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14 May 2009 Nadia Borlin vs Gemma Atkinson

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Posted by simguy on 5/14/2009, 7:58 pm


Before: "Any time a girl like this comes over here, all you want to do is get at her and party," a beaming Nadia gushes in prefight. "We're all gonna take our turns, we're gonna pass her around...don't know how long she's gonna stick it out, but it's gonna be fun working on her. She made Prepon look like a boxer-puncher, so you know she's slow and hittable - but the thing is, she does have booming one shot power. I'll be having fun on her, but I'm not going to be irresponsible with her. She's not catching me with one of those hamhock swings of hers - so don't even start speculating on that!" Gemma plucky: in with experienced American fighters - many of them veterans and hard hitters: she knows she's on a steep learning curve. "I'm as fit and strong as any woman in the division," Atkinson maintains. "I do have much to learn, but I'm willing to absorb the knocks and do what I have to do to get better. Sooner or later, I will dial in, and when I do - American zoftigs like Bjorlin won't be so smug!"


Nadia in gold bra-style bikini, black gloves - smiling throughout ring instructions, constantly seeking eye contact. Gemma in hulking black push up bra trimed in white lace; hair in short ponytail with bangs either side her face. Atkinson stoic in the face of Nadia's brazen baiting.

During R1: Crowd squealing early as Nadia catches a stiff right to chin, followed by a clubbing left that has her thighs/buttocks rippling. Bjorlin quickly recovering - ducking another Atkinson right hand and burying a thunderous left hook receipt in bronzed blonde ribs: Gemma groaning, stumbling away teeth bared. Nadia pouncing, heaving in wide-eyed right hands over top: Atkinson covering up, absorbing blows on her guard, stumbling under the weight of them. Huge, sweeping lefts exchange fat whacks to armpits and tummies; right hands pound in flat to jug as women take turns slugging each other off balance. Slowly but surely, Nadia's getting the better of it - quickness of mitt answering Gemma's heaving weight of shot. Down the stretch, Atkinson standing very upright, pawing her jab at Nadia: Bjorlin lunging in with a right hand over top, smashing Gemma's head aside...BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Atkinson blown to her back - feet up off the canvas - gigantic melons sloshing up and down - face in stunned shock. Bjorlin giddy - wild smile in place as she jiggle-jogs about. Crowd well pleased as big girls swing beefy until someone gets dropped in the first.

R2: Gemma much more reluctant: dukes're up; feet baby stepping cautiously - she's forfeiting initiative to Nadia. Bjorlin's mitts curled into her chin as she crouches forward - she's grinning as she weaves, swerving up out of her crouch to whack Gemma big, swinging lefts or rights. Atkinson fetched loud shellack in her firm flanks and ribs; smote beefy atop either hip; walloped lustily about shoulders/biceps. Nadia taking the time to reduce her girl, eschewing knockout blows to bash at Gemma's rounded muscle groups instead. Atkinson sturdy - hard to move, but move she is: little stumble steps about the ring as Nadia heaves away strong. Fight stumbles to ropes - Nadia in top position: Bjorlin patient - knuckling her fists against Gemma's prepared guard to straighten her before swinging beefy at her body. Bell: Atkinson snivelling, blinking back tears: big, solid bod soaked it up huge, bell to bell in the second.

R3: More Nadia having fun, attacking, throwing all hard punches, one at a time, against a cooperative blonde. Atkinson strong, sturdy behind her gloves, but Bjorlin's withering strokes just detonating loud off flanks and arms, beating the blonde in a random wander about the ring. Nadia working up a healthy sweat, grunting as she swings on her foe: it's just one girl walking another down and roping her in the torso about as hard as she can. Down the stretch, Nadia bodies Atkinosn to ropes, then deliberately goes to jug. Bjorlin will slug in a short, palm-down right hand to blonde left breast - pull the right hand down on follow through (thereby pulling Gemma's left arm down) then thrust in the left in identical fashion. Stamping attack pounds at Gemma, beating her into blubbering panic: Atkinson's gigantic hooters belted without mercy - Nadia treating herself, just taking what she wants because Gemma's not stopping her. Break: Nadia SO excited in her corner, eyes big and bright, chatty with her corner - it's hard to settle her down. Atkinson glum and sullen - but plucky on her stool, refusing to quit when petitioned by ref. TV replays actually highlight the SOUND of Nadia's leather-on-meat wallops landing all moist and spanking against Gemma's fleshy goodness.

R4: Nadia wanting to get belly to belly - bodying her blonde to ropes. Gemma a little more active - not just standing there with dukes up: she's reaching for Nadia, pulling at her elbows, tugging her head down, cuffing at her, bumping her. Atkinson throwing a brawny shoulder into Nadia's jaw in close: good tactic, lands like a punch. Bjorlin working paunch, cuffing and digging with both hands in sudden hup-hups - then she's pushing on Gemma, stacking her. Right uppercut for Atkinson clips chin midway through: Bjorlin clinching upon receipt, bearing Gemma into ropes after receiving good clout. Still Nadia on top, being firm with Gemma, punishing her midsection and arms, scrubbing at pecs and jugs, finally clubbing at head in spots. Squirming big-body push-and-pull: Nadia outworking Gemma but taking punishment for the priviledge.

R5: Atkinson jabs Nadia between the eyes: good stiff jolt forces Nadia to circle away. No follow up from Atkinson - she steps in behind the jab, but doesn't get off: Bjorlin able to negotiate an angle, lean in and clout a heavy overhand right upside blonde head. Shattering blast buckles Gemma's knees: she covers up face in gloves, feet close together as she stoops forward. Thump-thump right/left slams off Gemma's waist - Nadia digging in thick, breasts sloshing side to side as her swinging arms encounter beefy resistance. Right uppercut picks Gemma's face up off her gloves - she covers up again, turns to her right in stupor. Nadia attacking from 3/4s behind Gemma -swinging left hand punching blonde awkwardly in the head - she stumbles sideways, wilting to her knees. Nadia bellowing down - ref bodying her back: Gemma bravely up, but tragically hurt, swaying at the ropes. Atkinson sadly face-in-gloves, stooping forward when Nadia comes for her: thudding right/left takes Briton in her gut, slumping her forward. Nadia tips torso right, planting on right foot: OH she's digging right hands up into Gemma's ribs, plowing in under that left breast, in behind the left elbow. Atkinson paralyzed, slumping into ropes, turning to her right and sinking to her knees - ref bodies seething Nadia back and waves this thing off as Atkinson sobs helpless on haunches. KO5 Nadia Bjorlin.

After: Savage punching brings out the beast in Nadia: she's always dynamic, but we've rarely seen her be so cruel...but that's Gemma's responsibility to get the requisite respect. "I buried a right hand in her ribs somewhere in the second round," Nadia boasts in postfight, still delighted by her efforts on the night, "which was easily the hardest I've ever hit another woman in competition. She fought in spots, but I beat the aggression out of her - she just didn't have the heart to trade with me. It's tough for her - she's basically training herself, taking any fight that's offered, and you see the results. Punching her's a thrill - I just wanted to get back in there and get after her, you know?" Atkinson hugging herself on her stool, beaten very tender by Nadia's baseball bat swings tonight

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