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15 May 2009 Ali Landry vs Stacy Keibler

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Posted by simguy on 5/15/2009, 5:55 pm


Before: Important positioning battle - neither girl wants to slip in a fast-improving welterweight division. "You can't see Theron for the Krushers," Ali quips, referring to the famed big-girl phalanx encasing the champion. "Fighting Stacy's always been an audition for Charlize as far as the Krushers are concerned. To me, I'm not totally convinced that Stacy's not the tougher test. Her legs are stronger, and she's very spirited - I never see her taking rounds off like Charlize does. So - getting Stacy done is a great first step...can't wait to take it." Keibler all smiles - flirty with press - carefree during photoshoot standoffs with Landry: lovely young blonde coming into her own as an upbeat, hard-to-ruffle beauty. "I've got a few treats in store for Ali," Stace winks at podium, "some new looks and punches - she's definitely gonna be hating it. This is my time to shine and make a statement on Ali: I'm moving forward from this point on, and she's going to start getting pushed back." Ali in gold bikini; black gloves; dark curls loose. Stacy in bright baby blue bandeau bikini - ring connections at hips and jug, plus neck loop support; white gloves; loose blonde hair.


During R1: Stop and go action...Ali jabbing her way in, reaching round Stacy's back, walking her to ropes, mauling her, getting ref's break. Against ropes, Ali keeping snug - head rubbing across Stacy's face; shoulders rolling, hands pulling at Stacy's wrists, pulling apart her guard. Landry tucking in body punches, and clubbing Stacy's pecs: just good, close-in brawling to reduce Stacy. Final minute - Keibler attacks at midring: wide, crook-armed right hand loops round Ali's left flank, chopping in palm-down behind Landry's elbow; sudden, stiff left jab to Ali's face or chest, pushing her backward. Landry grimacing from the right hands when they land: Stacy generating tremendous willowy whip on them, landing sumptuous in above golden left hip.


R2: Early surprise: Stacy's committed to body. Keibs flat footed, aggressive - looping either hand in around Landry's elbows, carving at hips and ribs, scooping at them. Stacy often landing the right, then immediately stiff-jabbing the left - weird two-beat slugging often rattling Landry. Ali more orthodox - keeping elbows in, crouching down: she's looking to answer hooks and right hands, timing Keibs for hurt. Down the stretch, Keibler leads a wide, slapping left to Ali's body: Landry answers a swinging right, catching Keibs to chin, buzzing long blonde legs. Stacy staggers to ropes, eyes wide: Landry hops in compact, bending herself into a PLOWING right hand against Stacy's fleshy chest: clapping spank wrenches cry of pain from Keibs as she lolls back on ropes at bell. Landry parting with a single pitiless glance - checking the hurt.


R3: Keibs uptempos - vigorously attacking Ali midring. Landry forming a rigid V front - elbows together beneath her breasts, hands cupping her face - conceding initiative. Stacy weight on left (lead) leg - left elbow raised as she flicks knocking (almost backhand) jabs...leans into slinging rights...slashes back across Ali's tummy via the lean left hook. Keibs loping to her left - long legs/wide stance - turning Ali, staying on her. Busy, long limbed lashing keeping Landry covered up: she's just turning, taking. By the minute mark - Stacy's punches are penetrating: the right hand's punching Ali's head off her gloves; those ripping hooks tug at paunch. Landry trusting her curvy legs - squaring into punishment, keeping her V front in place, but Stacy's really painting on the hurt. Down the stretch - streaming right pounds Ali's head back, loosening her: wide, long armed slapping hook turns Ali's head aside, driving her back into ropes. Keibs closing in, looming over Landry as Ali stoops forward behind mitts: gorgeous, crook-armed beating issued, blonde to brunette. Stacy just popping her hips left and right - looping those bent-arm haymakers in behind Ali's elbows, digging in palm-down above the hips. Bell: Stacy glowing, hopping away all sunny and blonde. Landry hugging throbbing ribs, blinking back tears after a fearsome onslaught against her pageant-winning core.


R4: Keibs attacks: rangy, looping right hand palm-down to body - that same slinging, heavy stroke; a sudden stiff-jab follow up, punching Ali's face. Sweeping right claps Ali's face aside, putting her wobbly butt: Keibler leaning forward all lean and long, grinning at the clout. Thick, swinging hook takes Ali to paunch as Keibler executes gorgeous pivot-left: blonde punching and moving as well as she ever has, hurting Landry terribly. Ali reeling, but firming: she catches Stacy a short right/left as Keibler's throwing righty to flank, finally preempting the blonde. More brutal give and take as Stacy straightens up, stops pivoting: Ali's clubbing her way forward - Stacy licking uppercuts and stepping back supple. Expensive progress for Landry as she's checked again and again to chin: she finally bullies Keibler to ropes, pounding a series of rights and lefts to waistline to force breathless blonde clinch. Keibler groaning, trying to walk Ali off the ropes: Landry pushes in deep, throwing her shoulder into Stacy's mouth as ref's issuing break. Landry hurt, but focused: she lunges in a short, lead right hand, punching Stacy's head back and putting her ropeside again. Keibler wobbly, folds face into gloves, drooping forward as Ali sets up strong beneath. THUMPING rib-work, Landry to Keibler; Ali just leaning forward, moving her hands in a brisk, rolling barrage. Stacy swaying on the spot, paralyzed to the body as Ali finally answers, and answers, with vigor. Bell: Ali's still bumping, still slugging: ref pulls seething beauty off crippled foe as Stacy leans back into ropes, hands still covering her face.


R5: Stacy's hurt, doesn't care: looping palm-down right pounds in behind Ali's left elbow, followed by that prodding left jab. Landry hooks back in anger, then plows into Stacy's chest via overhand right, pouring forward as blonde reels backward. Stacy hits ropes snarling, bounces back into Ali with right uppercut to body, then a thrown-shoulder to mouth as girls are too tight to punch. Ali staggers away...Stacy lopes in with that flicking elbow-up jab knocking at face. Looping right hand caroms off Ali's forehead, dashing her to ropes: she bounces forward face-in-gloves, doubled over. Keibler's hair in her eyes, teeth bared as she unleashes that bandy-armed assault on Ali's waist, beating the woman around her elbows. Landry sobbing, pushes into Stacy' wrapping up around her waist, driving her to ropes at the stagger. Left arm still round the back, Ali works right hands to hip-flexor and thigh, pounding at that sleek tanned muscle: Keibler tosses her head back and cries out, arms light around Ali's head and shoulders. Ref pulls girls apart, reads 'em the riot act: chests heaving, eyes blazing - fighters can't wait to lunge back in. Stacy pops hips, drags a whippy hook into Ali's tender ribs: Landry back with that swift right, swiping Stacy's chops, loosening her legs. Keibler finally wobbly-butt - stumbling away in stunned dismay: deep breath Ali as she walks her blonde down. Bruising follow up sees Landry batter Stacy with sudden, blunt lefts or rights to head - lanky blonde lass sliding helplessly along ropes, legs spastic beneath her. Final moments see Stacy leaning against ropes for support, trying to cover up earmuff. Landry squares up close, rubbing mitts and shoulders side to side in brawny shoe-shine - disrupting defences, then pouring through the openings via short, clubbing lefts and rights. Crowd (including hard-to-impress fighters) standing, roaring - bell clanging: Stacy beaten into stupor; Landry blubbering with exhaustlon.


R6: Landry in oxygen debt, but Stacy reeling off her stool is too tempting a prize: deep breath Ali, then she's across the ring, eyes determined. Right hand lead grazes Stacy's chin, spooking her: blonde reels sideways into ropes, face groggy. Stiff, rising left jab knocks at Stacy's pate; straight, stabbing right slants down into solar plexus, punching a shout from Keibler. Hook; hook: Alli in close, popping hips-right, digs up into Stacy's ribs, bunching blondie up. Stacy groaning, wilting forward - she brings mitts to her temples as Ali props blonde up a brawny left shoulder. Landry with that side to side sexy shoe-shine bumps apart Stacy's guard, then starts landing short to the face: Keibler lolls back against ropes, eyelashes fluttering. HAMMERING right hand wide and loud to Stacy's pecs: she sobs in pain, cringing helplessly under the whack. Ali's all in - lefts and rights pouring onto Stacy now - pounding her face, beating her fleshy chest. Blonde girl in stupor, upright, swaying at ropes, facing into blows...legs just too damn strong for the fighter's good. Ali humming, bronzed back, buns, shoulders and legs all working in harmony, pumping in the hurt as Stacy sways shabby on the spot and the REF STEPS IN! TKO6 Landry in blazing fashion.


After: Ali collapsing to her back, knees up, hands above her head, chest shuddering as she sobs in utter exhaustion: Landry's never dug deeper to grind out a win. Stacy standing, hair obscuring half her face - she's all numb and swooning, eyes bleak with defeat. What a fight - Ali digging deep into her champion's heart to turn back the ever-improving Stacy K tonight.



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