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13 October 2001 Robia Lamorte vs Courtney Thorne Smith

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Posted by Simguy on 10/13/2001, 8:53 am.


Before: Robia gets Courtney off the Electra upset. Smith happy to be back in the ring gives the brunette some props in pre-fight, "I've seen Robia in and around L.A. gyms for years and wondered if she were ever going to get a shot and I was really glad for her when she upended Carmen. I know Robia can fight - this is a great test for me to come back on." When asked about the effects of her long lay off, Courtney's upbeat, "I'm not a novice fighter - I don't need to fight every 3 weeks to stay sharp. At one time I was the busiest blonde in the FCBA - I know what I'm doing in the ring. I'm well rested, fit and ready to go." Courtney in pale blue bikini, Robia in pink bikini, bra style top.


During R1: Robia bouncing outside ala Roberta Duran - jangling her fists loose in front of her chest, jerking side to side with her torso, looking to hook off the jab. Courtney also seeking hooks, keeping that right hand on her cheek - girls dart in and out on each other, trading sharp 'n hard to body and head. Down the stretch, girls come together for a brisk exchange, Robia steps out and gets NAILED a surprise hook on the chin that spills her backwards all wide-eyed. Courtney banks it with power - good opening blonde round dispells the rust theory.


R2: More of the same - sharp execution on both sides, girls coming in off their jab to land hooks, working up and down on each other, huddling in close to trade, or pivoting out to work an angle. Midway through, Smith rattles Robia with another crisp left hand on the chin, steadies the brunette with an extended left and chops over the top with a scorching right to drop Lamorte to her knees. All Courtney the rest of the way - she lets her hands go more, finishing up her flurries with a sinking left hand gutshot that has Lamorte queasy at the bell.


R3: Robia turns southpaw as she did against Carmen, starts to use a little fade-step back to draw Smith into that right hook behind the elbow. As a lefty - Lamorte's whole posture changes, resembling Ricardo Williams more than Duran - slick, quick mitted and scoring with hard straight lefts off the right hook.


R4: Robia continues to mine gold from the port side. Smith having trouble with Lamorte's counterclockwise movement - Robia continually getting her lead foot outside Courtney's ringing her up with snappy hooks to the hip and head, then poking in that frustrating straight left on Smith's jaw. Courtney gets it going late with some straight right hands up the middle, forcing Robia into retreat at the bell. After 4, Smith's starting to swell up - Lamorte's concentrating on the blonde's pretty face.


R5: Courtney changes up, ducks inside to make Robia work cheek to cheek - Lamorte's butt on rope bell to bell this round. Courtney pushing and struggling to move Robia's hands away from her body, then curling punches into the brunette's breadbasket and breasts. Lamorte wincing, bothered by Courtney's head, placing her own head on either of the blonde's shoulders and trying to push her back with little success. Nice scrubbing round of attrition for Smith as she regains momentum.


R6: Back outside - Robia with the Duran jangly bounce-step - girls step to each other and rake up and down with fierce hooks in the opening moments. ROBIA'S HURT! Lamorte staggered by yet another CTS hook on the chin - brunette stomping back on her heels, then bobbing wildly as she retreats all the way to the ropes under a furious blonde assault. Smith lording it over Robia at the ropes, bodying up, pumping away downstairs, using the shoulder and left elbow to push off, and clipping tight combinations to the head. Lamorte slick and elusive, minimizes the hurt - but Smith's getting better touches in these moments than Electra had in similar circumstances.


R7: Robia's tireless legs still bouncy - she jerks side to side, reaching jabs into Courtney's belly, stepping around the stalking blonde. Girls step in to hook away - Lamorte getting the better of things as Smith has to step out and start using the ring in retreat.


R8: All Courtney Thorne Smith. Bruising war midring as girls lean in cheek to cheek, hands low and loose, taking turns ripping away at flat tummies or jerking in tight hooks to jaw in close. Lots of bumping and pushing as the girls stay in close to work and it's no contest: CTS beats Robia ragged this round as the brunette stubbornly refuses to give ground.


R9: Girls meet mid ring again, huddling in close, taking turns and this time it's Robia coming away the better girl. Smith grunting as Robia bangs away at tummy with biting, sharp lefts and rights - blonde not answering back as promptly this round as Lamorte's compact delivery puts the hurt on. Close fight - tempers flare after the bell as the girls get into one another's faces, infuriated that the other hasn't broken yet.


R10: Girls at mid ring for more ripping exchanges. Smith mixing in the right hand a little better - Robia basically jabbing and hooking gets punched on the eye repeatedly and seems a little stunned as Smith uptempos. Great fitness in the blonde's legs - she's got hop, she's stepping around and making Robia work every second. Down the stretch it's hammer and tongs - girls just taking turns punching straight lefts and rights into each other's faces - short, biting exchanges leave both beauties lumpy at the bell. Comes back UD10 for Courtney Thorne Smith.


After: Terrific little contest - high work rate, clean punching, good defense and a great come back bout for the long time blonde stalwart. Robia worked over and discouraged in defeat - hurts her to see Courtney smiling, strutting at her expense. Pre-fight respect gets replaced with bitter resentment in the wake of this fight as Lamorte can't accept the verdict.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.


Archer 10/20/09.

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