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16 April 2004 Kelly Brook vs Jeri Ryan

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Posted by simguy on 4/16/2004, 7:27 am


Before: Kelly off a heartbreaking last second loss to Charlize Theron - Brit getting quality rounds against the best comp in the sport - will it be enough against the crunching might of Jeri Ryan? "Brook's an Americanized fighter now," says Kelly's trainer. "She deliberately came to American beaches to get hard sparring, she's positioned herself as an opponent to the best celebrities in the game and look at the results. Straight up with Charlize until the very end - a draw against Zeta Jones. Kelly's coming on, and she's coming on strong." Ryan assessing her opponent in slightly less glowing terms. "Kelly's learning the ropes, there's potential there, but I think she's got some hard beatings coming. I throw the Zeta Jones result out - Catherine always fights down to the quality of her competition. Theron likewise didn't take this girl seriously, and when she did, Kelly went out like a lamb. I don't carry girls and I don't toy with them. I'm coming into this fight to erase Kelly Brook and remind everybody that Jeri Ryan is still a force to be reckoned with." Jeri in red bikini, Kelly in pale metallic-blue bikini, bra style, disk-pattern motif (see Samdog post for reference).


During R1: Muscular, no nonsense stuff from Jeri early. Blonde spitting jabs to poke brunette ropeside, then leans in to carry a short right hand square to tits, back with a hook so short let's call it a forearm to jug. Kelly grimacing early, hands up, palms on Jeri's shoulders to protect her goodies - Jeri rips up the rib cage with some torrid lefts and rights until Brook can wrap up tight around the neck. Ref's break: Jeri stepping in that jab between the eyes, pounding Kelly's head back, keeping pale British back on the ropes. Brook on her heels, eyes wide, hands up - she's pawing and pushing punches - Jeri crouching, left hand extended, jab just being shoulder-cycled in, brushing at Kelly's lips and BOOM! Ryan biding her time, suddenly launches off her right foot, turning the right hand over and through the chin: head swivel; mouthpiece flying off Kelly's teeth; brunette stooping forward! Jeri stepping back, raking an extra left hook across the jugs for good measure as Brook tilts, then crashes to her face. Ryan laughing, shrugging her shoulders "it's so EASY!" en route to the neutral corner: Brook shaking off the KO with everything she's got in a disasterous first.


During R2: Ryan strong to midring, jabbing between Kelly's jugs, drawing Brook's right hand, answering with a right in kind - Brook shying away as Ryan grazes chin with uncomfortable zip. Jeri cutting off the ring, patiently using her jab to negotiate Brook to the ropes, then Ryan closing, putting punches together. Brook forced to slug - girls trade torrid hooks to jug, doubling up hook on chin, then dropping right hands - dangerous simaltaneous punching as both open up. Ryan fields a clanging right off her jaw, doesn't flinch, lands a split second later with a gobsmacking right of her own and Brook's legs can't take it. Kelly spilling dazed into the ropes, shabby with hurt - Ryan tapping back Kelly's head a responsible jab before landing a plowing right to jug, drawing a shout of pain from the gorgeous Brit. Jeri criss-crossing to those mouthwatering tits with sheer blonde malevolence - hamhanded lefts and rights sock sack as crowd rejoices on it's feet. Poor Kelly mesmerized by the pounding, shuddering under the barrage, starts a tepid, slapping response. It's a mistake - Ryan putting murderous mustard on her punches - Brook only able to push her punches, should be clinching - Ryan migrating from pulsating jug to fragile chin with those straight, bashing wallops. Brook's head on a swivel - she's labelled a dazzling 3 punch combo before Jeri reloads, slides just a half step to the right and places a diamond-cutter hesitation right hand sweet to the chin. Brook crumpling up, standing stooped forward, out on her feet for a moment before crashing flat out chest and face. Ryan can't wipe the smile off her face - KO2 Jeri Ryan.


After: Ryan sending her message loud and clear - stupifying beat down punctuated by a sliding cross reminiscent of the hardest right hands Jeri's ever thrown - she's back with a vengeance. Brook brought around in stages, devastated and groggy - unable to comprehend what's just been done to her. Ryan helping herself to shellshocked brunette, hugging her up off her stool for walk - actually more of a parade - of shame. Jeri extremely hard hearted in victory - Kelly all shook and wobbly - Ryan making her stand side by side in the corners, Jeri's right arm snug around the waist, holding Kelly up so judges can compare racks. KO'd brunette not at her best - Ryan's back straight, chest high and proud posts a shutout rout in the impromptu post-match beauty contest. "That's how you kick a second-rate brunette's ass," Ryan says afterward. "You don't play patty cake with her for 10 rounds and then scrape by. When you're the better woman, you just take care of business." Amen. Brook's handlers realizing they've put their girl in awful tough the last few months - time to dial back, get Kelly something in a Bobbi Phillips before these top 10 names ruin the busty Brit.

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