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15 Nov 2008 Kristen Bell vs Virginie Ledoyen

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Posted by simguy on 11/15/2008


Before: Bell in a funk if not a slump - talented little blonde finding wins hard to come by in boxing's most competitive division. "I'm demanding an explosive performance from myself in this fight," Bell says, eyes glittering with intensity at podium. "No excuses. Virginie's by far the best fighter I've faced in some time. She's a former champion - she's beaten everybody who's anybody at 110, at one time or another - and I'm going to tear her apart. I'm working without a net in this one - either she goes out, or I do." Ledoyen welcoming her foe's bravado - Virginie always appreciative of offensive-minded elan in her foes. "If Kristen can break out of her slump in this fight, we will fight the fight of the year together," Ledoyen notes. "I rank her just behind Natalie, Kreuk and Danes as a boxer, and her punching is just behind Mish and Lacey - so she's a very balanced young fighter. She will be dangerous, but I will be prepared." Virginie in bright electric blue bikini; small white work out gloves; white leather boxing boots to mid-calf. Kristen in hot pink (Sarah Marshall) bikini; small white work out gloves; white leather boxing boots to mid calf.


During R1: Vicious exchange midring - both women releases hands: Ledoyen staggers back from a clanging assortment of lefts and rights to her chin that have her knock kneed. Bell pressing forward, bending in with murderous overhand rights, chasing a wobbly Virginie to ropes. Ledoyen badly stunned, butt-in-ropes as she tilts forward behind her mitts, digging in at apron. Bell closing, ripping at the body: good, good lefts and rights licked back and forth across Virginie's waist, crippling her. Right uppercuts from Bell - 1, 2, 3 of 'em - Krissy arching her back, grunting as she jerks these short blows in between Virginie's mitts. Ledoyen shook up - reaches to clinch: ref's break saves French lass from taking a knee. Resume: Ledoyen sliding to her right along ropes, glassy eyes blinking; Bell paralleling course and speed - contacting Virginie with stiff, stamping jabs tummy and jug - then Krissy's in again with scouring rights and lefts. Virginie sits in ropes, covers up, takes a withering beating as Bell mauls her: French vixen again reaches in to clinch, mouth open moist against Kbell's shoulder. That's the way of it - Ledoyen buying time with ref's breaks, shying away: Bell intense, walking Virginie down, stepping in to work her over at ropes until desperate French clinch stops the marauding. Shutout with power send Virginie staggering wide-eyed to her corner for emergency repairs.


R2: Kristen quickly closing - stooping as though to jab the tummy - then straightening up, hopping forward to catch Virginie a short, clouting hook to jaw instead. Ledoyen caught in the hollow of her right cheek: legs stiffen as she stoops forward, then falls back to splash down on her back! Bell snorting in satisfaction, batting mitts together and gazing down before striding to neutral corner: Ledoyen bravely fights off the KO, sniveling as she climbs ropes in dire straits. ON COMES KBELL! Bell snarling, scoots-to, squares up, lets hands go in a furious propeller-style lathering of ramshackle Ledoyen. Virginie covering up face-in-hands, small mitts bouncing off her head and shoulders; Bell seething, shifts weight so she can begin tugging at Ledoyen's breasts short, nasty little hooks. DOWN GOES VIRGINIE! French vixen panting on all fours, swaying on the spot: Bell lifts mitts, struts to neutral corner as once again, Ledoyen proves a trooper. Virginie beats the count, leaning into ropes, breathing through pursed lips: ON COMES KBELL! Kris charging in to finish - EATS A RIGHT HAND! Ledoyen bending in and down, running blonde face onto french fist - BELL'S WOBBLY BUTT! Kristen's hurt - Virginie's hurt - fighters touch at each other's arms with tentative fingertips before setting their feet and pelting away. OH THE HUMANITY! Ragged little brawlers paste each other lefts and rights - both just facing into punishments, legs humming, tummies trembling. Agonizing to watch as both are ready to go - tired arms lifting up, thrashing out, smiting in exhausted fashion and LEDOYEN GOES DOWN! Virginie suddenly pitching forward, stumbling into KBell's left hip, then sprawling chest-down to canvas. Ragged blonde reels away - mouth wide open as she stumbles back into ropes, sobbing incoherently. Virginie whining, trying to push up - but her hands slide out, dropping her back down time and again. IT'S OVER! Virginie can't get off her stomach - that's KO2 Kristen Bell!


AFTER: Bell weeping as she's collected up by her handlers and hugged - furious flyweight firefight leaves one girl used up, the other swaying out on her feet. "I just needed to unleash," says a battered Bell in postfight. "I was thinking too much, not fighting hard enough in my recent fights. In this one, I just said, 'to hell with it' and let my hands go. I got caught, but I caught her too, and the better woman won - finally!"

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