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14 May 2009 Elisabeth Rohm vs Abbie Cornish

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Posted by simguy on 5/14/2009, 7:57 pm


Before: BLONDE! Magazine sums up Rohm/Cornish: "Good positional battle between two girls we think can threaten at lightweight. Cornish back after a bit of a try out with the Krushers: she showed flashes of talent with that venerable house, but she'll need a consistent effort to turn back Rohm. Elisabeth off a tough climb against lumbering Milena Govich - a fight we had Lis winning by wide margins when Govich got lucky. We like Rohm's poise and cool ring demeanor, and if she catches Abbie with the punches she caught Milena with, Cornish will be tested."


Abbie in navy sport-top bikini with boy cut bottoms; white gloves; curly blonde hair in messy ponytail. Lis in baby blue cashmere bikini; white gloves; hair in ponytail with wispy bangs framing face.

During R1: Rohm diligently working to her left, touching Abbie jabs/hooks-off-the-jab combos (ie: left hand techniques). Cornish frowning, trying to jab back - having a little trouble lining Lis up. Rohm with a pretty way of jabbing Cornish into covering up, leaning in close with head against Abbie's guard while digging a short, thumping hook to slender Cornish waist. Disengaging - Rohm steps smoothly left - always turning that Cornish right flank. Any daylight between Abbie's guard up top - Rohm is there with straight, stiff right hand leads - punching Abbie's forehead. Bell: Rohm quickly to her corner, eyes intent, calm.

R2: Better jab from Abbie - stabbing it out there long and strong, forcing Rohm to weave low. Lis doubling up her jab, pivoting left - always looking to crowd close and hook that waist. Rohm effective with this: leaning in close for the hook, then continuing to push on Abbie while pivoting-left, turning Cornish on the spot. Steady, smooth work from Lis: nothing too flashy, but subtle and hurtful: Abbie grimacing by round's end, courtesy a steady stuffing of left hands against her gut.

R3: Abbie extending on right hands: Rohm defending but forced to back off: Cornish takes initiative. Abbie hopping forward, ponytail bouncing - she's stepping in the jab, looking to spread Rohm out, then lash her righty. Lis choosy with her punching - electing not to trade rangy: she'll work her way in close, crowd the guard, touch the body, then slide to the side.

R4: Abbie strafing Lis from outside - Cornish leaning into shots, extending on power - she's forcing Lis to cover, weave and roll. Cornish depositing one good digging left hook to Rohm's midsection as Elisabeth's crouching forward behind her mitts: Abbie popping hips-right, really cranking it up and in lanky. Lis troubled by the shot, forced to retreat-and-circle: Rohm unashamed to use her legs to get her head together.

R5: Lis varying speeds - working slow, methodical jabs and hooks, then suddenly pounding violent right/lefts against Abbie's slender waist. Cornish ashen-faced - pushing Lis' shoulders while stepping back from her: Abbie not liking those body shots. Lis back to the slow stalk - bending at the waist, rolling her torso, pawing her jab...then suddenly ramming a sharp right hand between Abbie's guard, smiting the Cornish face. Hook to the body, pivot-left: Rohm slides past Abbie's right flank, turning Cornish and catching her a straight right hand up the middle. Abbie knock-kneed - backs to ropes for support: Rohm moves in low, soft-jabbing Abbie's tummy, then smiting her right/left to chin extra-brisk. Cornish' head on a swivel - back (right) knee gives way, setting her prettily down as a smouldering Lis steps back, eyes glittering.

R6: Lis back in control: Abbie's shabby, grimacing, breaking down. Rohm edging in to tuck that tidy hook to waist home, then sliding off Abbie's right side: Cornish groaning, backing away rather than trying to engage immediately. Rohm reading the hurt - she starts stepping to Abbie with straight, downward sloping rights into the body, adding to Cornish's woes. Abbie in full retreat by the midway point, breathing hard through her mouth: she can't keep Lis off her body. Rohm hounds Abbie to ropes - taps her a few slapping blows up top to coax her into high guard, then DIGS at that waist. Bruising thump applied: Rohm's lips tight with effort as she reefs at offending tummy meat a savage brace of rights and lefts. Abbie sobs aloud, sinking to all fours in gutshot agony. Cornish cringing, head bowed, arms trembling - she tries to fight it off, but there's too much harm done. KO6 to the body, Elisabeth Rohm.

After: Finally - a bright smile from Rohm - icy facade slipping away once Cornish can't beat the count. Good precision, heavy hands, consistent application: Rohm impressing onlookers with her attention to detail tonight. "She's a good rangy boxer," Rohm says of Abbie, "but she wasn't liking it all downstairs. She was whimpering and grunting right from my very first touches. I knew if I stayed on her, those long legs would give, and I'd be chopping her down sooner or later."

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