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13 Nov 1999 Debbe Dunning vs Charlize Theron

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 (MTV Lightweight [116#] Title)


Main event at the Taj. Mutual respect pervades the event as Theron recognizes Dunning as one of the rare big draws who can really fight. Debbe in tough tonight should Theron choose to box, but Charlize can never relax against Dunning, who generally goes out on her shield if she's going to lose. Both girls make 116 for the weight, but each puts on a few come fight night - could be a factor as neither particularly enjoys fighting under 120.


Dunning in blue/white scotch print push up bikini, Charlize in white aerobics two piece.


Round 1: Dunning wastes no time, charging across the ring, setting her feet wide and sweeping with left hooks from the waist. Theron turns with the hook, but doesn't see the slinging right and takes the punch hard off her face. CHARLIZE IS HURT! Dunning bodying up, pushes Theron to the ropes with her forearms, then cuts into the blonde with wide lefts and rights to the body and head. Theron cut over the left eye, swoons on the verge of a stoppage as Dunning pours it on - crowd roaring, announcers talking over one another. Charlize with eyes half shut, tries to slip punches, but is too hurt - Dunning connecting with everything, wide punches sailing in to bounce hard off the blonde's ribs or crash against Theron's skull. Dunning finishes the round with picturesque right hands, scooping up at Theron's midriff with whip action force. Charlize survives the round, wobbling on her feet, but the girls smack gloves in recognition of the fierce action.


Round 2: Theron worked on feverishly in the corner, but she still looks shaky, gloves at her lips, eyes still swimming. Dunning wading in to slug with a smile on her face, and the girls step into matching overhand rights. DEBBE IS HURT! She nearly screws into the mat as Theron gets all of her chin, and Dunning staggers backwards as Theron struggles forwards. Wrecked beauties slug with wide, wild lefts and rights, shaky bodies leaning back and forth, legs trembling, and Theron nails Debbe again with a free swinging right hand on the jaw. Dunning out on her feet, swoons to her right, hands at her waist, and Theron steps to the right, dips low, then comes over with a spearing right hand across the brunette's mouth. Picturesque head snap as Dunning's legs stay in place while her head lolls back, eyes closed, torso sliding sideways and she COLLAPSES TO THE CANVAS in a puddle of beaten celebrity. Charlize Theron wails in triumph, face in pain as she lifts her gloves to accept the roar of the crowd. KO2 Charlize Theron.


Charlize strips the MTV title from the slender waist of her opponent with a fierce slugfest reminiscent of the early Theron. Both girls hurt badly in this violent contest, but Theron capitalizing on Dunning's non-existent defense to escape with the win.


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