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15 May 2009 Rachel Nichols vs Anna Torv

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Posted by simguy on 5/15/2009, 6:03 pm,


Before: Torv very much the Bad Robot ace; she's looking to welcome Nichols back in style. "I'll definitely put her through her paces," affirms the woman known as "The Cooler" in BRF circles. "If Rachel's going to be rejoining us, I need to see a high level of compete from her. And a beating never hurts to keep any clubhouse in line: I'll set the tone for Rachel in this contest." Nichols landing on her feet post-Tech. Pretty ingenue scoring herself a blockbuster summer - turning heads with a groundbreaking Orion slave-girl role in Star Trek and a muscular showing on GI Joe...Rachel's bouncing back nicely outside of the ring. "They wanted me to fight in green-skin," Nichols laughs in prefight, "but I'm like 'guys - it'll smudge' - marketing gurus, you know? Anyway - you've noticed the body - thank you - yes, I'm bigger and stronger than I was with Tech. I cut weight to 130 for my fights now, and I'm solid: girls aren't going to be pushing and walking me around like they used to. As for Anna: she's The Cooler right now, but when I'm done? She'll just be plain cold!"


Rachel in green bra and panties with jazzy geometric print; beautiful coppery ringlets framing her face and down her back; black gloves. Anna in black bra and panties; black gloves; long blonde hair loose, smooth behind her ears. Nichols grinning, flirty with press, outgoing; stark contrast with the reserved, cerebral Torv.

R1: Midring exchange of hooks: NICHOLS GOES DOWN! Rachel skidding along her buns, pretty face in shock: welcome-back knockdown from Torv sees her glare down all icy/comtemptuous. Rache up for her 8, but swooning: legs aren't back as Anna attacks. THUMPING beat down along ropes - Torv paralleling course as Rachel slides to her right: blonde girl pinning red head down with shelling jabs, then whacking that ribcage sidearm rights. Nichols' legs frequently spasming, sitting her stunned in ropes: when she fires back slappy, Anna's punishing her crisp and straight. Torv snarling, very intense - she's placing shearing right hands on chin, ripping thick, long limbed body shots home. Nichols; extra pounds and big-girl conditioning serve her well as she ships a thrashing in an Anna Torv first.

R2: Nichols recovering well - organizing behind her jab, shocking Anna to face. Torv taking prettily: eyebrows high, eyes closed, mouth open in a startled "ahh' shape. Rotating left, Nichols is smooth, slinky - dragging her left foot, bending at the waist, being supple. Midway through, Torv hooking the body, then engaging up top: Rachel wide-eyed, timing her blonde and punching-with, fitting straight lefts and rights through to Anna's face. TORV GOES DOWN! Multiple, closely grouped strikes bounce off Anna's head, unhinging her knees - she's stagger-stumbles to all fours, eyes astonished. Nichols braying, smiling: nothing business-like about her brazen enjoyment of fortune's reversal. Torv beats count, collects herself: Rachel doubles the jab, penetrating and scoring again, putting Torv defensive. Thumping two way swinging as both girls body-whack: redhead bruising up blonde as Torv bangs back off the apron.

R3: Classic tall girl boxing: patient, well schooled, no-frills stuff. Clockwise rotation in pivots. Right hands held high; left jabs pumping out from the shoulder. Right (back) heels high up off canvas, pushing weight onto front (left) plant-legs. Fighters working behind educated jabs - both with a similar springy elasticity to them. Nichols often doubling her poke - the second tap a quick strike to keep Torv from releasing: Nichols usually pivoting around the stick. Eyes intense with concentration - girls just sorting each other out. Tactical stuff Torv's game, but Rachel out-duels her here: Anna with a little scowl back to her stool for the break as Nichols prances happily to her corner.

R4: Same as the third - patient rotating boxing midring. Edge to Torv this round as her jab seeks out tummy and jug as well as face. Torv releasing a few right hands as well - missing - but brushing Rachel back and spooking her effectively in spots.

R5: Torv settling in behind that jab - claiming steadily against Rachel's face and breasts - steering her, controlling her. Anna so calm, impassive - just steppin' and a-pokin' - patiently breaking her redhead down. Nichols nowhere near as composed - grunting and gasping prettily when struck; scowling and snarling as she moves her head or covers up to block. All Anna until late: Rachel gambling on a sweeping right hand over a Torv jab claps Anna upside the head and SWEEPS HER TO HER KNEES! Stunning knockdown right at the bell...Anna up, then swooning into ropes, eyelashes fluttering. Rachel giddy - stealing a methodical Torv round away with puncher's luck.

R6: Midring boxing - Torv once again dictating, scoring steadily to Rachel's face and breasts via that long strong jab. Nichols fighting this fight and doing well: her jab's punching back Anna's face, pounding at her pecs to some effect - Anna's just a bit better off the pivot. Rachel also a little more available - willing to face into poke for the chance to try her right hands over the top: Anna reading the gambit well - doubling up her jab or varying speeds to thwart Nichols aggression. Round to Torv: she rights the ship after the 5th round miscue.

R7: Rachel's jab springy off the shoulder - pumping into face and doubling with a nice rangy rhythm: it's a much improved stroke. Torv getting out-poked: she attempts to slug for initiative, trading long right hands and withering hooks: Rachel bounces both hands off Torv's face in trade, putting blonde wobbly-butt. Anna retreats, stricken: Rachel hopping-to, gleefully goes body with free-swinging lefts and rights, whacking away on Torv's stout ribcage. Anna hits ropes, elbows in, she sets up a loose torso-roll, looking to slip shots as Rache squares away. Nichols using heels of her hands to push at Anna's shoulders, stabilizing her: redhead leaning in off her pushes, lashing rangy lefts and rights to Torv's stout gut. Anna grimacing, groaning: she's pushing Rachel off after Nichols digs downstairs - blonde just trying to manage pressure. Rachel pouring herself at Anna - coming back in with that yo-yo jab, then seeking the body: big, juicy cuts being taken, clapping out CHUP! CHUP! CHUP! from Anna's waist. Torv loosening - latter half sees her mouthbreathing, looking shabby: Rachel starts arching her back to get muscular uppercuts. Torv picked up, brashed back: Rachel leans forward, starts putting together straight lefts and rights, POUNDING AWAY TO HEAD! Rachel's shoulders cycling - back, buns and legs powering in the straight, churning barrage. Torv's head buffetted - she slumps against ropes, right at her chest, left across her gut, turning listlessly to her right as THE REF JUMPS IN! TKO7 Rachel Nichols in "i'm Back!" fashion!

After: Torv punched into stupor - staring, helpless in ref's arms. Nichols jumping and leaping about the ring: pretty good statement shakes up Bad Robot and puts pretty Rachel back in the limelight. "I'm so pumped!" Rache bleats in postfight, eyes bright. "Torv's as good as Jennifer Garner, and I took her apart - so Jennifer's definitely a mission I'm prepared to accept. But there's a lot of girls who've got a dose of Rachel Nichols coming their way. Can't wait to hunt down Katherine Heigl and work that porky body of hers. Can't wait to track down Mary Elizabeth so-two-years ago and hammer her senseless. Any girl - ALL the girls: let's line 'em up and get 'em beat!"

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