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15 May 2009 Stacy Keibler vs Ali Landry Postfight

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Posted by Jeri's Knockouts on 5/16/2009, 1:19 pm


From her seat at ringside, Kelly Brook fixed a cold glare on Ali Landry as she watched the older brunette celebrate her knockout victory over Stacy Keibler. Ali had just been through six of the hardest rounds anyone had seen her fight in recent memory, but in spite of being much worse for wear she was parading around the ring cheerfully. It was though she’d won the Miss USA pageant all over again.


A cruel smile crossed Ali’s lips as she looked over at Stacy sitting on her stool in her corner, surveying the blonde wreckage in front of her. Kelly had seen this look on Ali’s face before, and it was one any self-respecting FCBA fan should’ve been familiar with. Gloves off, Ali sauntered over to Stacy’s corner and pulled her up to her feet by her hair and led the blonde to mid-ring. Ali released her quarry and walked a few steps away, only to turn around and charge forward. An anguished cry escaped from Stacy’s lips as Ali’s shoulder slammed into her midsection, taking her down to the canvas on her back.

Everyone in the arena knew what was coming next – ever since the match signing Stacy had made it well known that she planned on pinning Ali to the mat at the end of their fight. For her part, Ali now had no intention of letting Stacy forget what, in hindsight, was a very ill-conceived boast. Turnabout, after all, was fair play.


The brunette took her time laying herself out perpendicularly across the blonde’s upper torso. Stretching out Stacy’s arms, Ali cinched up Stacy’s left arm between her thighs. Ali made a good show of wiggling her gorgeous butt in the air as she wrapped her legs around Stacy’s leg, painstakingly finding the exact positioning that she wanted. Pressing down against Stacy’s chest with her midsection, Ali ran the blonde’s upper arm through her cleavage while she clamped down on Stacy’s right wrist with both hands.


Looking up with a come-hither stare, Ali let her words ooze out of her mouth in the sexiest and sultriest tone of voice possible. “Isn’t anyone going to count her out?”


In a rare show of competency from an FCBA official, the referee quickly ran in and dropped to his knees beside the pair. The man slapped his hand against the mat once, and then a second time in dramatic fashion. Stacy attempted to kick out at two and a half, but she was spent and unable to dislodge Ali, who rode the blonde with ease. The referee’s hand hit the mat a third time, sealing the pinfall.


Ali continued to pin Stacy, letting the blonde exhaust herself in fruitless attempts to escape. Ali playfully gulped her hips at Stacy’s shoulder, taunting her as the blonde’s weak attempts to kick out and buck her tormentor off availed her nothing. As Stacy’s struggles subsided Ali finally released her and sat up, but she wasn’t done. Kneeling on top of the prone blonde, Ali hooked Stacy’s leg and pressed her free hand against her foe’s chest.


“Count her again,” Ali demanded brusquely. Her command was immediately followed by a diligent 1-2-3.

Releasing Stacy’s leg, Ali straddled the blonde, sitting on astride her waist. She reached down with her hands and pressed down on Stacy’s shoulders. “Again,” Ali ordered once more. Once again the referee replied with another count.


Kelly’s eyes narrowed as she watched Ali work. The older brunette was being vindictive, and the crowd was eating out of the palm of her hand. A few scattered boos could be heard from the few fans in the audience still loyal to Stacy, but these were forcefully drowned out by the cheers egging Ali on.

Crawling forward, Ali turned around to face Stacy’s legs and planted her knees on either side of the blonde’s head. Stacy visibly shook her head as Ali’s magnificent posterior descended down, but she had no strength left to resist as Ali’s full weight came down on her in a reverse face sit. Stacy bucked and writhed with renewed vigor, desperate to escape from this new humiliation. There was no dislodging Ali though. Resting her hands on the blonde’s breasts, the brunette reveled in her triumph by grinding her hips and rubbing her ass back and forth across her foe’s face. Stacy’s struggles slowly subsided, and before long she was practically motionless beneath her conqueror.


Sitting in her seat, Kelly smoldered in silence. This was Ali at her most vindictive, a side of her that Kelly hadn’t seen in full force for a long time. The young brunette was sure that it wouldn’t be long before she and Ali clashed again.


Looking out into the crowd, Ali’s eyes met Kelly’s. Flashing a wicked smile, Ali cradled her breasts with her arms to emphasize her cleavage and batted her eyes seductively at the referee. “Count her again, please,” Ali purred, “I don’t think she’s getting up. Do you?”


Ali’s request was met with another 1-2-3 count from the referee. Glancing back at Kelly, Ali blew her a kiss, drawling a snarl from Kelly’s lips. Rising to her feet, Ali surveyed the blonde wreckage at her feet. Stacy was barely clinging on to consciousness, her chest rising and falling as she took in the air that had been denied to her. It wouldn’t last long. Reaching down for the blonde’s hair, Ali pulled Stacy to her hands and knees and led her to the ropes by where Kelly was sitting. Letting Stacy sink to her haunches, Ali kneeled in front of her and pulled the blonde’s face down to her cleavage. Sinking her right hand into Stacy’s hair, she wrapped her left arm around the blonde’s neck, cinching up the breast smother. Stacy’s cries were muffled as she writhed in Ali’s grasp – she desperately pawed at Ali’s hips and belly, trying frantically to break free. Ali merely smiled and continued to squeeze tightly, clearly enjoying the feeling of the blonde’s face pressed against her cleavage. Exhausted, it wasn’t long before Stacy’s struggles subsided and her hands dropped limp to her side.


Kelly blushed at the sight of Ali having her way with the blonde – it was a mixture of resentment at the sight of Ali triumphant and discomfort at the sight of Ali doing it so well. Looking out into the crowd at Kelly, Ali flashed that infuriating smile of hers as she released Stacy with a flourish.


“Just think,” Ali taunted Kelly, “That could be you someday in the near future!”


Kelly sat silently, glaring back angrily at Ali. Some day – some day soon, the reckoning would come. When it did, Kelly was determined that it would be Ali’s face jammed between her jugs, and not the other way around…

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