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14 May 2007 Ashley Scott vs Nicole Scherzinger

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Boxing After Dark


Posted by simguy on 5/14/2007, 8:04 pm

(Nicole is the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. I think. In any event, she's too damn hot to ignore - go to www.hollywoodtuna.com for reference)


Before: Uh oh - we've seen this look before. It's the way Brittany Daniel eyes Krista Allen, or the anxious glancing between Tricia Helfer and Alana De La Garza: Ashley responding to the exotic threat of Nicole with a mixture of excitement and deepseated doubt. Scott feeling burned in the aftermath of the Cat Bell fight, goes out and secures Nicole with very few questions asked - but raucous applause attending Scherzinger's first press conference has Ashley looking distinctly fretful. Scherzinger able to smell it in the air between them - casting dusky looks at Ashley with just a hint of nostril flare or lip curl: it's all Scott can do to remain seated at the blatant challenging attitude. Scott slightly bigger overall - she'll come in in the low 120s against Nicole's high 'teens. Ashley in white bikini with ring connections, short blonde tousle ala Into The Blue; white gloves. Nicole in sea-green/dark green twotoned snake-skin print bikini; glossy black mane impetuous down her back; black gloves. Stare down: Ashley glaring, tight lipped; Nicole snarling, eyes flashing - both women fairly quivering to get at the other tonight.


During R1: Sleek, leggy pouncing - taut-toned tummies/breasts/thighs a-quiver as girls slash-in, leap away with limber, elegant brutality. Nicole negligent with her hand position - holding mitts in a loose stack at her tummy, or dangling one mitt while slugging with the other: pure Miami club scene here. Scherzinger's legs and dancer's balance allowing her to get away with form breaks and non-traditional technique. Early on she leaps in a lead right hand - punching Ashley's head to the side - then, as Ashley's backpedalling - Nicole leaps and gets an identical right hand through to Scott's chin - Scherzinger bouncing athletically on her left foot as she scores. Midway through, Ashley's caught a licking hook across her mouth as Scherzinger's shifting weight to back (right foot) - Scott's head picturesquely tossing - her arms loose, out to either side as Nicole scores cleanly. Scott answering late with the same silky, whippy rights and lefts: Scherzinger's head sweeping back and to the side, chest upthrust, arms flung out to the sides as Scott's snarling, leaning into her follow through. Both beauties rocked and startled in a beautiful/lethal first. When hurt - they circle, eyes locked, lips snarling: worth the price of admission right there.


R2: Dazzling display of supple hardheartedness continues. Scherzinger fearless - pouncing in on top blonde comp with lead rights, dangling the left at her side as she leans forward to punch Ashley across her mouth. Scott scowling - having trouble anticipating - she's getting caught flush, then staggering back on her heels as Nicole steps-with and pursues. Scherziner with a natural tendency to sling the lead right, then coil around to draw the hook across while shifting to her back (right) leg: brunette leading with her shoulders and chest, twisting into gorgeous licks as Scotty takes a facial. Midway through - Ashley getting clocked starts to come apart at the knees. She staggers past Nicole's left flank as the exotic beauty crouches low - Scherzinger's eyes widen; she straightens, snaps a chopping left backfist hot against Scott's lower back - arching the sinuous blonde with a sobbing wail. Scherzinger cackling with delight, brings the left hand back to her chest as the ref moves in with warnings.


R3: Fight starting to look a lot like Morena Baccarin/Ashley Scott as willowy vixens lick, stroke, twist, bend and lope the ring. Both scoring glorious, kodak-moment chin-checks - wowing the crowd - throwing the opponent's head to the side as she straightens up majestically into the hurt. Both able to make the opponent miss, then kiss her a vicious, stroking counter across the face out of a supple crouch. When scoring, the girls' faces are animalistic - eyes frowning, teeth bared. When taking - eyes are shut tight, lips frequently pursed as bodies loosen. Late the round, girls trade wide, sinewy hooks: Ashley comes in second, knees buckling as her head swivels sick on limp neck. Scott instintively relaxing into ropes for support - eyes dim, hands limp at her chest: Nicole heartless, leaning in to clout Ashley a crashing right to chin. Scott's head tosses over top rope, then flops forward: blonde's curvy legs holding her up as brunette unleashes a dreadful pounding. Crowd roaring at the sight of Scherzinger revving it up: she'll lash Ashley a pair of slinging hooks; then twist, get the right cross in; then arch, curving the left uppercut in, her buttocks suddenly taut, fairly ringing with exultation. Nicole electrifying as she straightens/twists into blows, or leans/crouches - generating leverage with a dancer's lithe instincts. Bell, Nicole smiling triumphantly, hovering in front of a reeling, battered, senseless Scott - ref pushes Pussycat Doll back as Scherzinger seems entranced by the damage.


R4: Scott rallying behind her jab - finally refusing Nicole the opportunity to swap supple leather: as Scotty circles her eyes are gunshy, concerned. Scherzinger walking into poke, getting disrupted: her every instinct is to pounce at Ashley and hurt her with slinging wallop - playing into Scott's hands. Ashley rotating left, seeking out Nicole's exotic cheekbones via cruel stick - blonde scoring, discouraging her beautiful foe. Midway through - Ashley starts mixing in the long right cross - bending in to get it onto Nicole's chin: Scherzinger crying out as her head tosses majestically to the right - arms outstretched - then her feet are stamping for balance as she regroups. Down the stretch, Ashley crouches low as Nicole's rushing in: blonde rolls brunette's sweeping right hand, then erupts into Pussycat tummy with a limber, dragging right uppercut thick to paunch. Scherzinger sobbing aloud - face up, eyebrows high, eyes shut tight as she blurts in pain, butt well back: Ashley glides past brunette's right flank with a cool smile.


R5: Ashley liking what she saw of Nicole's body last round - blonde very diligent, working her way in behind an elastic jab to punish brunette about hips, waist in the most methodical round thus far. Succulent, snapping work - Ashley in a slight crouch, hands relaxed at her chest/tummy: she's just dipping to either side, snapping hooks and right hands in behind Nicole's elbows - Scotty bringing hands back low on follow through. Bright spank sounding out from Scherzinger's mouthwatering hips, flanks, tummy - Ashley patient here, licking and snatching at her foe. Effect almost magical on Nicole: she's sullen, tilting forward with hands stacked right atop left, chest/waist high - just babystepping forward into Ashley's lashes. Nicole's lips parted, moist with hurt, eyes shut as she stumbles forward - very one-sided pasting sees blonde firmly establish control this round.


R6: Scherzinger lands that lead right pounce-punch - jerking Ashley a quarter-turn right, chasing stumbling blonde to ropes: Nicole pursuing with bared teeth, flashing eyes. Swinging, lithe lefts and rights rake Scott as she's bobbing and weaving - blonde rallying with her back to ropes, defending the pocket like a champ. Scott rolls out of a deep crouch with a gliding hook - taking Nicole across her chin as SHE'S hooking - DOWN GOES SCHERZINGER! Nicole on her back, knees drawn up - eyes frowned tightly shut, head tossing side to side as she desperately tries to shake off Scott's power. Ashley STRUTTING past, beaming fiercely as Nicole peels herself off canvas all tremble-bodied. Reeling 8, Scherzinger - long, dark lashes fluttering, lips parted - she's desperately, desperately hurt... and here comes more Ashley.

Scott striding in cold-eyed, leaning in and grazing a vicious lead right past Nicole's right cheek. Startled, stunned - Nicole's very upright here - unfocused, pushing out punches: Scott pops hips-right, turns into a succulent left hook, clouting Nicole clean across the jaw with 100% Ashley behind a fully extended blast. That's it for Nicole: exotic head spins - black hair tossing - body goes immediately limp and implodes straight down into canvas. Nicole sprawling awkwardly on her side, rolling to her back parallel to ropes - left hand up above her head, right hand at her side in slumbering repose. KO6 - Ashley Scott.


After: Scott hovering in the area, struggling against the ref: she can't take her eyes off Nicole's sleeping, awestruck face.

Scott eventually coaxed to her corner - she glances over her shoulder frequently, as if to reassure herself that Nicole's still down. In days to follow, contracts will be signed that commit these two to one confrontation after another: boxing, apartment wrestling, beach slugging - you name it, it's going to be on DVD.

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