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15 Oct 2005 Jessica Biel vs Rachel Nichols

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Posted by simguy on 10/15/2005, 9:38 am.


Before: Sexiest Woman Alive looking to celebrate herself - Rachel Nichols singled out for the honor of receiving the beat down. "Just a little something for my fans," Biel says of the upcoming fight, "I'll show a few looks, work on some things, then take Nichols out in spectacular fashion - it'll be fun!"


Rachel showing no indication of being ready for a fight like this, but eagerly accepting Technetium dollars - far as she's concerned, she's got nothing to lose. "I think I'll give Jessica a lot of problems with my height and striking power," Rachel says in prefight. "You handle speed with a jab - which I have - and I don't think Jessi's chin is of the highest quality. I'll test her with right hands and we'll just see who's standing sexy at the end!"


Clean puncher's ponytail Nichols, royal blue lace bra top, pink bottoms, tawdry fishnets - Jessica in neon baby blue bikini from Stealth, blonde battle braid.


During R1: Nichols upright, orthodox, pinging out the jab like sonar pulses, just trying to locate Biel. Jessica announcing her presence seconds in, timing Rachel's seeking stick, launching in over it with a savage counter right: Nichols shook, dropped to her knees - Biel grinning broadly as she relaxes, arms outstretched, in neutral corner. Flash knockdown - Rachel up in good shape - resumes her stance, but now scared to jab: Biel takes initiative by default. Series of in/out darting attacks - Jessica lunging from standing starts, showing that world-class explosiveness - Rachel caught and rocked by blistering single-shot lefts or rights, manages to keep her feet as Biel prowls away, not intent on following up just yet. Bell: Rachel's eyes betray doubt, fear, concern: Jessica smirking confidently strutting to her corner.


R2: Biel able to draw flinching over-reactions with her feints: she's got weight forward, left hand low, right at her chest - stealthy, prowling footwork menacing Rachel all over the ring. Jessica giving Nichols some breathing room, letting the opponent recover this round - Biel untouchable as she focuses on defence, bobbing and weaving Rachel's don't-hurt-me jab. Biel collecting a couple of swatting countershots to carry the round - cuffing hooks from her hip upside Rachel's head to frighten her - Jessica in complete physical, tactical control of the ring through 2.


R3: Jessi going through her repetoire, now pushing the pace, sliding in shoulder to shoulder to work Rachel's lean body. Biel nice and comfy fighting off Rachel's chest, head on either Rachel shoulder. Punching is swift, biting - gloves snap-snatching at rigid ribcage, testing taut belly meat, tucking in behind bony elbows. Biel using her left shoulder to nudge and steer her foe inside, then stepping to the right, getting hooks of her right foot, swipe right hands off the left foot. Systematic body beating has Nichols breathing hard and clinching hurt: single right uppercut off the right foot clips her chin, drops her staring to one knee at the bell.


R4: Rachel skittish, flinching, terrified: this is tough to watch. Nichols not competing - total psychological collapse as she KNOWS Biel can take her out any time now. And Jessica's just playing with her. Little grin on Biel's lips. Stoop-and-spank jabs to Rachel's tummy, locating her. Feints setting up hesitation right hands. Biel outside just too quick and dynamic - inside too strong and muscular - she's fighting in spots, almost leisurely: a cat playing with a crippled sparrow. Bell: Nichols breaking down on her stool - outclassed, bullied, being broken down emotionally and physically - she panics, quits on her stool, pleading with her trainer to throw in the towel. Jessica rising majestically, lifting her hands, smiling broadly into the crowd: mission accomplished via TKO4 submission, Biel.


After: Jessi preening, showing off single and double bicep shots for the crowd, climbing the corner ropes and blowing kisses to the audience: as advertised, she was just too sexy tonight. Rachel badly shaken - if she hadn't quit, no question in her mind that Biel would have tortured her for 10 long, cruel rounds. "Hey, I was just being thorough," Jessica shrugs in response to pointed Tractorpull allegation of 'carrying' the opponent. "Rachel's a long, limber girl - I thought she might have Jeri Ryan type power in that right hand, so I wanted to break her down. Cat Bell does that and everyone swoons over her professionalism - I do it and I'm some sort of heartless witch. Whatever - just spell my name right: that's D-O-M-I-N-A-N-T!"


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