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14 Dec 2002 Brittany Daniel vs Hunter Tylo

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Originally posted by Simguy on 12/14/2002, 8:25 am


Before: Two hot fighters meet with momentum—Tylo getting unusual attention from fans and media alike for a daytime star and Brittany doesn’t like it. At the podium: “The ‘Blonde Assassin’—is that what they call you?” mocks Brittany, “Technically when you rob graves for opponents, they’re already dead,” Pause for laughter, then: “Hey Hunter, is it true if I buy an Abswing, let myself get all old and scrabbly looking, and have a plastic surgeon remove my waist so my ribcage fits right onto my hips, I can have a body just like yours?” Badoom-boom. Tylo with elbows on dais, steepled fingers gentle against her lips as she smolders—she’ll do her talking in the ring. Brittany in black bra style bikini, Tylo in red underwire bra style bikini.


R1: Tylo the aggressor early—spitting jabs out of a crouch, backing Brittany to the ropes, then going to work on those tanned flanks with banghing wide left/rights. Daniel elbows in, turning her torso, trying to slide along the ropes to get around hunter, but tylo’s wise to it. Hunter stepping with, staying low, and just going at her foe—bruising, shattering blows bounce off Daniel’s chest and arms, snap off the taut belly, smash the ribs—Tylo setting a furious pace as she hounds her girl along the perimeter. Brittany grimacing, pushing Hunter in the shoulders, trying to get off, but simply getting overwhelmed and worked over bell to bell. Shoving and glaring as tylo gets Brittany’s face—ref gets involved—hard feelings emerging early.


R2: Daniel gets to midring first, puts hard spiking jab on Tylo, drops in a slicing right on the eye, thumps the tummy a vicious hook and Hunter buckles, turning away in shock. Brittany jumping to the right, rattling Tylo with sharp hooks in the shoulder and temple—brunette battered in a stagger to the ropes. Daniel staying off that left shoulder, raking tummy and teeth with biting hooks and HUNTER GOES DOWN! Thrilling barrage puts a wide-eyed Tylo on one knee, cut in the mouth and shellshocked by Daniel’s jagged punching. Now it’s Brittany’s turn to punish Hunter at the ropes, brawny shoving the shoulders, hook, hook, hooks up underneath, shoulder props. Hunter groaning, getting shabby as she bends forward, gets stacked up. Brittany nursing the extended left elbow to ease her girl back, then busting her hard in the gut—juicy, snapping blows off the taut proud stomach of her opponent brings Tylo gurgling forward. Final minute, Brittany stands up into a gorgeous trademark barrage of her opponent’s breasts—blonde so short on these blows, all leg and shoulder—shrugging leverage as Tylo is beaten into stupor. At the bell, Brittany reaching under Hunter’s arms and pressing her into the ropes, taunts: “How’re the abs holding up? You okay?”


R3: Daniel in charge. Hunter tentative, grimacing, hurt in the body-she can’t mount her usual high tempo attack and Brittany’s picking her shots. Daniel using a table-setting stick, occupying Hunter’s guard up high, then dropping a thick hook down into Tylo’s exposed ribcage. Brittany’s pivoting left off the hook, pivoting right when she slings in gouging right hand ribs—patient working over of Hunter’s ribcage paying dividends—brunette labouring, tilting forward. Shutout Daniel has her grinning, nodding—as she passes en route to her corner, she draws a loving hand across Hunter’s throbbing midsection: no respect.


R4: Hunter getting her legs back—first two minutes of this round rousing give and take. Both girls getting sharp right hands onto chins, working stubborn midriffs with ripping hooks, but Daniel’s legs the difference. Down the stretch, Brittany able to lure Tylo to the ropes, rock her with a bursting combination, then spin out, shoving Tylo in the shoulder to sidestep and get back to midring. Hunter frustrated, unable to sustain her pulsing attack—Daniel’s outclassing her through 4.


R5: EXCRUTIATING body punching—both ways, girls just leaning in mouth on shoulder and ripping it up to belly. Daniel doubting and tripling up hooks, belly, ribs, tits—Tylo rough with her head, then bang-bang to the gut with both hands chugging—it’s brutal fare in tight. This time it’s Tylo emerging late—Daniel not giving angles, she’s letting Hunter line her up and go right at her, putting blonde butt in the ropes. Hunter working hard to the belt, using shoulders and elbows to shove and jostle, setting up poor Brittany’s ribcage for a savage battering.


R6: Both girls looking drained—they fall in together midring, Hunter getting her head tight into Brittany’s neck, just pressing up and straining against those tight blonde legs. Brittany trying to push Tylo off—it’s meaty stuff in the trenches when Tylo cuffs a hook Brittany’s face gives her away—tight lipped, she sinks to all fours, folds back onto her haunches sobbing for breath. Tylo pumping her fist, hungry eyed in the neutral corner as a shabby Brittany D gets achy to her feet. Tylo: on Brittany with a swarming barrage—blonde glassy eyed against the ropes, hands crossed against her body as rigid punching shakes her torso and chin. Brittany slumping, sitting into the strands and TYLO”S FISTS ARE POUNDING BRITTANY’S FACE! Daniel going out, hands drooping and Hunter Tylo PANCAKES those gorgeous Daniel puppies—Brittany totally defenceless can’t stop the merciless assault. Ref pulls Tylo off and it’s over—monumental upset TKO6 Hunter Tylo!


After: All boxing in shock—BLONDE! Magazine calling it the biggest fair-haired upset since Cat Bell/Charlize Theron I as Tylo lives up to her nickname BIG time. Pathetic aftermath as a woozy and distraught Brittany tries to push through the throng, begging Hunter for an immediate rematch—Tylo actually shows her a palm while turning away to do her interview. Jones restrained Daniel, trying to instill some pride in her battered young charge with the ‘now’s not the time’ speech. “I’d love a before and after shot of Brittany,” coos an insufferable Hunter. “Cocky—Out! Cocky—Out!” Abswing ramping up production—infomercials incorporating highlight shots of Tylo working a helpless blonde over, dropping her with a liver shot—cha-CHING!


Reposted by Archer 4/10/09


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