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16 January 2000 Ali Landry vs Gena Lee Nolin

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Posted by Simguy on Sunday, 16-Jan-2000 16:39:11.


Before: Landry back in the ring not 3 weeks after dismissing Cat Bell, and maybe a little ahead of herself taking a fight with boxing’s trickiest blonde. Nolin licking her lips at the chance to hand Landry’s first “L” on her, and anticipation runs high as to how Landry should handle the notorious rule-breaker.


Ali in her “98 Degrees” bikini, Gena Lee in black bikini top, yellow bikini bottoms - small workout gloves.


During R1: Ali out behind a methodical jab, stuffs it hard in between Nolin’s breasts. Nolin reacts poorly, dragging the brunette into a series of rough clinches, even taking a hold of Ali’s hair, drawing squeals of protest. As the fights bogs down, Gena turns Ali into a headlock in the corner, rubbing the brunettes mouth across the vinyl ropes, and drawing a warning as Landry looks a little rattled. Down the stretch, Nolin takes advantage, touching Landry’s lips with the left and coming over the top with a crashing right hand on the face that has Ali hanging on for dear life. Nolin nodding, trash talking after the bell, as Landry wanders back to her corner.


R2: All Gena Lee as she beats Ali from corner to corner in a brutal second. Scorching Ali’s sternum with hard elbow inside Gena rides her left forearm on Ali’s shoulder, taking hold on the brunette’s hair to tug her around the ring and hold her steady for slinging right hands on the jaw. Landry goes into shock, suffering mounting atrocities and Gena lumps up the left side of the brunette’s face with crude, wide right hands. With Landry’s form completely degraded, Gena Lee steps into a brutal short right hand to the gut, and Ali sinks to her hands and knees with a choked grimace - she’s badly hurt. Beating only gets worse as Ali, up at 8, is ridden back to the ropes, clinched, mugged in the corner as Gena holds and hits and suffers a vicious lacing to her eyes as Nolin is ordered to break. Gena closes out the round wading in on fading Landry, bashing her fists in sizzling wide arcs side to side, as Ali looks out on her feet. At the bell, Gena presses Ali hard into neutral turnbuckle, savagely kisses the swollen and sore left eye, hauls the brunette out of the corner and slaps her on the butt as she staggers back home!


R3: Ali groggy, corner panicking - she hears half a dozen different instructions and comes out looking to box. Nolin eats up the faltering jab with booming overhand rights, and reaches with the left to steady the brunette for clouting right hands on the mouth. Landry getting battered unrecognizable, struggles through another shellacking round as Nolin can’t wipe the smile off her cruel face.


R4: Ali pumping out the jab, actually has Nolin backing up early, but the blonde simply grabs the brunette’s arm, wraps her up in a clinch, and trips Landry to the canvas! Referee stops the action and reads Nolin the riot act, but Gena only wades back in, headlocking Ali, stuffing her in the corner, holding and hitting and frustrating every attempt by the brunette to get organized. Down the stretch, Nolin steps outside, moving smartly to the left and lashes in with outrageous right hands, bashing back Ali’s head as the brunette can no longer see the incoming.


R5: Landry a mess and Nolin delights in circling, potshotting with straight right hands to the left side of Ali’s face as she stumbles forward. In the final minute, Nolin allows Ali to fall inside, and meets the brunette with a crumpling right hand to the pit of the stomach. Landry folds up into Nolin’s arms as the blonde smiles, and Gena wraps her left arm around Ali’s back to hold her in place for a series of gut-ramming rights to the bell. Ali dazed, swooning with pain is held for a moment by a smiling Gena Lee after the bell.


R6: Ali abandons boxing partly by design, partly because she no longer has fine motor control and looks to put her full body on the more slender blonde. It works to some extent as Nolin is budged back, wrestled onto her heels, and Landry able to turn her shoulder into clouting right hands across the tummy to earn a draw this round.


R7: Nolin looking a little gassed, lays in with Ali, and the girls fight bent over, cheek to cheek, trading leather up underneath. It’s a bad idea for Nolin, who immediately begins to feel Landry’s power, and midway through the round, Ali bounces a hard right hand off Gena’s sternum, shutting off power to Nolin’s legs and dropping her suddenly to her hands and knees. Nolin takes an 8, then goes back to clinching, elbowing and tying Ali up rather than trading.


R8:  Ali continues to plod sleepily after Nolin, and Gena bails out of the close quarters action to step around the brunette, and label her accurate potshotting lefts and rights. Landry so battered at this point, she makes Gena look like a boxer as Nolin picks her spots, and slaps Ali all around the ring.


R9: Landry showing guts, once again bodies up on Gena, fighting through the clinches and oputs leather on ribcage to hound Nolin around the ring. Gena with a bitchy grimace, pulls Ali’s head down, and swats with the right hand on that wrecked left eye, but Landry getting some beefy rights of her own into Nolin’s gut to leave the blonde slightly shaken at the bell.


R10: Gena taking the initiative stops the wobbly Ali her tracks with a lunging lead right on the face, and Landry come back woozy. Ali with her fists at her hips, staggers forward, and Nolin’s face lights up - she knows she has her. Gena stepping back in good order, crashes her fists onto Ali’s blank face as the brunette comes on, finally sidestepping to allow Landry to tumble head long into the ropes, Landry refusing to go down, clutches the ropes but is rolled into a corner and Nolin applies a tragic finishing barrage of right hands. Landry hammered senseless as Nolin holds her by the neck and pounds away with rights until the ref jumps in. Nolin leaping, carrying on in triumph as Landry sags on the turnbuckle, swollen face devoid of emotion. Nolin revisits the slumping warrior several times to taunt her - no evidence Landry has any awareness of this at all.


After: Big step up leaves Landry battered as Gena Lee exposes the brunette big time. Landy fighting exactly the wrong fight in the first half, had much better luck when she used her size and tried to smother/muscle Gena Lee in close. Nolin capitalizing on Ali’s bad tactics, overwhelmed the bigger girl with one of her classic maulings which will stay tucked away in Landry’s heart like a bad flu for some time to come. 

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