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14 Feb 2008 Carmella DeCesare vs Marissa Miller

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 Boxing After Dark - pt1


Posted by simguy on 2/14/2008, 7:38 am


Before: Here's what we've got...

1.) Sunny California afternoon

2.) Playboy Mansion L.A. - ring set up on the lawn/chairs all around

3.) Strutting cadre of current and former Sports Illustrated models sashaying onto lawn like they own the joint: models vocal in support of Marissa. Scowls from territorial current and former playmates and bunnies, boosting Carmella. Puh-lenty of security on hand: Puh-lenty of sniping and commentary between the groups.

4.) Fun promo bit in days leading up to bout on Best Damn Sports Show: Carmella pitted against Marissa in a football throwing contest. Girls with straight backs and pretty scowls of concentration as they throw regulation footballs through suspended tires. Awkward deliveries, but both throw nice tight spirals. Marissa wins 5 bullseyes to 3: Carmella obviously taken aback and embarrassed, but swallowing her pride to shake hands with smirking Marissa. Miller able to sting Carmella with just a tilt of the head and a glint of the eye: it's quintessential pretty blonde edging out and irritating pretty brunette.

5.) Carmella in pink bikini with white belted bottoms; white boxing booties to midcalf; white gloves; slick ponytail.

6.) Marissa in baby blue cashmere bikini top; navy bottoms; white gloves; white boxing booties to mid calf; messy ponytail with bangs.

7.) Increasing agitation between the two during photoshoots and interviews: classic signs of threat perception from both beauties as the iconic import of this fight becomes apparent: Playmate of the Year vs Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Winner. It's like they're fighting for nothing less than the very definition of 'sexy' itself. No pressure.

During R1: Carmella the aggressor. High contrast style: Marissa upright, hopping the perimeter - dukes up, elbows in: Carmella creep-steppin' flat footed, left hand dangling at her side, left shoulder pointed at Marissa; right hand near Carm's chin/chin tucked in behind that left shoulder. Carmella much more bendy at the waist - head frequently rotating down below Marissa's waist line, slipping stiff blonde jabs. Marissa trying to dial in on Carmy's head: Decesare weaving, stalking - looking for the tummy and ribcage with most of her shots. Carmella landing loudest: good firm jabs spank on tummy; whacking tic-toc right/lefts to waist as Marrisa grunts, frowns at sinewy brunette power downstairs.

R2: First round butterflies over for Miller - performance up all across the board as she takes initiative from Carmella. Nice, spicy jab, often doubled up: Decesare rolling and slipping in her closed stance, can't penetrate. Miller sticking, then pivoting left around her jab - pushing in off back (right) foot to drill hard rights up the middle. Marissa's right hand a sudden, triggering poke off the shoulder - surprisingly tart AND, she's able to hop in with the first to double it up, nail a second in elastic fashion. Decesare's turn to frown and be frustrated: out on the end of blonde punches is no place for pretty Carmella.

R3: Two way fighting - Marissa continues to control the flow. Miller pumping stick - rangy, tangy touches spanking off Carmella's face or tracking her upperbody as Decesare's rotating torso. Miller nicely balanced on long, slender stems - she brings her feet with her forward or back, and when she disengages to lope the perimeter, Carmella can only turn and watch. Midway through, Carmelle partially blocks a ringing right fish-hook uppercut - brunette scampering away, a little spooked at Miller's rangy power. Marissa stalking cautiously behind the jab, slowly negotiating Carmella to ropes, putting clanging combinations together as Decesare bobs and weaves at apron.

R4: Carm not having much luck leading - she focuses on countering/timing her rangy foe this round. Decesare looking Helfer-esque the way she rolls to her right with Miller's right cross - Carm very supple in the pocket - able to make Marissa miss with head movement. Decesare coming back off her roll-rights with sleek right hands ticketed for chin: Marissa caught several times to chin as her head is up high after she gets off. Carmella still working long blonde body: tic-toc right lefts ringing out loud off ribs and waist; the ever-present sticking tummy jab; lashing hooks swatted wide to waste as Carmella's executing pivot-left. Blonde glaring - pinking up nicely on her ribs: Playmate touching Supermodel for points in the 4th.

R5: Miller spitting jabs while pivoting left: Carmella rolling and weaving feverishly, finding it more difficult to punch-with as blonde ups her output. Marissa's jab gives her initiative - she's punching harder as a consequence, and she puts her punches together very nicely for a lanky-body. Miller snarling as she twists into tight-curling hooks: very short radius as the twists torso-right, elbow up to turn the punch over flat. If that misses over top, Marissa's coming back a hard-popping right uppercut, frequently picking up Decesare chin or jugs. Deech taking blonde power fairly well - either rolling to take the sting out, or simply showing playmate pluck - Carmella generally in range to punch - concentrating on her foe's sinuous midsection. Wonderful stuff with Decesare weaving and bending - Marrisa all narrow-eyed intensity as she spits straight punches/jerks uppercuts to outwork Carm through 5.

"Let's go Carm-my," clap clap, clapclapclap, "Let's go Carm-my" - pro playmate crowd starts chanting as outnumbered sports models purse lips.


Decesare/Miller conc.

Posted by simguy on 2/14/2008, 7:38 am

R6: Carmella weight on right foot as she leans away, rolls right, rotates in and around. Decesare pulling limber right hands into Marissa's flank with the torso undulation - spanking out loud, drawing blonde grimaces. Carmella snapping the up-jab - punching Miller's face or breasts - stooping at other times to reach jab long to tummy. But the most effect Carmella's having is that whacking, rangy right/left tic-toc off Marissa's svelte waist as blonde shows earmuff. Miller grunting, lips parting as Decesare rings mitts off body - Decesare able to depart without receipt as Miller's momentarily paralyzed by body shock. Carmella quick to see it - dark eyes dancing as Miller shows signs of wilting: Decesare adding a sleek, overhand right down into Marissa's body to the mix, forcing Miller to take backward steps, face-in-gloves.

R7: Carmella rangy, limber - right hand at chest, she's jabbing, hooking, prodding left hands - bringing the left back to her hip as she's sliding to her left. Miller cramped, face pinched - very defensive blonde not jabbing as much due to strapping brunette work downstairs - blonde keeping elbows in, hoping to protect those battered ribs. Carmella circling, working - staying on the waist with that rangy right/left - slender-armed walloping of willowy blonde putting a stricken expression on Marissa's face as she steps out after hot wallop. Down the stretch, Carmella turning into a screened right hand, plows Marissa to chin, swivelling blonde head: strong blonde legs hold Miller up, but knees buckle as Decesare threatens knockdown at the bell.

R8: Carmella openly grinning now, unleashing - she's going after Miller's body with relish. Jabs put Marissa face-in-gloves; Carmella cashing in with right/left tic-toc to waist: Playmates shouting in celebration at every lash while supermodels wince/remain quiet. Miller stiffening, turning: when she punches, there's no snap, and Carmella immediately answers with lashing vigour. Down the stretch, Miller wilting to ropes: Carmella extends left hand to push Marissa's head to blonde right: Decesare deploying a series of sickening buggy-whip right hands to Miller's exposed left flank/back. Cringing - Miller sinks to one knee - bringing Playmates to their feet with a shrill cry. Decesare bounding back, hungrily taking in the sight of Miller blinking back tears, on bended knee with right hand in ropes for support.

R9: Carmella presses: Miller firms. Marissa fighting hurt - all but crippled to her body - but she twists into tight-circumference rights and lefts, missing over the top as Carmella weaves low on the approach. Right uppercut lands for Marissa a minute in, picking Carmella's face up in her crouch: Decesare startled, still there for the follow-on hook as Miller twists into a popping shot. Carmella on heels, blinking hurt: Miller steps in snarling, rifling the long right hand up the middle, finally pounding Carmella's head back as brunette can't shoulder-roll. Decesare toppling backward, arms pinwheeling: Miller hopping-with, triggering the right again and CARMELLA GOES DOWN! Decesare caught and dropped to her to her back: she's propped up on elbows, shaking her head in astonishment at how much fight's left in Marissa. Miller in neutral corner, right arm across her throbbing body: she's clearly still hurt, but proving brave as she answers Carmella, and answers, with vigour.

R10: HAMMER AND SLOSHING TONGS! Decesare forward supple - bending side to side, pulling limber wallop upside the head of Marissa. Blonde very upright, getting gonged, but she's effective up the middle jabbing, ripping short right uppercuts, twisting into tidy hooks (elbow up/palm down). Both women catching leather to face - both rocked at points: Decesare forcing Miller to apron forces blonde to bring in elbows and swish away side to side with tight-curling lefts and rights. Carmella dipping and countering - twisting and bending as she lashes in harm - clouting Marissa upside the head wide, then looking to score tic-toc to ribs and waist. Crowd roaring - everyone on their feet: majestic mayhem unfolds in-ring as icons wail away mindless. Free-swinging exchanges: MILLER GETS CAUGHT THE RIGHT HAND! Carmella dipping torso-left, pulls a slinging right upside jaw as Miller fans on a limp right uppercut: supermodel legs give way - she tilts back into ropes, head lolling in wonder. Carmy leans in with the left hand on Marissa's stomach, pulling an insurance right over the top to clap Miller upside noggin again. Marissa in swoon, staring, hands stacked right atop left at her chest/stomach: CARMELLA'S BELTING AWAY! Decesare has her blonde stunned - leaning in and harvesting one slinging right off the jaw after another as Miller gobbles drowsy. BELL: Marissa hammered back to the stone-age - KO-lusty Carmella dragged back by the ref as this one goes to the cards. UD10 close - Carmella Decesare!

After: Carmella still trembling with the rush of the near-stoppage, towelled down and de-gloved in her corner. Marissa out on her feet, quietly blubbering when someone repeats the verdict to her: what a heartbreaking loss for Miller. HBO more than delighted: full slate of 24/7 reality episodes unveiled for these two - showing them training, travelling to and fighting in exotic locales, boxing/wrestling/what-have-you. It's all very exciting, but Carmella puts it into perspective in postfight. "I'm looking forward to exploring my dominance over Marissa, but I also have a big PPV fight with Hilarie Burton coming up, and I'm 100% focused on that. Miller was tough - she's one of the better models I've faced, and she doesn't have a lot of pro-rounds, so she's definitely got potential. She's kinda stiff still - doesn't move her head much when she's punching: I was able to key off that and get her hurt late. Great tune up for Hilarie - Burton's another tall blonde whom I plan to expose to the body, so watch for more of those licks downstairs in that one!"

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