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14 Aug 2006 Leslie Bibb vs Jennifer Connelly

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Leslie Bibb 02.jpgJennifer Connelly 11.jpg

Posted by simguy on 8/14/2006, 6:58 pm



Before: Bibb getting the hot-starlet-of-the-moment push: lots of magazine covers, big-budget comedy doing good box office - she's jumping straight into the big leagues with a come-back fight against formidable Jen C.


"I'm not afraid of Connelly," Leslie shrugs, twirling an elegant finger in soft blonde curls, "I'm not even all that impressed by her. I'm going to go Brittany-Daniel on her ass - you know? Some brunettes have this thing - this inferiority complex - whenever it comes to competing with hot blondes - and I see that look of doubt in Jennifer's eyes. It's not like I'm new to the ring - I have BEEN there before, you know? Jennifer's going to take a licking - you watch."


Connelly non-plussed - Bibb's attitude, and her playing of the Brittany Daniel card bringing out a frosty side we rarely see in Jen C. "First of all, Leslie's too small to be talking big on me," Jennifer says. "She's a Kelly Carlson sized blonde who's too dumb to see that her management is pushing her into a bantam contest because that's where the money is. Secondly, her so-called experience is a sham - she was never anything more than pretty undercard ingenue-beef, and frankly, I don't see what's changed. And thirdly, I'm tired of mouthy blondes. I'm sorry - that's not very professional of me - but seriously - these girls are getting way, way out of line and it's time I took someone apart as a lesson to the rest. Looks like Bibby's going b-bye."


Leslie in black bikini top, leapord print trim, black bottoms with leopard print waistband, tan sheepskin, fur-lined boxing boots. Jennifer in white string bikini, white boxing-boot to midcalf with tassles.


During R1: Bibb forward strong, reckless - rushing in with thrusting rights and lefts as Jen backpedals. Connelly parrying as she steps back, walking Bibb in: stinging counter-hook answers Bibby's ineffective flurry, scattering wide-eyed blonde to her left in shock. Connelly barely breaking a sweat, pivots left, jabbing stiff from her waist, knocking Leslie's head back while coaxing the blonde back to midring. Bibb regrouping, scowling - again she charges in, swinging wild n' wide: Connelly stepping back cool-headed, parrying and slipping shots, then neatly walking Leslie onto a gorgeous checking right uppercut under the chin. BIBB GOES DOWN - slender blonde clattering to all fours in astonishment - Jen strutting to neutral corner, all business. Leslie up at 8, finally looking apprehensive - she comes out stepping gingerly, dukes up, looking to box. Jen obliges - punishes Leslie with pinpoint jabs as girls line up at long range: every blonde response neatly blocked or parried as Connelly marks her beautiful opponent for points in the first.


R2: Leslie chastised - but showing good fitness and recuperative power as her legs look well recovered. Jen workmanlike - wanting the Bibb ribcage and taking it - edging inside with a simple swiping of the blonde's punches to either side to set up shoulder-to-shoulder. Connelly very loose-limbed as she leans forward - right at her chest, left at her gut - she's happy to swap shots downstairs with Leslie, blocking the blonde's shots, then beating her flanks, digging up her middle, gouging at her solar plexus with patient, methodical strokes. Bell to bell Connelly - Leslie frowning, open-mouthed, badly shaken as Jen simply bangs the points out toe-to-toe this round.


R3: Bibb showing moxie - badly outclassed early, she rebounds psychologically, competing hard with Jen. Blonde intense - a little tight - lips curling back as she thrusts out her jab or tries for Jen's face with right hands from long range. Outside - Jen anticipates and steps back, parrying the punches, guiding them onto harmless trajectories - Connelly's feet unhurried as she sidesteps and pivots around the gamin blonde. Leslie doing a nice-job of stepping-with and pressurizing - Connelly with that nifty little parry as she leans forward, shunting Bibb's punches aside and setting up shoulder to shoulder. Different story this round as Leslie bathes Jen in almost constant lathering hup-hup - bumping and batting at brunette's arms as Jen calmly blocks body shots, slips head shots and keeps her face in close to Leslie's in classic crowding posture. Bibb forced to back up as she slugs - trying to find room: she's not getting much on the punches, but she does outwork Jen in the third.


R4: Leslie bouyed by her success last round: backfires as she bounds back inside, only to be terribly beaten by Jennifer toe-to-toe. Leslie still a bit of a push-puncher - not a lot of snap on her shots: Connelly willing to stand toe-to-toe, knowing the blonde can't hurt her. Different story Jen-to-Leslie: Connelly well-able to punch with leverage as she steps back, walking Bibb's tummy and ribs into brutal, lifting rights or lefts. Jen placing her shots - systematically going again and again to the solar plexus with a jerking, rigid little left hook in tight. Bibb hurt time and again - cringing up, shouting in pain, face clenched tight: judges/audience can't help but notice the difference in the relative effectiveness of the girls' punching. Midway through, Leslie breathless, staggering forward open-mouthed, walking into murderous, methodical strokes to her ribs and flat tummy and BIBB GOES DOWN! Leslie panting, trembling on all fours: Jen strutting past with a cool look down at her opponent's slender, tanned back. Give Leslie credit - she beats the count and down the stretch, furious-if-inaccurate brawling off the ropes sees Bibb back Jen off - Connelly content to circle away, leaving Leslie seething, nostrils flaring at the bell


Connelly vs Bibb conc.


Posted by simguy on 8/14/2006, 6:59 pm



R5: Jen with that nifty little parry/step inside - she's shoulder to shoulder with Leslie any time the brunette wants. Bibb's face so expressive, so animated in contrast to Jen's cool, inscrutable demeanour: Bibb panting, whimpering, shouting; Jen breathing through her nose, silent as she lays in and works. Bibb flurrying, lathering at Jen - wasting shots against the low guard of the brunette, but it IS having a suppressive effect: Connelly unhurt, but also unable to get off for long stretches. Jen just leaning forward, crowding, making Bibb punch while backing up: if only Leslie had an uppercut!


R6: When Jen wants to work, poor Leslie can't do much about it. Connelly popping her jab at will outside, knocking at Leslie's lovely face, circling her with confident steps: when Jen wants in, she waits for Leslie to punch, swipes the blow aside and neatly steps in on her. Toe-to-toe - Jen nice and relaxed - dipping side to side, lifting her punches into Bibb, punching the very breath out of her. Leslie's ribs pink and sore, Leslie's legs buckling at every firm touch of her solar plexus - NOW she's starting to clinch, but Jen doing a nice job shrugging free of it, sidestepping, and staying on that body. Connelly letting the bully out in the final minute: she'll hurt Leslie to the body, bat her gloves together and breathe, "Come on" urging Bibb to come back inside as wincing blonde's backing away. Bell: Jennifer treats herself to a clapping chunk of Leslie's firm little backside as girls pass en route to corners - hey, Connelly's earned it.


R7: More Jen - operating at about 80% - just cruising on Leslie, giving her juuuust enough beating to keep her awake. Bibb NOT liking those body shots - groaning and sobbing aloud - backing away from digging hooks and sidearm-swatted rights. Jen putting a body on for the first time - aggressively walking Leslie to ropes, then squaring away to go at her flat tummy meat - wiry shove-n'-slug as Connelly knuckles her wilting blonde upright, then digs away downstairs. Poor Leslie: crying down the stretch, reaching for Jen to tie up around her elbows or neck - little blonde really feeling the effects of Connelly's relentless drive up the middle. Bell - Jen leaning in and whispering hot into Leslie's left ear: "Thought you were going to tear my ass up? Aren't you gonna get after me? Thought you were gonna go all Brittany Daniel, weren't you?"


R8: Jen jabbing...then hanging back, waving Leslie in while crouching to receive the blonde. Bibb obliging, pushing leather at Jen's head - Connelly easily ducking underneath it, then affecting a loose crossed-arm inside, letting Bibb pat and tuck away. Jen laying in close - always keeping her face in close to Leslie's - blonde scrounging away at the defences downstairs, but unable to do any real damage. Leslie not seeing the uppercut - Jen really able to commit 100% of her defence to her body as a result of not having to worry about that punch. Bibb lathering up a storm - mitts pelting and tucking and skidding off Jen's hard limbs and ribs. Enough activity to win the round, but very expensive: Bibb exhausted by her efforts, doing very little real damage as Connelly steps fresh to her corner.


R9: "Come on!" Jen taunts, punching her right hand in between Leslie's gloves, then laying back to slip the receipt.


Bibb snarling, busting up, trying to make Connelly pay - but blonde's just not efficient enough with her delivery. Connelly able to roll Leslie's shots - taking them on the cheek or jaw, but coming away unfazed as Bibb's got nothing left. Jen batting her mitts, stepping in and out, cruelly uptempoing on her girl - Connelly showing a very hard heart indeed as she puts an unholy beating on Leslie midring. Left/rights upstairs, followed by mop-up hooks evil in Leslie's ribs. Dip and roll torso movement makes Bibb miss, then Jen answers to the waist ripping right/lefts. Blonde breaking down, miserably outclassed and hurting, but still struggling - oh, she's shabby on ruined legs, just trying to keep her feet.


Final minute, Jen sells a fake right hand up top, plants hard on that lead left leg and lifts a rigid, almost stiff-arm left off her thigh to clock Leslie on the chin instead: blonde sent reeling to ropes, completely demoralized. Jen advances - left hand at her side, right at her chest - she steps-to and pokes little rights, pokes and prods just to get Leslie flopping and rolling with desperate torso movement. In between all the right hand nuisance punches - vicious, tearing hooks from the hip - murderous licks taking Leslie in her stomach, across her mouth - crippling her, dazzling her. Now a HARD right hand chops in, taking Leslie behind the ear; a rising left punches the mouthpiece off her teeth and BIBB GOES DOWN! Leslie slumping into the ropes, the rebounding to sprawl at Jen's feet, turning onto her back all fluttery-eyed, open-mouthed and helpless. KO9 in heartless fashion - Jennifer Connelly.


After: Bibb helped to her stool, badly, badly battered - and Jen wants just a wee bit more. Leslie blubbering in protest as Jen 'helps' blonde up off her stool with a hug underneath the arms - blonde simpering, pushing weakly against her tormentress' bony shoulders. Jen works at Leslie, turning her around, propping her left leg in the ropes, then moves in tight - smoothing damp blonde curls in behind Leslie's left ear, exposing blonde lumps for all to see. Jen gloating down over Bibb's left shoulder at scowling BLONDE! Mag reporters - Connelly stroking Leslie's hair from close-in behind, clearing the girl's tear stained face.


"Isn't she pretty?" Jen taunts. "I think she's pretty. If you guys have any more like this kicking around - please: don't hesitate to call!"


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