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16 Jan 2009 Nadia Bjorlin vs Megan Gale

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Posted by simguy on 1/16/2009, 7:26 am.

Before: "She's a big 'un," smiles a confident Nadia B, "and you know what they say about those! I love that she's trying me on, but I think we all know she's not ready. The Australian scene's kind of like good AA ball, you know? These girls haven't seen a hitter like me, and my first right hand is going to change Gale's life. Not trying to diminish her win over Govich - love the way she hacked Milena down - but Milena's a stiff. What's Gale going to do when a girl backs her up? Hey? That's what we're going to find out!" Megan an imposing figure - striding to the podium and tossing long brown hair off her shoulder. "I think Nadia may have missed the memo," Gale smirks. "I don't back up. That being the case, you wonder if she's really thought this trhough. What's SHE going to do when my jab knocks her down? My jab - not my right hand. After my right hand lands, she's not really going to be doing much of anything." Nadia in gold bikini; black gloves. Gaie in black bikni with pink orchid print; black gloves.

R1: Nadia aggressive early - lunging at Megan's chin with right hands. Gale lurching back, getting long - one step spreads her out of range, forcing Nadia to duck low, pivot and regroup. Grazing contact only from Bjorlin's opening gambits: Gale reading it well, starts finding her stance, getting the jab out through second minute. Final minute - Bjorlin mitts at mouth, tentative outside - clearly spooked by Gale's height. No more penetrations for Nadia: Megan over to offence as she steps in a spearing jab, driving Nadia before her. Gale using the palm of her left hand and locking out her elbow to stiff-arm Nadia, keeping Bjorlin from pouncing in: Megan lithe for a big woman, but proving just as strong as she should be.

R2: Megan the early initiator - stepping in with stiff poke, but she's spooked back onto her back foot by whistling counters from either Bjorlin fist. Curious standoff as both girls fight wary: Nadia moving her head, weaving and stepping around, but hinky about rushing in; Gale strong with her jab, but reluctant to lean in with right hands with Nadia swinging so heavy. Wide circling, posing action - not a lot of contact as each woman starts to realize the other can finish her with a single clean clout.

R3: Megan forward behind the jab, then stiff-arming Nadia off: Bjorlin bytching to ref, awarded by a warning to Gale. Megan pivoting-left round her poke: she's getting comfy, being tall with Nadia, starting to steer her around. Bjorlin crouching, rotating her torso, mitts at her mouth: she paws the odd lead right hand, looking to torque into hooks, but unable to find distance early. Midway through - Nadia weaves under Gale's jab, comes back an overhand right that grazes Aussie chin. Meg lopes back, spooked: Nadia hops-with, catching Gale a thumping left to left breast. Megan executes pivot-left, looking to sidestep, but Nadia gambles, diving in with a PLOWING right to chin. Huge popping wallop - Nadia cleaning up 100% of Megan's leftside jawline as she's turning: Gale's legs stiffen up - arms stretch out as she topples straight back. THUNDERING splashdown - 6 foot beauty crashing to her back, both hands reaching up, eyelashes buzzing like hummingbird's wings...it's OVER - KO3 in monster-whack fashion - Nadia Bjorlin.

AFter: Fines be damned: Nadia leaps into nearby corner, drawing thumb over throat and crowing while a big Australian girl twitches hurt on her back. Oddly tentative action ends in a thunderclap as both girls patiently measured the other for the KO. "Um...I felt how strong she was early," Nadia explains, brow furrowed as she thinks it through. "I was coming up short, and I didn't want to get caught, so I had to play her a little. Normally, I smash through girls, but my guys told me to patient with Megan - pick my spots - we didn't want to rush in and get checked, you know? But the KO was no surprise - her chin was up there all night - I knew eventually I'd lean into her and clean her up."

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