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16 Jan 2000 Cat Bell vs Ali Landry

Page history last edited by Dradis 11 years, 4 months ago

Originally posted by Simguy on Sunday, 16-Jan-2000 12:20:01


Before: Cat, 1999’s greatest overachiever looks to continue the trend against buxom newcomer Landry. Ali with that pageant foundation and brawler’s mentality a big, beautiful test for Bell, who can prove she’s no fluke with a thrashing of the lovely brunette.


Bell in yellow retro bikini, Landry in black push up and panties, curly brown locks a la “98 Degrees” vid.


During: Landry stepping forward, drawing her gloves up tight to the sides of her face, but it’s Bell who gets off, spanking the jab off brown tummy, shiny shoulders, or bulging breasts as the brunettes rotate midring. Landry not cutting off the ring, gets steered and picked apart this round as Bell looks every inch the pro in a tactical first.


R2: It ain’t broke, so Bell goes back to the spearing jab, stepping to the left and keeping Landry away. Midway through the round, Ali finally moves her hands, coming in hard to Cat’s ribs with a wide right hand and Bell doesn’t like the heat. Cat stepping back with a hurt expression as Ali loads up, hurling rights wide to the stomach and ribs, and prompting Bell’s guard to creep lower. Down the stretch, Landry looks like she’s gong back to the stomach, but drops the wide right hard to Bell’s chin instead, connecting flush and spilling the brunette to the ropes. Landry moving in to finish, reaches in with the left out of a crouch, and shovels in right hands to the midsection to break Cat down. Bell in deep trouble, and Landry finishes with clubbing lefts on the ear, digging short rights to the sternum, finally bludgeoning Bell to the mat. Cat throbbing in pain can’t get off the mat, as Landry stares on in fascination.


After: Landry helping Bell to her feet, gives the battered brunette a big hug and takes her to her corner in a great show of sportswomanship. Landry hitting hard to the body seemed to catch Bell by surprise, and showed a great finishing touch to get a tough opponent out of there early. 

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