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16 Jan 2009 AnnaLynne McCord vs Laura Vandervoort

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Posted by simguy on 1/16/2009, 7:24 am


Before: Last minute negotiations put Annalyn in with the bigger Laura V: McCord giving away pounds in a rush to get debuted. "She's definitely going to outbeef me," says a chipper Annalyn in prefight, "but I'm like: 'whatever' - get me somebody. To me, Laura's pretty, but she's not a fighter. Look at my face, and you go 'wow - hot,' but check this (pulls up tank top to reveal hardened ab ridges) and you're like 'Damn! Girl's a scrapper!' So I'm fine with Laura being big girl: just more for me to own!" Vandervoort taken aback: feisty young starlet pretty brazen considering Laura's recent slugging successes. "I don't know who this girl is," Laura says in rebuttal, "but she needs to check her 'tude at the locker room door. If she shows as little respect for me in the ring as she does out of it, she's going to get hurt. Promise." Laura in blue bikini with white aquatic art print; small white gloves; hair soft, long, straight. Annalyn in black bikini; small black gloves, hair in devil-may-care tousle.

R1: Annalyn stomp-feinting once, twice...jabbing Laura's tummy...jumping away: McCord all flashing eyes, bared teeth as she circles. Laura turning, eyes narrowed: she's reading McCord's impressive speed, trying to guage what else Annalyn's bringing. Vandervoort stalking, staying calm - she's giving her tummy to Annalyn's jab, refusing to be baited. Laura jabbing-with - putting poke onto Annalyn's slender chest - by the midway point, Laura's directing traffic, steering Mccord to spots. Pays off late: slapping Vandervoort hook-to-cheek startles Annalyn; crisp right cross puts flyweight on her keister. Vandervoort brightening, but resisting temptation to crow: she's satisfied with a little 'how about that' eye contact as McCord's sitting up in wonder.

R2: Annalyn quick - even by flyweight standards. Constant feints have Laura flinching: Annalyn able to stoop in, jab tummy, scoot out before blonde receipts. McCord not afraid to lead with power: she'll bring hooks off her feints - swinging wide at Laura's head; she'll bring sudden right hands off a stepping move to the right - driving in with lips curled back off teeth and eyes blazing. Vandervoort covering up, blocking most of the harm - but she's late in answering, usually fanning on her shots.

R3: Hard punching from both women: crowd appreciative as faces catch leather, knees are loosened. Laura controlling Annalyn's speed with a judicious jab - often stalling a McCord rush with a poke in the chest, then cleaning up sleek right hands as Annalyn's momentarily in range. McCord circling, feinting, then sweeping in 3/4 sidearm right hands with the palm down: when they connect, Laura's head is tossed aside, face pinched in pain at the sinewy clout. Vandervoort's punches visibly heavier - moving the lighter girl even when blocked - but Annalyn's a flashy, lithe slugger with an eye-catching delivery. Crowd-pleasing stuff: beautiful girls taking turns clouting each other tasty in rangy action all around the ring.

R4,5: Vandervoort responding to her corner's request for calm, patient processing of the rookie; they also want Laura to protect her own left eye (it's puffy). Vandervoort goes about her tasks in these minutes like a good student: jabbing Annalyn into compliance; dropping sinewy right hands up the middle; employing right uppercuts to the body and head when McCord tries to shoot-in. Annalyn getting exposed here - inexperience showing: she's swinging too hard, baring her teeth and trying for homeruns - not nibbling consistently at the bigger girl. Annalyn's feints are wonderful for a rookie, and her tummy jab is stiff and swift: more of that is needed, less free-swinging palm-down right hand haymakers up top.

R6: Laura crouches, timing Annalyn's pounce: cool blonde uppercut takes impatient McCord in the belly, hurting her; clean up hook clouts across mouth, swivelling tousled blonde head and sitting Annalyn down. McCord looking bruised, drowsy as she sits up: Laura's pasting the youngster fairly well, despite McCord's quickness. Annalyn's been scrappy when hurt - she proves so again as Vandervoort looks to press. McCord willfully engaging Laura, jabbing at Vandervoort and walking her into slender-limbed combinations as blonde tries to get big. Laura gritting HER teeth now, forced to work for every inch of canvas: she's turning into her punches, being long and lithe with her power. McCord's work more rigid, crisper, more staccato in rhythm as she tries to answer blonde's supple power. By the bell, plucky Annalyn's tugging at blonde paunch PIK! PAK! via the hook as Laura's covered up earmuff, stooping forward.

R7: Annalyn gambles, roaring in off a feint with a drifting right: Laura clouted hard to chin - legs give way and SHE SITS OUT! Annalyn crowing down, forcing ref to push her back: Laura's turn to gingerly pick herself up, dust her thighs off, give her head a shake. Annalyn swarming - jabbing Laura's breasts, hooking her tummy, chopping righty to ear as Vandervoort's covering up. Supple blonde momentarily stunned - just baby-stepping forward behind her gloves - but she gets herself together, beginning to answer in second minute. Wonderful, free-swinging stuff: Laura heady, staying covered up, trying to answer off the block. Down the stretch - Laura steps a stiff jab to Annalyn's mouth, backing small blonde off. McCord regroups, snarling...but she's jabbed stiff in her chest, then cracked a slinging right hand - Laura bending in lithe with the stroke Head-swivel Annalyn - her legs stiffen, locking up as she topples backward, then sprawls on her back with a crash. Ref quickly moving in to push a seething Laura back: this one's over KO7 Laura V.

After: Scrappy Annalyn combative, offensively gifted, slick and wiry - not a bad debut in a fight she probably shouldn't have taken. "I give her credit," Laura admits, nice little mouse forming under left eye courtesy McCord's swinging rights. "She was a nasty shock to me in spots, very quick. Fortunately, I spar with Sarah, so I know quick, and I know how to control that with my jab - but even so, it took me awhile to get a sense of Annalyn's rhythm. At flyweight, the girl's got real potential. She's tiny, but she's all lean muscle - I'd say she's got some talent."

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