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16 Jan 2009 Cindy Crawford vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by simguy on 1/16/2009, 7:32 am.

Before: All-American girl type match up: doesn't get much more iconic than this. "The difference between Gena and me," Cindy instructs in prefight, "is that she wishes she could be me, have the career I've had, be as respected and admired as I've been, while I don't even notice her if she's in the room. I know as soon as Sceez made this fight, a little voice inside Gena was all "why?" and the butterflies started to flutter, and the anxiety nightmares started up. Bottom line is, no matter how big she talks, Gena and I both know that she doesn't want this fight. I can see it in her eyes right now: she doesn't think she's good enough." Nolin blushing with rage: Cindy's arrogance clearly stinging as Gena takes the podium. "Check the record, bimbo," Nolin counters, "I'm up big-time on you. You're famous, I get that: I've been knocking out famous girls my whole career. Don't even get me started on who's hotter: you know damn well when I walk into a room, heads turn. You're heading for hurt, Cindy - oh, and for the record? It's SCEEJ. See you in the ring - tramp." Gena in crimson bikini with gold hip-ring connections; black gloves. Cindy in leopard print bikini, black gloves.

During R1: Gena stalking, crouching; Cindy circling wide, showing leg. Cautious feeling-out - Gena the aggressor, but she banks single-digit connects only, thanks for Crawford's circular evasions. Cindy also not shy about tying up head-and-arm, backing into ropes for ref's breaks: she's not about to turn Nolin loose on the apron. Round to Gena as Cindy does recon.

R2: Crawford's made her reads, gets down to business. Classy Crawford jab featured: sometimes stiff off the shoulder; sometimes a feathery, patting set-up punch. Midway through, Cindy flashes sneaky right hand power, chinning Gena a gorgeous smite, jerking Nolin into a panicky peek-a-boo for a moment. Celebratory strapping of Gena's waist ensues - Crawford sweeping wide left/rights across the beef - then she legs out, re-establishing the jab. Nolin buzzed, tentative: she doesn't press - just keeps dukes up, staying well outside.

R3: Cindy relaxed, graceful once she's got a girl's respect: Crawford operating behind her jab, circling clockwise midring. Boxing 101 - Gena turning, parrying shots, bobbing her head, but clearly wary of pressing too hot up the middle. Nolin stepping in her own jab on occasion, finding Cindy's breasts and stamping them: Gena content to nibble, then cover up. Crawford catching Gena with the odd left uppercut whenever girls fall-in: clinches controlled by Crawford as Nolin reaches 'round Cindy's back, waits for ref. During the break, Gena hears it on her stool: "Baby, you gotta WORK inside - don't accept her clinch. Cindy doesn't like rough-house."

R4: Gena creep-steppin' right, dragging her lead (left) foot as she slides counter-clockwise: she's baiting Cindy forward. Crawford trying to move in off her jab: Gena shoulder-rolling poke, coming back heavy right uppercuts to Crawford's midsection; cleaning her up hooks to chin. Cindy drawn in and rebuffed throughout first minute; second minute, she's drawn in and hurt as Gena's thudding counters shake super-model legs. Cindy backs away hurt, sets up ropeside to ride out third minute: hands at temples, teeth bared in grimace as Gena sets up shop. Thumping blonde beatdown administered: Gena pawing at Cindy, pulling at her wrists or elbows, then slopping on harm. Clinch attempts by Cindy foiled as Gena bodies up, stacks Crawford to ropes, then wrestles her arms free to continue the punishment. Bell: Crawford mouth breathing, visibly rattled: Gena brightens at the sight.

R5: Wheels come off for Gena after first minute positioning. Cindy darting jabs, leans in, cleans up a stroking right cross to chin: Gena's stepping in fence post holes, hands at temples. Wide hooks/slanting right hands strafe stumbling blonde: several more crashing headshots land as Cindy belts Gena round the ring. Nolin back into ropes, ashen faced: Cindy steps to, digs a firm left hand to waist; tucks the right hand into waist; arches her back, pops hips-right and clips a tidy left uppercut slick between Gena's mitts and BLONDE GIRL DOWN! Nolin spilling to all fours - hair in her eyes, lips parted in swoon: Cindy tosses damp hair off her shoulders as she struts past, nodding and smiling like a supermodel. G struggles up, swaying, blinking at ropes, mumbling "I'm good" to ref: he lets it go. Crawford wades in, jabs Gena into a cringing slump against ropes - Nolin face-in-gloves to receive her torment. Cindy all over Gena to the bell - wailing, strapping lashes applied to waist and flanks; determined uppercuts scraping at the guard, trying to wedge in between those mitts. Bell; CINDY HOOKS GENA LOW! Nolin crying out, doubling up with 'how-could-you' eyes. Crawford struts away smug, pocketing a fat 10-8 round.

R6,7,8: Gena positively meek: dukes up, not coming forward...bully's getting bullied here. Cindy steppin-in her jab, spearing Gena round the ring. Cindy thick n' thumping to the body - big, lusty right/lefts against paunch and waist, sounding out beefy. Healthy pushes in Gena's shoulders send her tottering, keep her feet confused: Cindy walking her girl down, punishing, methodical. Nolin occasionally buzzed as Cindy turns on heavy right hands or wedges an uppercut in: Gena stemping out of it, regrouping well, manages to take Cindy's power without going down. Steady work from Crawford - Cindy taking her blonde apart, working Gena hip to head, backing her up, controlling her and hurting her in spots. After 8, Gena's sporting an ugly mouse under her left eye; she's disheveled, grimacing, well and truly touched.

R9: Gena roars back: heavy right hand to Cindy's left ear; sweeping left upside the head; looping overhand right behind the head as Crawford ducks forward and backs up. Ropes, Gena pushing in, yanking her arms free, then digging: she's plowing tummy and trunks, brawny shoulders rotating as she keeps her head below Cindy's chin. Crawford groaning, trying to tie up: Gena smothering Cindy to ropes, wriggling furiously to keep her arms free of Crawford's clutches. Cindy has no choice: it's brawl or be beaten. Bruising shoulder-to-shoulder slugging results - Girls using left shoulders to bump and nudge each other's chests, punches flowing from there. Both girls warned for stray blows to offending thighs and trunks - but it's actually unintentional for the most part - consequence of loose, lapping action underneath. Gena won't be dislodged: she's stays atop Cindy, refusing to give up position at ropes: Crawford soaking up thumping punishment from a determined Gena Lee.

R10: Midring: Cindy looking to jab Gena, then tie her up. Nolin squirming in the grasp, wriggling to get her arms inside Cindy's, then walking Crawford to ropes. Blonde calling the shots, getting a tummy on Cindy, smearing her on ropes. Gena grabby, but holding only to position Cindy for true punches - mostly to body and flanks. Crawford constantly pushed and stacked against ropes: she's having a tough time tying Gena up and getting those ref's breaks. Nolin hoisting punches into Cindy - thick, thudding rights and lefts up into lungs, or curled snug into jug. Crawford a ransacked beauty, just accepting rude shove-and-slug. Good gnawing pressure - Gena wins the round - but can't find the off-switch. Comes back UD10 crafty Cindy Crawford.

After: Nolin banged up, fretful, wandering away hands on hips, trying to figure out what went wrong. Heartless taunting from Cindy soon after gets Nolin's attention: officials forced to push big-bodied beauties apart as Crawford's gloating has Gena on the verge of enraged tears. "Class beats trash," Crawford crows in postfight. "Gena's putty in my hands - I loved getting the work on her. I told you guys - she wasn't feeling good about herself after we weighed in together: a little vitamin C can do that to a girl!"

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