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15 Nov 2008 Mary Elizabeth Winstead Vs Abbie Cornish

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Posted by simguy on 11/15/2008, 8:04 am.

Before: MEW normally the underdog - she enters this fight as favourite, looking to salt away a potential rookie of the year campaign. "It feels good," Mary admits in prefight, "being favoured over another girl. Scary - but good. Normally, I'm the one with nothing to lose, but this time I'll be the one with everything to lose. It's a different challenge, but every contender's gotta face it sooner or later!" Cornish anxious to change hearts and minds with a clear trouncing of MEW. "This is a big opportunity for me," Abby says at podium. "Mary's nothing special - just a hard working brunette who's sort of gotten by on B and C list competition. Still, if I can upset her, it's going to look good on the ol' resume. Mary's one of the girls I need to climb over to get what I want - so I can't wait to get on her already!" Cornish in black scoop-front bra with white petal trim; black boy cut trunks; black gloves; blonde hair piled messy atop her head - curls framing face. MEW in bright yellow bikini with ring connections hip and jug; white gloves; hair loose with bangs.

During R1: MEW out resolute, presenting V front with her elbows together beneath jugs, hands up at cheeks. Winstead dropping a tidy hammer jab out of her guard, stepping close, tilting forward onto front (left) leg and scouring short, jagged left uppercuts. Digging work takes Abbie in her sternum and chin - Mary leaning in, scraping, hurting Cornish in the opening minute. Abbie frowning, stepping away - she's bouncing loud one-twos off Mary's V front as Winstead walks Abbie down: Mary calmly blocking, getting close, digging left upercuts. Down the stretch, Abbie has a measure of success with roundhouses directed towards Winstead flanks - working around the guard with spanking vigor.

R2: Winstead cooly at her blonde - walking Cornish down behind the sturdy V - drop-jabbing her, crowding in, working left uppercuts. Abbie grimacing as she's dug up to body and clipped to chin - she's backing away from the pressure, turning at the ropes to keep her back clear. Towards round's end - MEW mixes in right hands - getting them off her front foot after she's deployed left uppercuts: just a short, chopping blow directed at Abbie's head. Banging shutout has Abbie scowling - she's being touched up through 2.

R3: Mary continues as aggressor - walking Abbie down behind a steady, hardnosed brunette assault. Discouraging minutes for Cornish filled with retreat and punishment; she's getting lickis in, but getting clearly outworked and scuffed up. Abbie showing a pretty leg - loping 'round the ring, minimizing pressure from a stalking MEW.

R4: Abbie jabbing at MEW's front - pinning her down, then lashing her waist right/left - digging in firm outside the collected elbows. It's Abbie's strongest work of the fight - finally winning grunts from Mary and stopping her forward movement. Abbie snarling, coming off the body with a jab up top as she disengages - blonde stepping out, circling, looking to repeat the successful pattern. Mary trudging after Abbie, but now being pre-empted and ripped hard to the body: Winny pays the price for coming forward in a rigid guard as limber blonde scores-and-scoots for points.

R5: Winstead's been hurting Abbie consistently with those scouring left uppercuts off the front foot: Cornish in trouble again early as Mary works at her blonde. Abbie stumbling away to ropes for support - hands up, corners of her mouth downcast: Mary advances in V - leans in close to carry a thudding right hand loud to Abbie's waist. Winstead staying out over her front foot - switches into the left uppercut routine - digging relentlessly at Abbie's firm tummy and ribs, curling up top for chin. Chopping overhand rights from Winstead at intervals - over-and-under assault doing wonders, really breaking Abbie down. Cornish stunned, slapping right/lefts up top (blocked on Mary's gloves, trying for right uppercuts in close. Brunette pressure visibly using up plucky blonde resistance through 5.

R6: Ya gotta love Mary's consistency: V front - drop-jabbing Abbie to ropes - closing in, tilting forward, digging the left uppercuts. Cornish sobbing out now - her tummy's giving way, legs loosening as she stoops forward off ropes. Mary at her like a brunette wood chipper - digging left uppercuts up, chopping right hands down - battering the fight from Abbie. Blonde absorbs steady thump - no one punch a doozy, but all the punches firm, insistent, relentless. Cornish swoons to canvas at the minute mark - panting on all fours, trembling from a thorough beating. Abbie up at 10 - ref waves this one off, hugs her to the ropes as Mary brightens. KO6 Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

After: Mary posting her best, most comprehensive performance as a pro - wearing a young blonde down with discipline and superior organization. "The pressure got to her," Mary smiles in postfight, "you could see it in her eyes. It was very discouraging for her to see me constantly coming forward, getting into her body, backing her up. She stroked me some good licks at times - but she couldn't sustain it. She'll be back - good young fighter, I can tell - but I'm clearly beyond her level at this point." Strong tune up for Mary heading into a stable war: she's looking pretty solid in the middle of that Foxfire line


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