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13 October 2001 Elizabeth Berkley vs Beyonce Knowles

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Posted by Simguy on 10/13/2001, 8:51 am.


Before: Long negotiations ends as Berkley can’t get any other nibbles, comes back to Knowles offer with some reluctance after Beyonce agrees to small gloves. Liz outwardly very confident, saying “Singers don’t beat actresses. Beyonce’s not ready.” Liz the naturally bigger woman, slimming down to ban agreed upon weight range, but still taller, rangier. Still, if Beyonce could every harness the power of her legs, she’s got enough to KO most anyone. Knowles in pink bandeau top, pink boycut shorts. Liz in gold bikini top, black bout cut trunks, both girls with blonde ponytails.


During R1: Liz shooting the left over Beyonce’s shoulder, casually snags Beyonce in a headlock, twists her forward and jabs a thumb into the singer’s eye, walking away without looking back as Knowles collapses into the ropes, howling in protest at the ref. Liz follows up with slugging, hands loose at her stomach, leaning off that front foot with slinging straight rights and slightly wide lefts, bashing away on Knowles’ face as that jabbed eye swells up something horrible this round. After punishing Beyonce’s face for much of the stanza, Liz bodies up to the ride her girl to the ropes, attaches her left hand to the from of Knowles’ trunks and pulls the girl off the ropes in a daze. Tugging and punching—referee slapping Liz’s hands away from Beyonce’s waistband as blonde ravages blonde at the bell.


R2: Liz quick to body up and walk her dazed opponent into the ropes, this time reaching her left around Beyonce’s back and slipping her thumb into the pink waistband. Anchored and helpless, Beyonce soaks up several mugging right hands to the pit of the stomach, and a shellacking right across the lips that is mostly forearm—Knowles dreamy, taking punishment—her only respite comes as the ref yanks Liz’s hand out of Beyonce’s trunks and gives her a stern finger waggle for trunk tugging. Liz promptly grabs the front of Beyonce’s trunks, pulling the helpless booty forward and drifting her bloody across the mouth with cruel right hands. Weepy Knowles sinks to all fours after several blockbusters on her teeth leave her wobbly butt—Liz strutting around the ring as ref issues 8. Berkley leans in on that front foot, pumping a very hard jab against Beyonce’s swollen eye to drape her on the ropes, then scythes in over the top with a juicy right hand on the forehead that spills Knowles sideways and drops her to her butt, staring blankly oyt at the crows. Again, Knowles’ legs stand her up, but the girl is horribly hurt and confused. Berkley stalking forward, wrapping Beyonce up the back with the left, slipping the thumb into the waistband and gutting her on the spot with dreadful, sucking-wound right hands to the midriff. Knowles sobbing piteously, trapped against Liza and unable to attack or defend as the ref hovers. Berkley piles on with vicious digs to the stomach or cracking elbow smashes onto the truth and finally steps away to allow Beyonce to melt into canvas at the ropes. Knowles on her hands and knees, one hand on the ropes like she’s going to make it back up, but it’s all over. Savage KO2 Liz Berkley.


After: It’s so much worse than anyone ever expected. Berkley salivating over her ugliest win ever—she simply marauded over her foe, psychologically crippling Beyonce with fouls, then going on to batter her senseless with Nolin-esque Disregard for Knowles’ body. “That’s FCBA boxing,” Liz defends herself, “the girl came in expecting patty cakes and I jacked her up instead.” Beyonce visibly shaken by the treatment is subdued in the ring, “She used very, very rough tactics,” mumbles Knowles through swollen lips—and that EYE! Yeesh, “I mean…you can’t…you shouldn’t be able to get away with that stuff. I was like, in my corner, asked is that legal?’ you know about the trunk pulling, and they’re like, ‘we don’t know’. I’ll be ready next time. Nobody’s ever doing this to me again.”


Reposted by Archer 8/30/09.

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