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15 Nov 2008 Kristin Kreuk vs Michelle Williams

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Kristin Kreuk 08.jpgMichelle Williams 1.jpg


Unified Flyweight Title


Posted by simguy on 11/15/2008


Before: "I'm not going to talk a lot of smack, or push Krissy's face into a pie or anything," Mish says in prefight. "The girl fought her way onto our roster, then proceeded to shoot up the division, and I've got to hand it to her - she's been a hell of a champion and a terrific pack member. But...Krissy's got to learn what Claire already knows: in any pack, there's only one alpha, and in this group, I'm it. I've done my bit, I've guarded Kristin's flank and I've held my tongue as the attention has flowed her way - but the clock is striking midnight. It's time for Kris to take a breather and get a reality check: she's got my belt - had to know I'd come for it sooner or later." Kreuk shining with confidence - tiny terror has had her own way so much this year, she can scarcely imagine any other arrangement. "Michelle's been scrapping a long time," Kris says, eyes twinkling. "Taken a lot of head punches. She's not the girl she was when everyone at 110 bowed their heads in her presence. I'm glad to be defending against her, because she needs this beating to help her understand how things have changed. I'm not just happy to be here anymore: I'M the show now, not Michelle." Kristin in purple cashmere crochet bikini (tawdry); small black work out gloves; black leather boxing boots to midcalf. Michelle in zebra print bikini with twist tie halter top and twist-tie bottoms; small black work out gloves; zebra-print leather boxing boots to mid calf.


During R1: Steady pressure up the middle, Mish: Kristin bouncing back from it, circling on her toes, keeping back off ropes. Williams doing all the punching, carrying the fight for two minutes as Kris plays matadora: everything changes late. Kreuk walks Mish into a supple lead left uppercut - Kris up on her toes, straightening up into the punch, her fist just inches from her shoulder as she carries into Mishy's chin: Williams is ROCKED! Mish swooning: Kris circling-left, leaning in with a looping, 3/4 sidearm right hand to Mishy's left cheek - driving Williams back on her heels to ropes. Williams groggy, covering up: KRISSY WANTS RACK! Kreuk squares away, lets greedy fists plunder - OH she's chugging away all hup-hup as poor Mishy slumps in ropes. Mishy breast meat bunching up, jumping about under the fearsome pumping: Kreuk's back straight, teeth bared, shoulders rotating as she mugs away to bell. Williams wandering gobsmacked to corner, twist-tie dangerously loosened: she gets a tightening, and a talking-to during the break.


R2: Krissy up off her stool...gets pancake-tackled into her turnbuckles: Mishy with the rolling start was at midring even before the bell. Incidentally head butt as Mishy's wriggling for position: cramming right hands dig into Krissy's tummy/trunks, punching gasps of pain from champ. Kreuk squirming to reverse, but this is Mishy's game: blonde bodying up, smothering, squishing, then tucking in leather. Ref issues break once Kreuk's able to headlock Michelle - Williams pouncing right back in, punching Kreuk an overhand right before tummying up. Writhing action as girls slide along ropes - Michelle keeping Kris underneath her, curvy legs stamping, buttocks ringing with effort. Constant plugging right hands jam up into Kristin's midsection; short, clouting blows buffet her temples/ears. Ref issuing breaks, but MIchelle quickly re-establishing position: she's practically in Kristin's trunks. Midway through, breathless Kreuk collapses - swooning to all fours with a stricken expression; in stepping across the fallen champion's back, Mishy's right foot inadvertently kicks into Krissy's ribs, drawing a bleat of protest and a ref's warning. Kris takes 8, collects herself - dark eyes flashing, lips curling off her teeth as she walks Michelle in and tears at her down the stretch. HAMMER AND TONGS! Williams wading in, encounters unexpected buzz-saw: furious, pelting exchange of leather as tidy-bodied vixens stand and whale away to bell and beyond.


R3: Mishy's overhand right beats Krissy's right uppercut to the mark midring: Kreuk's head swivels - eyes dimming, lips pursing as she staggers away from contact. Mish bulling in, plowing into Kris, tackling her hard to ropes: champion's head whiplashing sadly as she reaches round blonde ribs. Mish won't have it - wriggling elbows down inside Krissy's clinch, then muscling apart the embrace: Williams huddling down, head under Krissy's chin as blonde fists pump at throbbing brunette belly. Kreuk sobbing - turning her right side into ropes: Mish stays atop her, slugging at her midsection, buttocks and back as Kreuk presents left flank. Krissy turns to her left, trying to wriggle out from under: Mishy won't have it, simply drenching Kris in clubbing leather. Hard right hand punches awkwardly onto Krissy's chin - she slumps, her back once again flush to ropes, hands drooping. Insurance right hand punches across Krissy's face: long dark lashes flutter helplessly, Kristen's lips part as she sinks into swoon. JAILBREAK - MISH WILLIAMS! Williams feet wide, butt back - hands pinwheeling in on defenceless champ. Kreuk takes a terrible pasting before slumping to her right, crashing to canvas and rolling to her back parallel to ropes. It's over - ref pulls seething Mish back as Kristin Kreuk is punched fast asleep. KO3 in barbaric fashion, for the winner and NEW flyweight champion - Mish Williams!


AFTER: Williams roaring, pounding her chest: first Claire, then Kris as Mish reclaims glory with throwback brutality. Kreuk brought around slowly - all the flashing intensity hammered out of her once-bright eyes, replaced with a groggy vulnerability. Claire muted in reaction, right hand at her throat as she watches Kreuk coming 'round: Danes staying well back as Mish pushes her way in to check on Kreuk's progress. Satisfied, Mish hugs a woozy Kris to her feet, stacking her in turnbuckles, then mounting up in style. Poor Kristin groaning under the weight, face grimacing as it's shoved to the right by Mishy's oppressive hips and tummy. Williams rejoicing - holding Kristin's wrists captive and tugging the hands up: we've rarely seen Michelle so exultant as she revels in her title-winning moment.

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