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14 Dec 2001 Halle Berry vs Katie Holmes

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Posted by simguy on 12/14/2001, 6:30 am


Before: Berry outspoken in prefight, "This isn't going to be a fight for everybody. This is for that special fan who loves to see one girl dominate and humiliate another with sheer physical supremacy. Katie's getting b###hslapped tonight and there's not a damn thing she can do about it." Holmes known as a sturdy sparring partner at the WB, hasn't really been able to translate her skills to the professional ranks, but her people are quietly optimistic, "Katie can crack. If Halle's not careful this is going to be Holmes' coming out party - Katie can take Berry out." Halle in black bra and panties (Swordfish good basic reference for Halle Berry) Katie with low ponytail, blue push up, white bikini bottoms.


During R1: Classy as she wants to be - Halle Berry dresses Katie Holmes up sweet this round. All hooks from Halle, right hand tight against her cheek as she summons perfect leverage from sleek thighs and hips, snapping and biting the left hand into Holmes. Katie hiding behind her guard, stooping forward, trying to stay close to Berry - Halle able to polish away without fear. Typical sequence from Halle - doubled up hook to belly and jaw, back to the belly, pivot one step to the right using the right hand on Katie's shoulder to turn her, then a biting left hook tight across Holme's left eye. Berry completing the overall beating with the odd step to the left, opening up Holmes' right flank and kidney to a wider, whippier hook - glove just spanking hard off the taut, pale backflesh. Halle talking it up as well - she'll dig into Katie's smooth gut, then taunt, "Oh baby I'm LOVING it down there!" or pound that left eye and mock, "God that's gotta be hurting!" Holmes silent, grimacing, goes back to her corner pulsing in pain.


R2: Halle grinning, putting it to Katie, steps up the intensity. Digging hooks underneath the protective elbows have Holmes stooping forward in hurt, Katie desperate to get some offense going, starts to push out the jab. Halle reads it, times it - she hooks tummy off her front foot, rocks back onto the right foot to fade the jab and ROCKETS over the top with a counter right that just might be the most picture-perfect right hand thrown this year. Holmes' head viciously torqued to the side - she's out on her feet, crashing to her right side and rolling to her back, all a-quiver in her extremities. KO2 Halle Berry.


After: Holmes gone for many queasy moments, finally placed upon a stretcher and removed from the ring. Berry embarrasing herself by pestering the commissioner and head FCBA official in the ring about not getting to walk Katie, "What about my walk? Yeah, but what about my walk?" as Holmes is carted away like celebrity beef. Brilliant performance, Berry showering Katie with hooks, sets up a gem-cutter right hand to end it with precision and timing, more than raw power.


(Special Thanks to Fight Fan for this story).

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