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13 October 2001 Eliza Dushku vs Tiffani Amber Thiessen

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Posted by Simguy on 10/13/2001, 5:46 pm.


Before: Highly anticipated return to the ring of Eliza D, good long rest apparently rejuvenating brunette's body and spirit after some rocky outings saw her drop the crown. Thiessen certainly not in the class of a Dushku in the skill department, but Tiff a sturdy veteran who comes in fight night as a legit bantam sees an opportunity to notch a quality name if she can catch Eliza rusty. Eliza in red leather bra style bikini, Tiff with blonde hair, shades of pale blue crop top tshirt with football jersey motif, navy bikini bottoms.



During R1: No diminishment of Eliza's hand or foot speed. Brunette effortlessly darting in off her jab, sinking in her hook to tummy with her cheek on Tiffany's shoulder, then bodying the blonde back to catch her with the straight right and calling card hook on the chops. Barerra look for Eliza as she motors around the ring, hounding Thiessen, breaking her down. Tiffany not panicked however, avoids a shutout with a spanking right/left on the flat waistline of her foe at the bell.



R2: Eliza darting in, then staying cheek on cheek to work. Tiff taking the opportunity to hold and hit, wrapping up Eliza's right arm and digging right hands to the stony midriff. Dushku wrestling, bouncing her fists off Thiesen's softer, but strong tummy, using her shoulder and working to jam hooks into those tender melons. Down the stretch, Thiessen able to get the better of it - actually shutting Eliza down with welting right hands above the hip, then a clocking right over the guard as Dushku seems sluggish late.



R3: Dushku getting a lecture of the "don't let this girl get confident" variety - trainer wants her to step it up. Back to the darting in and out, Eliza working her angles, punishing Tiffany's face with a stabbing jab, wide decoy right setting up jarring, very short left hooks with a bangBANG rhythm. Thiessen's knees buckling several times throughout as Dushku dials in - no effective response from the blonde as the brunette finds that extra gear.



R4: As sharp as the third, but the punches are harder, Dushku intent on stopping her shopworn foe. Crunching body shot hooks are crippling Thiessen, buckling her forward as she desperately seeks to clinch. Blistering punches to the face are slapping Thiessen sideways - she's lumping up visibly this round as Dushku beats the eyes and cheeks with relentless jabs and hard right hands. Thiessen wobbly butt - weaving dreadfully on the spot - her clinching is too weak to stop punishment as Dushku hammers away underneath with Tiff draped around her neck. Scored 10-8 without a knockdown - Eliza just that dominant sends Tiffany broken to her corner.



R5: Gutsiest round of Tiffany Amber Thiessen's career - she's not known for these moments of fortitude. Badly, badly hurt in the fourth, Tiff comes out with swelling eyes, aching ribs and digs in for trench warfare, locking up midring with Eliza and trading snappy right hands to the belly and up underneath to the chin. Both girls' heads jolt up out of the semi clinch as the uppercuts land, both do beefy work along the waistline, walking each other in a tight circle and taking turns getting off. By the end, Tiff has hammered out a round, getting a savage nod of respect from her opponent at the bell.



R6: Game set and match as Eliza pulls away. Outside, she's just too dynamic, jabbing and pivoting with machine like precision to cut Tiffany's defense to shreds. As Eliza starts to mix in the straight right and hook - Thiesen falls apart, simply unable to prevent the scoring blows to tummy and teeth. End of the first minute, Eliza fades back from a tired Tiffany left, calmly walking the blonde into a short, clouting hook on the mouth and sidestepping as Thiessen stumbles to all fours for a hurtin' 8. Moments later, crisp, vicious lefts and rights up underneath the elbows have Thiessen crying out in pain - she turns away to sink to all fours once again. Tiff beats the count, but she's a limping wreck at this point. Reaching for a clinch, Thiessen sobs aloud as Eliza steps back, rips away at the sexy paunch of her foe, then turns her shoulder into biting left hooks up underneath Tiffany's outstretched arm to clip the chin. Thiessen goes down, and rolls to her back, hands above her head. KO6 Eliza Dushku.



After: Sickening beat down unfolds as expected, but Tiff earns some props for not caving in at her first opportunity. Eliza sharp as a dagger for her comeback, but Tiffany sends her home with achy ribs and tender stomach courtesy some stiffer than expected resistance. Several interested parties in the audience taking notes, finding little weakness in Eliza overall.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09.

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