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16 April 2005 Jessica Alba vs Danielle Fishel

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Posted by Simguy on 04/16/2005







Before: "I'm sick and tired of hearing what Jewel did to me," Alba warns press in prefight. "Did anyone see me dismiss Elisha Cuthbert? Hey? Let's talk about that fight, because that's going to be more appropriate where Dani's concerned. Fishel has no chance against me, okay? She's not going to be walking me down and bullying me. I'm going to pretty Dani up like no one's done since Kiana - maybe then you-all will get the hell off my back!"


Fishel champing at the bit - she's one bantam who HAS paid a lot of attention to those Alba/Kilcher tilts. "Definitely, I'm going to be trying a lot of the same things. I'm a lot shorter than Jessica, so it's more expensive for me to walk her down than it was for Kilcher, but that's totally the plan. Jessica's a Ferrari body with the guts of a Pinto: once I get into her, I know I can discourage her."


Alba blonde, sporty navy two piece, sports-bra style top with Fantastic Four insignia in shameless plug, white boxing shoes (what Susan Richards would wear if Reed had her boxing) - Fishel in navy bandeau bikini (spaghetti strap supports) with large baby-blue polk a dots, thick white socks rolled down, white shoes.


During R1,2: Back to back shutouts Alba. Jessica lithe, rangy outside - snapping jabs off her hip, rotating crisply in either direction. Jess using her hands to pull down on Dani's head or push her behind the elbow to aid the sidesteps - very graceful, grabby stuff. Fishel bobbing, weaving, staying low - unhurt, but unable to close - still she's relentless in her pursuit - obviously banking on foot-pressure to wear Alba down late.


R3: Alba bandy-armed - dropping the right hand off the jab, then arching her back to hoist the mop-up left uppercut in between Dani's mitts - Fishel getting picked up hard, but unfazed. Dani lands her first punches of the fight midway through - pounding a straight right hand muscular off Jessica's sinewy abs, forcing Alba to lope away for distance. Jess keeping her back clear of ropes, backhanding her jab, staying in constant motion - she's boxing perfectly through 3.


R4,5: Back to back shutouts Alba - similar rangy look to the first pair of shutouts, but Jessi's setting down more now, and looking for the body as well. Alba swinging a bolo right hand to the pit of Dani's paunch, bunching little juggernaut up: Jessica neatly sidestepping left as Fishel leans forward. Dani crouching, doing a nice job bobbing Alba's slinging right, but those follow-on left uppercuts are picking Fishel up perfectly between her mitts. Dani on her heels a little, especially in the fifth as Jessica puts sinewy leather to work body and head.


R6: Shutout Alba, Dani showing signs of wear. Constantly snappy up-jab taking a toll on Fishel's face, busting up her left eye, bloodying her nose: Alba warned for backhanding that punch. Alba able to freeze Dani then potshot her thick bolo rights to pooch, sweeping rights on the ear or that ever-present licking left uppercut - just a good bandy-armed lather being applied as Jess releases, wheels to a fresh angle. Dani flustered, worn down at the midway mark - Jessica cashes in. Alba off the feint, BURIES her right hand in Dani's stomach - lanky limb shivering on contact, buckling Fishel forward with a breathy grunt: Jess widens stance, flutters her backhand jab at Dani's eyebrow, then arches her back to get that Buster Douglas right uppercut through to chin - DANI GOES DOWN! Perfect clipping uppie lifts Dani out of her crouch, sends her backpedalling then crashing to her backside at the ropes - Alba jogging to neutral corner with a smug grin of satisfaction. Dani up quick, shaking her head to clear the cobwebs, but she's shipped a TON of leather through six.


R7: Alba pours it to Dani - still using the jab, still pivoting and circling, but setting down on shots now, looking to roll Fishel up. Dani soaking up right hand after right hand in her pooch, groaning forward, dukes at her temples - Alba just bathing Dani sweeping lefts across the back or curled up underneath. Jess with a nice bandy-armed action on the one-two, chopping the right hand off Dani's face, mitts rolling low on follow through, then twisting the hips to collect that ripping left uppercut. Dani busted up in her mouth, cut over the left eye - she's still trudging forward but damage really adding up over 7.


R8: Alba sinewy, graceful now - loping right while pawing out the jab, walking Dani into the slinging right cross, laying over on the left side on follow through to load up that left uppercut. Fishel looking for the left hand now, backing out of range to evade it, but that's taking away from her offence - Alba able prowl forward, take the canvas away from Fishel. Jess nice an limber at the waist, often dangling the left at her side, brandishing the right at her chest, bending at the waist, rolling punches with her shoulders and using long legs/wide stance to change up distance whenever she pleases. Fishel dukes at her cheeks, slugging out of the bob - she's still competing, refusing to gift Alba anything despite the lopsided scoring through 8.


R9: Dani bobbing, dukes at cheeks - Jessica missing over the top as she slides back, looking to walk Dani into trouble. Fishel with a series of nice slips, finally steps in, rips hook from crouch and NAILS Alba leaning straight back with her hands down. Beautiful blonde head-swivel - JESSICA'S HURT! Alba stomp-staggering back on her heels, hits ropes with a shocked, "Oh no" look - ON COMES DANI! Fishel pushing her head through Jessica's mitts, busting lefts and rights to tummy in sudden squall of leather, then jerking left uppercuts as Alba attempts to pull Fishel's head down. Dani brawling through the clinches - now she's bashing Jessica's arms, now she's cudgelling Jessica's flanks. Alba windblown, covering up, tilting sideways into the ropes - it's her worst nightmare come true as Fishel wails away. Dani belting her mitts off Jessica's svelte torso, gathering lusty rights in repeat sequences, then shifting her stance to get lefts. All Dani bell to bell - Jessica blubbering, but making it through - showing good heart in refusing to succumb.


R10: Cautious, respectful Alba - she's showing leg, skirting the perimeter, flicking out the backhand jab as Dani presses. Fishel forced to walk through stick, forced to eat right hands and left uppercuts - she's out of time and needs to get on Alba NOW. Jessica potshotting, then loping away, hands loose and low as she gets off lanky, escapes while Dani's soaking. Fishel unable to get position, can't release her hands - face takes a terrible pasting as she never stops trying bell to bell. Jessica squealing in delight, lifting her mitts and beaming: she's just tarted Dani Fishel up for a UD10 duke.


After: Alba towelling off, breezy in postfight and why not? She's just taken 9 rounds with a knockdown from a rugged Dani Fishel. "I told you I'd dismantle Dani - demoralize her, destroy her. I think that lays to rest all the Kilcher talk - clearly what Jewel did was a fluke - girls who try to bully me all wind up like Dani: busted up, hurting, and heartbroken. Britney, I carved up your number one like a thanksgiving ham tonight. Do the right thing: you and me - all the marbles."


Fishel's face puffy, sore, left eye closed - she took everything Alba had to give tonight, but she's not overawed in postfight. "You know, she boxed me, and I couldn't impose my will - but gimme a break: I'm hardly demoralized. Jessica kept her poise tonight and I give her credit - she stayed disciplined and did her thing, but she doesn't commit on her punches the way a Kiana did in her prime, or even the way Britney does now. I gave her too many minutes and I didn't get off like I usually do, but I'm hardly heartbroken. Jessica's going to have to do a lot more than she did tonight to make me respect her as a fighter."


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