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15 May 2009 Penelope Cruz vs Eva Longoria

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Posted by simguy on 5/15/2009, 5:43 pm


Before: "First Longoria, then Ledoyen," purrs a confident, Oscar-winning Pene Cruz. "Eva is shot - we all know this - but she weel serve her purpose. Ledoyen is struggling, and daring to call my name: I shall ride them both to canvas en route to the championship." Longoria angered by Penelope's brazen attitude: it's rampant disrespect. "Cruz is a hack," Eva sneers, eyes flashing. "She comes over here, and average fighters kick her ass - she's a dressed up beach slut, nothing more. This ain't a Spanish rave...it's the FCBA: Pene's going to have to bring more than a tan and a golden statuette to the party if she wants to have an impact. Oh, and one more thing: I'm nobody's tune up. Pene just got herself knocked out and she doesn't even know it yet!"


Cruz in smart black bra style bikini with stylized golden eagle wings across the back of the waist; small black gloves; oily battle braid long down her back. Eva in tan western motif bikini with fringes at decolletage; small black mitts; hair in slick low ponytail.

During R1: Cruz in forward aspect: weight on front (left) leg, anchoring short, sharp, rising left uppercuts - Pene using straight right hands to coax Eva into ducking down onto the left hand. Cruz effective - left hands biting at Eva's face as Longoria's crouching - Spanish lass splitting American's guard, or digging at her breasts with gouging, snatching vigour. Longoria taking it well to chin, but being outfought - she's just trying to negotiate here, trying to suss Pene out.

R2: Eva decides to join in: both slender brunettes in angular, forward-leaning stances - each employing the same ripping, nasty left uppercut technique, face and breasts. Crowd pleasing stuff - both women scoring - each rotating gently clockwise as left hands dig and clip. Minute in - Cruz starts to buckle - face showing concern: she straightens, backs away, inviting Longoria to step forward. Eva hopping-to her fading foe - jabbing for range, sticking Pene in her chest and tummy as Cruz wobbles to ropes. Second minute a methodical, striping attack from Eva: she's bending into lashing rights, twisting into licking lefts - extending her arms to bounce rangy wallop off Spanish skull and shoulders. Pene spilling to her right along ropes, eyes suddenly glassy: legs are giving way, form degrading as Longoria's determination pays off. Final minute - Cruz staggering off the ropes, hands low: Eva hopping in hooks from afar, or leaping into right hands - targetting Pene's drowsy face with small-glove spank. Reeling, bendy-kneed retreat for Cruz - she's face-punched hither-and-yon - pesky Eva leaping in and scoring, keeping the pressure on. CRUZ GOES DOWN! Penelope just wilting, staggering - she finally spins into canvas, rolling onto her back. Knees're up, hands up above her head, chest heaving: Penelope's crying on her back and SHE WON'T GET UP! KO2 in spiteful fashion, Eva Longoria!

After: Longoria stunning Pene with slender-limbed power punches - little American spitfire simply pounding at Pene's pretty face until Spaniard couldn't take any more. "Done and done!" chirps rejuvenated Longoria in postfight. "Told you I'm nobody's tune up!"

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