to give.


Reposted by Archer 4/29/09.

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