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15 Oct 2004 Gena Lee Nolin vs Torrie Wilson

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Originally posted by Simguy on 10/15/04, 7:14 am

Gena Lee in pelt bikini
Torrie in red bandeau bikini
UD10 single point—Torrie Wilson

This was a big fight for Nolin. Battered and dethroned by Loken, the Big G had looked to beat up a credible name and went to the underated Wilson to get the rounds. Torrie’s never gotten full credit for the harm she’s caused big-girl royalty in the past and showed up stubborn for this fight, dismaying Nolin with heady mix of heart and skill.

Torrie chose to box on the outside much of the night—long considered a no-no against Nolin, who loves to extend on her punches, but Wilson made it work with constant lateral movement and surprising ring generalship. Looking a little robotic with her hands rigid and her back straight, Torrie hopped and poked, parceled out her jab, threw hard right hands to the body and used her legs like a lightweight in this fight. Nolin stalked flat footed, occasionally jabbing with authority, but more often pawing her left to set up monster rights, always believing she’d catch up and KO Torrie sooner or later.

Wilson’ high water mark came as early in the second round when she dropped Gena with a right hand and dominated the stanza with a constant shellig stream of twos. Battered but unbowed—Nolin answered with a slaughterhouse right to the temple in the third to buckle Torrie’s legs, but neither big woman seemed able to apply a finishing touch tonight, It came down to consistency and tenacity and minute after minute, it would hard-working Wilson shining through. She would hurt Nolin with another crashing right in the 7th, but this was more a workmanlike affair—steady, constant, constant circular movement to whittle away at Gena—rather than dramatic ebb and flow of haymakers. Nolin would rally late—taking the 9th and 10th with cagey punch n’ clutch tactics she should have used from the opening bell, but by then it was too late. 5 rounds a piece, knockdown gives it to Torrie and once again Wilson has her hand raised over a big name big girl./

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