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14 August 2008 Jeri Ryan vs Cat Bell 6 Post Fight

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Posted by Jeri’s Knockouts on 8/14/2008, 2:32 am.


There was no coming back from this one.


Sitting on her stool in her trademark red bikini, Jeri Ryan was a wreck.  She had been badly beaten and used up over the course of three short rounds.  It was arguably the most important fight of her life, and she had gone down quickly in defeat.  Worst of all, she would no longer be able to claim that she was superior to her most hated rival.  Jeri broke down and began to cry.


Standing over her in her trademark blue bikini, Catherine Bell couldn’t help but smile.  Reaching for the blonde’s hair, Cat pulled Jeri to her feet and led her to mid-ring.  Pulling her right hand back with flourish, the brunette teed off and smashed a gob smacking right cross to the blonde’s face.  Jeri groaned as the punch violently snapped her head back and knocked her down, leaving her sprawled out in picturesque fashion.  Shaking her head as she struggled to come to, Jeri could hear Cat standing over her and counting her out.  Jeri desperately tried to push herself up and deny Cat the satisfaction, but the strength and will to struggle wasn’t there anymore.  The blonde collapsed, lying tits up on the canvas.


“Eight… Nine… Ten!  You got knocked the fuck out, bitch!” Cat crowed a she stood over her fallen foe.  Reaching down and pulling Jeri to her feet, Cat forced the blonde back into her corner.  Propping her up against the turnbuckle and draping both of her arms over the top rope, Cat grasped both of Jeri’s breasts in her hands and fondled them playfully.  Jeri cringed as she saw the wicked gleam in Cat’s eyes – she knew what was coming, but was powerless to prevent it.


Jeri bit her lip, holding back a scream as Cat’s first punch slammed into her right tit.  She couldn’t hold back any others though as the brunette connected with another blow, and then another, and then another.  Jeri’s cries escalated in volume and their level of anguish as Cat put her famed crisscross jug mugging to work for a full minute - what started as achy groans and moans quickly evolved into full-fledged screams of agony.  Cat changed her punches and began to throw hooks, her fists slamming into Jeri’s jugs on their outer sides for about another minute.  Jeri’s screams became sobs as Cat changed tactics once again, hammering uppercuts into the undersides of the blonde’s breasts.  Jeri’s eyes were brimming with tears – her chest was absolutely humming with pain and it took all of her willpower not to beg for mercy.  


Cat capped off her ransacking of Jeri’s chest with a pair of right hands, one slammed head-on into each of the blonde’s jugs and flattening it against her chest.  Jeri’s legs couldn’t hold her up any longer as Cat finally let her slide out of the corner, and she collapsed.  She didn’t fall though – Cat caught her before she could drop to the canvas and locked on with a tight bearhug.  Jeri bawled as her tits were once again subjected to intense pain, this time from Cat’s pristine jugs mashing her own flat. 


“Please… Please stop,” Jeri cried, overwhelmed by the pain.  So much for willpower.


“Are your weak little titties sore?” Cat taunted, “Maybe I should relieve them of that tight top holding them in place… They’d like that, wouldn’t they?”


“Oh god, no… Please don’t,” Jeri begged.  The blonde clearly remembered the brunette’s threat to strip her naked in front of everyone.


Cat responded by tightening the bearhug, grinding her jugs into Jeri’s and drawing another anguished cry from the blonde.  Cat smiled and purred, “You’re not in charge here… You’re my prey, and I’m going to do whatever I want to you!”


Releasing the bearhug, Cat twisted Jeri’s arm behind her back and marched her like a prisoner around the ring’s perimeter.  It was a humiliating walk of shame as Cat put Jeri on display, all the while whispering one taunt after another in the blonde’s ear.  At the end of the first walk, Cat kicked Jeri’s legs out from under her, dropping the blonde to her hands and knees.  Taking a firm grip on her hair, Cat led her around a second time, using the grip on Jeri’s locks like a short leash on a dog.  Jeri obligingly crawled along in tow, taking a firm and painful yank on her scalp when she fell too far behind.


Leading Jeri to mid-ring, Cat pulled the blonde up to her knees.  Brushing away the golden locks around the nape of Jeri’s neck, the brunette ran her hand over the upper knot of the blonde’s top, musing, “Four knots, Jeri… They’re all that stand in the way of me stripping you…”


“Please, I’m begging you,” Jeri cried, “Don’t do it…”


“Worship my body,” Cat ordered, “Use that slutty mouth of yours and do a good job…”


 Jeri had no choice but to comply.  Pulling her face closer to Cat, she kissed the brunette’s inner thighs, sucking on her tanned, toned flesh.  Moaning in delight, Cat ran her hands through Jeri’s hair and guided the blonde’s lips up to her midsection.  Jeri kissed Cat’s taut stomach, running her tongue in her belly button.  Cat gasped in pleasure, clearly enjoying Jeri’s skill.  Jeri, for her part, couldn’t possibly have been more distraught.  Her enthusiasm was not those of a lustful admirer, but that of a broken woman consigned to her fate.  Bending over, Cat brought her breasts down to Jeri’s face.  Jeri ducked her head into Cat’s cleavage and ran her lips up and down the insides of her boobs.  A shiver went up Cat’s spine as she groaned in delight.  Jeri kissed every square inch of Cat’s breasts, both covered and uncovered, before she was finally allowed to stop. 


As her face was buried in Cat’s cleavage, Jeri shrieked as the brunette’s hands clamped onto the back of her head and pulled her in for a breast smother.  Jeri thrashed about frantically trying to escape, but to no avail as Cat pressed down with her weight.  Jeri pushed on Cat’s hips with her hands in a desperate but useless effort to break free.  It wouldn’t be long before Cat squeezed all of the breath out of her…


Cat relented.  Jeri gasped for air as the brunette released her.  She was a helpless rag doll as Cat yanked her to her feet and shoved her against the ropes.  Pressing Jeri into the strands, Cat locked on again – this time she had her forearms pressing into the back of the blonde’s head and neck.  Jeri could barely turn her head, and no matter how she moved, she couldn’t find anything that weren’t Cat’s hot and sweaty jugs.  As she weakly pawed with her hands on Cat’s ribs, she could hear the brunette’s taunts, but couldn’t understand the words – she was growing woozier by the second.


Cat released her once again, this time only for the briefest of seconds, as they reversed positions.  Leaning with her back into the ropes, Cat had her left arm locked around Jeri’s neck while her right hand shoved the blonde’s face down into her bosom.  Cat rested her chin on top of Jeri’s damp hair, relaxing and enjoying the tender moment.  Though Jeri’s face wasn’t visible, the effects of jug-shock were starting to become visible – her hands were now grasping uselessly at Cat’s thighs, and her own legs were starting to tremble as the strain of staying on her feet was getting to be too much.


Cat released Jeri and pushed her away, letting the blonde collapse to the canvas on her back.  Her eyes closed, the blonde’s chest rose and fell as she gulped in the air that had been denied her.  Her brain was barely functional at this point, and she was on the verge of unconsciousness.  An untrained observer might have seen this act as a show of mercy, and after all that she had endured, no one would’ve blamed Jeri for hoping the same thing.  However, mercy was the last thing on Cat’s mind.  Straddling the blonde, Cat pinned Jeri’s wrists to the mat and bent over, dropping her tits down onto the blonde’s face.  Jeri’s body squirmed by reflex, but the endless stream of breast smothers had sapped her of her strength.  This was the end – Cat finally had Jeri dead to rights.


Cat lifted her chest up again, another tortuous pause in a relentless game of catch and release.  The brunette slapped the blonde’s cheek, clearly wanting her conscious, and hissed, “Who is my bitch, Jeri?  Who’s my bitch?”


“I am… I am,” Jeri mumbled, clearly wrung dry of all resistance.


“You’re fucking right you are,” Cat snarled, “Don’t you dare forget that…”


Cat once again took Jeri’s breasts in her hands, fondling them.  Bending down and staring straight into the blonde’s eyes, she whispered, “Remember how I said I’d strip you?  I changed my mind.  You can keep your stupid bikini.  But you’re never gonna wear it ever again… You’ll never wear it again without remembering how I destroyed you here tonight… Without remembering how I humiliated you in front of the whole world… You’ll never be able to live down the fact that I proved once and for all how I’m better than you are… Hurts, doesn’t it?”


Staring up into Cat’s eyes, Jeri broke down in one final round of sobs.  This time, the brunette’s mind games cut to the bone with decisive authority.  Feeling Cat’s hands in her hair, Jeri didn’t resist as the brunette lowered her chest and buried the blonde’s face beneath her triumphant jugs.  The breast smother was mercifully short this time, and it wasn’t long before she succumbed to the darkness.


Jeri Ryan was defeated, once and for all.

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