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15 December 2001 Carmen Electra vs Brintey Spears

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Posted by simguy on 12/15/2001, 9:37 am


Before: Mutual resentment between these two curvy bantams. Britney's never liked her industry's fawning attitude towards Carmen, while Electra feels age creeping up on her, conscious of the heat Spears is stealing from her. In the ring, both girls have loose improvisational styles, but both have been coaxed into draining brawls that have often minimized their talents in the past - Spears appears to be maturing past that point, while Electra still indulges belly to belly at the slightest provocation. Carmen green bikini top, pale blue bikini bottoms, straight blonde hair - Britney in pink bikini, wet curls.


During R1: Electra with hands down, leaping in and out, trying to make it a wide ranging brawl - Britney with her dukes up responsibly, more economical with her feet, stepping to Carmen, dropping sudden, double lead right hands from the shoulder to push Electra off balance. Electra countering well in the last minute - leaning away to make Brit miss, then leaning in to lash big right hands from the thigh to Spear's face.


R2: Interesting adjusment - Britney stepping in like a fencer behind the doubled up jab, stoops and shoots a lead right into Carmen's stomach, comes out of the crouch with a swiping left across the breasts to send Electra wincing into the ropes. Spears crowding in, taking it to Electra's body - both women have been used up on the inside in the past, Britney gambling that surprise will give her the advantage. Heartless exchanges as the girls cuddle in close, wedging fists into bellies or jugs, shouldering and pushing up on each other, but Carmen can't get her back off the ropes.


R3: Britney with the jolting lead rights from the shoulder, bringing her fist back sharp to reset, has Electra faltering backwards - fight roams to the ropes as Britney once again looks to fight off Carmen's chest. Cheek to cheek, Spears is wearing Electra out - Britney keeping it short, punching with her legs and body, digging to the tanned belly and firm breasts of her foe as Electra lays in, but isn't half as busy. Carmen with some late, short uppercuts to Britney's tits avoids the shutout, but she's allowing the youngster too free a hand inside.


R4: Electra moving laterally, opens up the ring this round, bouncing easy outside, hands down. Spears coming forward, punching from too far out - she's leaning in behind her right hands and Electra's picking her up with thudding potshot counters. Off a Britney miss, Carmen drills a straight right, wide left hand to the head - Spears wrong-footed, staggers away wobbly butt as Electra bulls her way inside. Fight barrels to the ropes once again, this time Carmen pressing up, but Spears digs in and it's murderous give and take as the girls rip it up downstairs. Down the stretch, Carmen gets into a groove, hands low, just lashing punches in around Britney's arms to bounce hard off the flanks and solar plexus of her girl. BRITNEY GOES DOWN! Series of shattering body shots freezes Spears and sends her groaning to all fours - Carmen skips away with a smile as Spears rocks back onto her haunches, hugging herself in agony as the count passes her by. KO4 Carmen Electra leaves Britney throbbing.


After: Electra celebrating her biggest win in a long time, finally reversing what had been a successful Britney strategem and wearing Spears out to the tummy. Britney sobbing, helped to her stool - losing to Carmen infinitely worse than being stopped by body shots as far as Spears is concerned.


Thanks to Apollo for this repost.



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