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15 November 1999 Lucy Liu vs Michelle Williams

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Posted by Simguy

Monday, 15-Nov-1999 22:52:03

Before: Williams using her new found promotional muscle to get a crack at the big time with very little dues-paying. Michelle so far has proven to be a durable competitor with decent pop, but she's never shown the sort of mobility or boxing savvy necessary to cope with Liu's antics. Liu refusing to call Williams by name in pre-fight, utilizing the Ling-ism "that blonde thing" instead. Grey sportsbra, navy Adidas long track pants for Williams - black push up and red aerobics bottoms for Liu.

During R1: Lucy smoldering as she slides well out of reach, hands at her sides, then leaping in on Williams to drag loose-limbed blows into the blonde's body. Michelle reacting to the movement instead of the punch, covers up but takes booming single shots against the ribs and tummy, allowing Liu to push and spin out to another angle. Williams taking a great punch, but getting shutout as Lucy comes at her from all 360 degrees.

R2: Lucy edging closer to Williams, feinting with her head, bending low and exploding up with the dragging uppercut, has Michelle hurting early from Hamed left hands to the midsection. Michelle pivoting, crouching, trying to figure it all out - but Lucy just too quick. Liu with a banging straight arm right hand on the ear has Michelle stepping in fence post holes, and a leaping right uppercut from the knees pounds into William's face with sickening force. Michelle's head does the "I'm Done" bounce, and she crashes backward to the mat with pain fossilized on her unconscious face. Crushing KO2 Lucy Liu as she struts a circle around her fallen foe before heading back to her corner.

After: Williams just undone by vintage Lucy Liu. Liu not touched in this fight, dominating as the inexperienced blonde waited to get off instead of punching with the kamikaze Asian. Michelle getting some good advice in between rounds, but simply unable to execute against the best Lucy Liu anyone's seen in months.

Sim Guy


(Special thanks to Fight Fan for providing this story--Archer).

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