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14 May 1999 Heidi Klum vs Rebecca Romijn II

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Originally posted by Simguy on Friday 14-May 1999 29:33:43


Before: Klum only too happy to grant a well-paying rematch to the woman she starched not three weeks previous. Romijn’s reputation in tatters following that disastrous outing, and insiders report she is anxious, nervous during camp. Another blow out may well mean the end of a promising celebrity career. Klum in great string bikini, Romijn is teal string number.


During: Heidi enters second, and comes down a catwalk a la WWF, with a huge television screen depicting her crushing KO against Rebecca, over and over, During the staredown, Klum wears a smug little grin, and tries to make eye contact with Rebecca, who stares at the floor during instructions.


The bout opens as the last one ended, with Heidi Klum whipping her long, lean body into crashing right hands to the jaw of her opponent, battering Rebecca all around the ring. Heidi is simply too much, hair flying, long arms cleaving through the air, and a sweeping right hand flattens Rebecca’s head against her shoulder, putting the blonde on her back! Romijn beats the count as the crowd roars, and Heidi gouges her solar plexus with a looping uppercut left, then clubs away at her jaw with wide right hands. Rebecca staggers to the ropes, eyes half shut, as Heidi bangs away with slicing lefts and rights, but Klum has done too much too soon. Romijn survives as Klum punches herself out, and in the final minute, it is Rebecca who wades off the ropes behind a biting left hook to finish strong.


R2: Heidi Klum comes out much slower, stuffing the left jab into Rebecca’s jaw, but Romijn looks to have shaken off the beating, while Klum still looks exhausted, Rebecca begins cranking the left hook, catching Klum’s face to the surprise of the brunette, and banging back that head in gaudy fashion. Klum beginning to wobble, attempts to clinch, but Rebecca slugs away, mashing her fists into the wiry body, plump breasts, and chiseled features of the German, AND HEIDI GOES DOWN!!! Klum absorbs a dozen bombs to her head and body and slides into Rebecca, then pitches to the canvas in a heap of arms and legs. Klum can’t beat the count, and it’s Romijn’s turn to celebrate as she stands over her foe, crowing and taunting until he ref pushes her back. Sensational KO for Romijn as she returns the favour, and strips Klum of the prestigious Sports Illustrated title.


After: Rebecca has to be restrained as she makes repeated attempts to visit Klum while the brunette sits in her corner in a daze. It’s everything super-model boxing has come to represent: nasty, brutish and short contests between heartless competitors, and Rebecca proves she can swim with the sharks with this spectacular come from behind win.


Reposted by Archer 7/16/09.


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