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15 September 1999 Dani Fishel vs Paula Trickey

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Posted by Simguy on Wednesday, 15-Sep-1999 20:25:21


Before: Fight so cute it should sponsored by Gun0—Dani looking for tune up to restore confidence in the wake of the Electra blow-out. Trickey a solid midcarder—does a lot of things well, nothing spectacularly—Fishel a good bet to wear the brunette out. Dani in powder blue push up, blue on blue polka dot full coverage bikini bottoms—Paula in black push up, red full coverage bikini bottoms.


R1: Form chart holds as Dani bolts from the corner, propelling punches in bunches at a panicky Trickey to stampede the brunette into her corner. All Dani as she slugs with reckless abandon—right THERE to be countered, but Trickey helpless beneath the non-stop side-to-side slugging.


R2: Dani out for blood early, again rushes Paula, beats her to ropes, and puts combination together to finally work in a crushing left hook off Trickey’s jaw to stagger the brunette. Paula hurt, sitting on the ropes is battered senseless as Dani unloads, a pounding series of left hooks to the body puts Trickey gurgling on all fours midway through the round. Dani not letting up as a trembling Trickey beats the count—little blonde charges into little brunette, digging her forehead into Paula’s chest and scooping both fists into the brunette’s gut to the bell. Trickey with a look of shook on her face as Dan urges the crowd to roar at the bell.


R3: Fishel might have overdone it—coming out with a lot less snap on her punches, allowing Trickey off the ropes for the first time in the fight. Paula shows her competant skills, guard high, snapping off hooks to Dani’s shoulder and uppercuts to her face, then recovering to defend against the receipt. Fishel outboxed in toe to toe action asd Paula chops away for points.


R4: Fight settling into competitive, high contact affair as Paula continues to fight behind a tight guard, risking only one or two short hooks before covering up, turning her upperbody to absorb Dani’s punches. Dani still churning blows, landing harder leather, disdaining defense for the most part. She takes the round on the strength of withering hooks to the body late.


R5: Dani getting her second wind—just too active for Paula. Fishel bullying the brunette to the corner, then shoving and slugging with a huge smile, wild hair. Trickey covering up, grimacing, looking windblown and overmatched this round. Paula shaking out her arms at the bell—Dani’s pounding blows finding arms, tummy, chest and chin without preference.


R6: Toe to toe action, Dani trying to body up, but Paula doing a good job of keeping at least a foot between the two throughout. Trickey with some well timed single uppercuts and hooks midway through the round, puts a little jiggle in Dani’s thighs as the short shots bang smartly off Fishel’s face. Dani still winning the round on sheer gusto—but Trickey’s getting there with good punches.


R7: Paula starting to dictate, stepping with Dani, keeping the pressure on with those short. Clipping blows, and Fishel begins to fall apart this round. Staggering in front of Paula, Fishel tries to clinch, but Trickey able to punch her way out. In the final minute, Paula double a hard left hook off Dani’s chin and Fishel steps in fence post holes as the brunette’s eyes widen with sudden eagerness. Trickey putting nice, sharp 3 punch combinations onto Dani, beats Fishel to the ropes and finishes up strong on Fishel’s tummy to the bell.


R8: Dani all the way back, humiliated at having been pushed around—she shuts Paula out with the usual exuberant two fisted slugging. Dani working in a horizontal plane, bashing Trickey’s arms and body—but missing opportunities upstairs as Paula drops her guard to defend.


R9: All Dani as she bodies up, gets Paula going backward, and works the brunette over along the ropes. Trickey stumbling with the ropes at her side, taking right hands off her shoulder as Dani steps with her. In the final minute, Trickey times the predictable assault beautifully, catching Fishel with a crushing right uppercut to the face off the ropes. Dani hurt, swoons past Paula to drape face first on the ropes as the brunette spins away. Trickey heaping punches onto a defenceless Fishel at the bell to steal the round.


R10: Dani’s early offense surprisingly tentative, and Paula pours it on, taking over with a very confident left hook on Fishel’s jaw to pound the blonde around the ring. All Paula to the bell as she works the flanks and chin of Dani with her compact, clean punching, ending the fight with a series of clubbing right hands on the side if Dani’s groggy face. Fishel wins a unanimous decision, but looks the beaten fighter at the bell.


After: Dani’s early work too much to overcome, but one wonders if she’s all the way back from the Electra beating. Paula kept her composure, and was able to crack Dani repeatedly as the little blonde began to second guess herself down the stretch. Dani giving up huge opportunities over the second half which a bigger puncher might have exploited better.


Reposted by Archer 10/23/09.

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