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14 Oct 2000 (Title) Ch Katherine Heig vs Charlize Theron

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Posted by Simguy 14-Oct-00, 11:10 am.


"Charlize was a great champion," says Heigl in pre-fight. "But she's lost a step, maybe more than that, and I see her getting hurt I really do. I hope for her sake I put her out early - I'd hate to think what might happen if I beat on her for 7 or 8 rounds before stopping her." Theron afraid of no woman, but the reality is the WB product is young, big and very heavy handed. Charlize' chin has often allowed her to survive only to take dreadful beatings from big punchers in the past but she has to box to make this an easy fight. Charlize in white athletic bikini, high neck, Heigl in navy sports bra and bikini bottoms, ponytail.

Round 1: Pattern set early - Theron working behind the jab, popping and poking as she retreats to the ropes when Heigl can set up on her chest and hammer away until Charlize ties her up. Theron basically in control, getting tanned to the midsection, but steering her girl, controlling Heigl in the clinches and minimizing the damage.


Round 2: Charlize owns the space between the fighters and takes over this round. Theron just stepping at a leisurely pace, measuring Heigl with range-finding lefts then spearing in the hard right cross to swivel the champ's head with tragic ease. This is easy to defend stuff, but Kathy just keeps stepping forward, taking hard right hands and walking into butt-wobbling disaster as Theron picks her apart. Shutout Charlize - she bangs open Heigl's lower lip, bloodies her nose with the target practice.


Round 3: Theron touching Heigl with timing left hands, doing all her damage with heavy right crosses from outside - Heigl continues to walk in and a thundering stroke to Heigl's jaw puts the champ on one knee. Theron moving just enough, circling behind her jab, then pounding right hands up the middle - it's all pounding one-twos as Heigl crosses her arms and appears helpless to prevent the punishment.


Round 4: Kathy Heigl sullen, refusing to back off and she eats jabs in order to body up and work stomach with her ponderous fists this round. Theron fighting smart, retreating, picking Katherine up with the left hand, but Heigl's pressure carries the points as Charlize takes no chances.


Round 5: Kathy just standing hunched over mid-ring, taking a beating to her stomach as Theron levers in left hooks from outside. Suddenly, Heigl snaps off a short right hand on the chin over top of Theron's hook and DOWN GOES THERON! Charlize rolling onto her back, clearly in shock, gets to her feet on rubbery legs and on comes Heigl. Katherine palming with her left hand, nudging and pushing Charlize while anchoring her for more wrecking ball right hands to the chest, ribs and cheek - Charlize groggy, hurt, just covers up on the ropes to the bell.


Round 6: Heigl storming forward, Charlize giving ground grudgingly, slashing and stabbing with straight licks until Kathy can get inside and pay her back. Fight ranges from one side of the ring to the other, Theron scoring all the way across; Heigl scoring as she works blonde body  against the ropes. Close round to Charlize as Heigl's face starts to show the wear.


Round 7: Charlize banging lead right hands from outside, pounds out Heigl's mouthpiece with crushing accuracy in the first minute but can't put the big girl down. Katherine stumbling forward, crossing her arms and wading into punishment - Charlize putting a beating on Katherine that makes most women quit. Theron really doing well in retreat, walking Heigl into shuddering whacks to the waist, scoring hard right hands off the jab and turning Heigl at the ropes. Kathy just can't get inside and in the final seconds, Charlize turns on the hardest right hands she's thrown in years, bending into the punch that bashes back Heigl's head in a shower of sweat. Ominously, Kathy weaves out over her feet but refuses to go down as the bell sounds.


Round 8: Theron a little arm weary, can't keep Heigl off her this round as the champ bodies up. Bell to bell beat down from Katherine as she cradles Charlize, holding and UPPERCUTTING THAT TIGHT WHITE BRA as she walks the blonde back. On the ropes, Kathy's right hands jam repeatedly to Theron's breadbasket - Charlize exiting the round with a glassy stare from the constant bombardment.


Round 9: Heigl pounding the straight RIGHT HAND UNDER THE LEFT BREAST BUCKLES THERON'S LEGS at the open and then ROCKS her back to the ropes with the follow up hook. Charlize lolling ropeside, hands at her chest as Heigl squares up. Dreadful beat down as Charlize leans back, gets cracked repeatedly on her jaw - Heigl just punching, using her shoulder to keep Theron pinned and piling on. Leggy blonde body  humming at the bell - shutout Heigl as the tide turns in favor of the puncher.


Round 10: Kathy going to Theron's body with lead straight right hands, Theron crumbling backward, swatting her left hook and looping right hand responses in desperation. Heigl walking Charlize down, pounding out the exchanges and forcing Theron time and again to the ropes for withering abuse. Charlize clinching for breaks, spinning away from danger, but in the final minute, Heigl has her in the corner. Kathy rolling her shoulders inside, DRIFTING SHORT LEFTS AND RIGHTS ACROSS CHARLIZE' BREASTS to get her leaning forward, then cracks chin as Theron starts to swoon. Heigl just touching her girl - Theron slumping forward, Heigl curling fists up underneath to flatten those breasts and slug chin until DOWN GOES THERON! Charlize on all fours, mouthpiece dangling from broken lips, somehow she beats the count and sags back onto the turnbuckle as Kathy bellies up to the blonde. A few more heartbreaking haymakers splash across Charlize' heaving bosom and skid across the top of her head as she folds forward to the bell. Decision comes back oh so close for the winner and STILL champion Katherine Heigl!


Crowd in shock as Theron is handed another stupefyin' beating. Heigl takes Charlize by the waist for her second consecutive walk of shame! Theron drowsy, mouthing 'no' as she stumbles in Heigl's sweaty grip - Kathy badly battered about the face, but happy, waving to the crowd and tugging the sullen blonde around in display. It's getting grim - Charlize is taking beatings, getting walked as these kids are showing NO fear whatsoever of reprisal. Shot of the walk makes the cover of Sports Illustrated: "Fallen Goddess - Katherine Heigl conquers Charlize Theron." Yikes!


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