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15 Nov 2008 Kelly Brook vs Laetitia Casta

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Posted by simguy on 11/15/2008


Before: Kelly being groomed for a title shot - building momentum en route to Durance: one small order of business yet to deal with. "Humbling Casta has become an annual rite for me," Brook grins in prefight. "She's drifting now...on her last legs physically and emotionally. I firmly believe that the beatings I give her now will effectively signal the end of her fighting career. Nothing lifts my spirits higher than thrashing Laetitia: I can think of no better tune up for a title-push." Casta fighting often and well despite losing support of her long time sponsor TU - she's not quite ready to coronate Ms. Brook just yet. "Kelly has made a career of coming up short of her own ambitions," Casta says all frosty at the podium. "She has once again carefully built herself up to this point: it shall be my pleasure to knock her back down again." Brook in scarlet bandeau bikini with asymmetrical skirting round the waist; black gloves; hair in the prettiest of ponytails. Laetitia in bright cobalt blue bandeau; white gloves; hair in a loose tumble of tangled ringlets.


During R1,2: Kelly methodical - working patiently from the outside in, pulverizing Casta early each round via a pulsing jab. Dominant outside, Kelly edges her way in, driving short right hands off Casta's prepared defences, shaking French form with heft. Dominant at medium distance, Kelly closes the gap - riding left hand behind Casta's head, digging at her tummy and jugs with thumping, workmanlike rights. Casta firms in the clasp - reaching her own left behind Kelly's head to form Cauldron with the Briton: glorious, hardhearted work in underneath as the women rotate slowly counterclockwise, shoveling away. Elbows draw back, then drive forward; tummies and jugs pummeled as the girls hold each other close, dig away righty - Laetitia able to finally hold her own in these brutal, plugging exchanges inside. Both rounds to Kelly: she's clearly the ring general, determining when and where to form Cauldron - only then granting Casta permission to work.


R3: Tish competes at range for the first time - catching Kelly a swinging right hand clout to chin, startling British lass early. Wading in - Casta able to back Brook up with a healthy dose of lefts and rights on the march: French fists pancaking British jug as astonished Kelly stumbles all the way to ropes. Hurting Kelly clinches, slowing the assault, then shows savvy off the apron - setting her feet, pulsing out the jab to pound at Casta's face as Laetitia's trying to close-and-work. Casta willing to eat: she's punished on the way in, but repeatedly proves able to set up on Brook's chest. 'Tish opening up, applying clapping shellack to the problem of Kelly's melons. Kelly leaning forward to crowd Casta, brawling mouth-on-shoulder - fighters picking each other up jug and chin via short, shrugging uppercuts. Casta proving very sturdy - inducing several defensive clinches from Brook as Kelly can't slug her way off ropes in the third. BREAK: rivalry rekindled; both girls breathing hard on their stools, staring past respective trainers with an unmistakable, hardhearted longing for enemy jug.


R4: Kelly changing tack - extending the left to paw at Laetitia's defences, then leaning in with pulverizing rights to chin. Casta rocked, re-rocked, then rocked again as Brook belts away: French girl's knees a-knockin', head tossing to her right as Brook drives in righty. Stalking pressure reverses in middle minute: Casta firms, bangs back two handed walloping to stubborn British gut, beating Kelly breathless. Brook covering up earmuff, grimacing: wobbly-butt 'Tish starts coming forward late, slopping rangy rights and lefts onto Kelly, stunning Brook's tits. Ropes: Kelly in trouble, teeth bared, fists tight at temples; OH the rib-thump applied as Casta swings away! 'Tish beating Kelly numb - French girl's hooters swinging side to side, buttocks and tummy ringing with the effort of sweeping in the tic-tock roundhouses. Bell: Casta's still at it, banking insurance: poor Kelly crying out, wakes ref out of his stupor, forcing him to move in.


R5: Grim attrition - both sides. Kelly goes back to the jab, trying to shape the points. Pulsing range finder pounds against Laetitia's defences, skull - setting up sudden, jarring right crosses. Casta staring when struck - really taking Kelly's right hand well: French girl repeatedly absorbing blows that have dropped many a lightweight in the past. Brook smart - pounding at Casta outside, steering her with poke: only when she's confident the round's hers does Kelly encroach, looking to scoop jug. Down the stretch, girls clout each other sloppy to offending racks - each baring teeth, swiping away side to side, elbows in for tight delivery. Ref pushes slugging beauties apart - neither heeding the bell.


R6,7: Grinding stalemate as fighters take turns backing each other up, imposing will. Kelly's jab a thumping wonder - punching through Laetitia's tired guard, hammering her face back. Casta's free-swinging right/left roundhouses to ribs and waist forcing whimpering clinches from Kelly. Kelly driving in off back (right) foot to drift 'Tish to chin: Casta catching Kelly right uppercuts off the back (right) foot. Inside, both girls instinctively reach left hands round behind the other's head, establishing weary Cauldrons, each trying to mindlessly bludgeon the other senseless, body and jug, via the right hand. Kelly takes the 6th, Tish the seventh as buxom brawlers beat each other to a standstill.


R8: Kelly's pumping jab starting to break Casta down. Tish open-mouthed, eyes bleak and puffy: her head's knocking back from slamming poke, guard no longer protecting her. Where the jab goes, right hands follow - pouring into Casta's chin with devastating clout: crowd shrieking in appreciation every time Kelly drills Tish flush. Casta wobbly butt from midway on - stumbling around, staggering forward, trying to press her attack to the body: Kelly's not having it. With the round won - Brook drives in sloshing right hands to rack, humbling the proudest chest in France with a series of pounding haymakers, backing Casta stunned and shuddering to ropes.


R9: Kelly having her way: Casta suffering. Brook's weight on front foot, pushing off with that back big toe as she steps in poke: bashing left jab smashing apart the last of Laetitia's defences. Brook methodical - stepping to her left, turning Casta, punching her every few seconds. Kelly's eyes bright, alert - widening as her body tenses to commit the right hand; she's driving in beautifully, pounding Laetitia's head aside as French girl takes with woozy pursed lips/closed eyes. When Casta is reduced - staggering and swaying on the spot - Brook moves in, tightening up stroke to cuff and maul those jugs. Round finishes up on ropes - Casta out on her feet - mindlessly pushing at Kelly's shoulder as Briton rampages to jug via rising lefts and rights. Bell: Kelly flushed with success, nostrils flaring - she chests up, pushing sagging Casta into ropes until ref pulls Brook off.


R10: CASTA WON'T HAVE IT! Laetitia grimly forward - gambling on right hands over Kelly's stiff jab, scoring to British jaw. Brook's knees give a shimmy - SHE covers up shook: Casta swings right/left to midsection, arms shivering on strapping contact. Kelly grimacing, elects to clinch: writhing, wriggling exertions result as girls strain to push the other into ropes. Casta willing herself on top: Kelly glomming on for ref's breaks, just looking to limit French output. Both women successful - 'Tish the aggressor through; Brook denying Casta any real sustained pounding pressure. Bell: girls locked in a struggling embrace - still pushing tummy to tummy, trying to be the stronger as ref moves in. Comes back UD10...Kelly Brook!


AFTER: Draining battle does both Euro-vixens proud: one of the best, hardest-punching big-women fights of recent memory. Casta outboxed, but standing up to the fiercest right cross in Europe tonight: Brook simply unable to put 'Tish on her back despite pre-fight promises to do so. Kelly showing her class - slugging when she wanted, but always looking to set up her power and soften her opponent up before committing. "It was ever so," a battered, but wearily upbeat Kelly says in postfight, "Laetitia's spirit succumbed to mine, and my body definitely got the better of hers tonight. I'm at the peak of my powers - if the next woman I fight holds a title, she'll be giving it to me without a doubt." Casta not knocked out, but hopeful cameras continue to cover her anyway, just in case Kelly decides to take tribute after all.


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