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16 June 2001 (Title) Gina Gershon vs Ch Charlize Theron

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 (Unified Lightweight Title defense) by simguy 6/16/01


Relaxed confidence from both girls in pre-fight - some stuff's been said but basically both respect one anothers achievements - two very solid pros going to work on one another tonight. Gina sums it up: "Basically it's now or never for me. I've been the best fighter in boxing for 10 years and I've never had anything to show for it - now's my chance. I'd like to beat Charlize, line up the division's best contenders and after a few brilliant defenses, retire with my legacy intact. I'm glad Charlize is as good as she is - I need her to be good tonight." Charlize in white bikini, Gina in black leather bikini bottoms, leopard print cami-strap sports bra.


Round 1: Good opening minute for Charlize as she sets the tempo with a rangy jab, commanding the center of the ring. Midway through, quick fisted Gina turns it around - dipping right, she hooks as Charlize jabs, clouting the blonde's chin, then dips left to snap a hard right hand onto the jaw and CHARLIZE IS HURT! Theron reeling to her right, weight in front of her feet, she looks like she might pitch onto her face - patient Gina hounds her with swatting right hands on the back of the head to chase Theron ropeside. Gershon palming up on the hurting champion's shoulder to open up the body - GINA GOES BREAST with iron-willed malice - blasting away as Charlize slips into a groggy stupor, staring as GINA POUNDS AWAY AT HER BIKINI TOP. At the bell Charlize still awake, but GINA LEFT HER FLAPJACKED BOOBS OUT COLD!



Round 2: More precision and timing from Gina as a rocky Charlize tries to rally. Dipping to the right just outside Theron's jab, Gina bangs that hook off the chin, then puts the right back on top, jarring Charlize' head this way and that. Deep knee bend from Theron as is stunned at the open, Gina walking her down behind a timing double jab then a DRIVING STRAIGHT RIGHT HAND TO THE CHEST. Charlize' back hits the ropes hard - eyes cloudy, gloves up to receive the awful punishment in store. Bell to bell beat down for the champ - Gina just going to work in and around Theron's stiffly raised mitts, HARD punches bouncing off Theron's sleepy face, rough pushing and shouldering to keep the blonde off balance for steady abuse to the stomach and OH THOSE THROBBING TITS! Final chopping triple hook upside the head spills Charlize sideways to the corner - saved by the bell as Gina wades in for more.


Round 3: Charlize' remarkable resiliency comes to the fore - she wills her legs to firm up, comes off her stool sharper than she's looked through six dreadful minutes. Spiking jab to the forehead keeps Gina honest, and spearing right hands down and into the stomach have Gershon backing off. Charlize working behind straight, long licks to head and body - Gina retreating, circling away, surprised perhaps that the champ is still dangerous.


Round 4: Charlize' doubling up on the jab to catch Gina as she executes her slip to the right - Gershon can't get off as the second rangefinder routinely finds her in the ear. Theron starting to limber up - putting punches together, getting her long legs in behind the odd shot to rattle Gina's cage. Midway through, girls trade hooks and GINA'S HURT! Knees blow out - Gershon pinwheeling backwards as she stumbles across the ring before dropping to her butt at the ropes. Theron all business as she wades in and the crowd treated to an ELECTRIC display of desperation fighting at the ropes. Charlize shoving and slugging, using her left forearm liberally to push up with - Gershon bobbing, using the ropes to bounce forward and drive into Charlize' waist with her shoulder then GINA CATCHES THERON WITH CRIPPLING JUG-CRUNCHING COMBINATIONS! Heart pounding action sees both women keep it up after the bell - ref working hard to separate both battlers.


Round 5: Best two way action of the fight as Gina opts to trade and Charlize obliging every step of the way. All Theron early - palming Gina back and punching with too much authority - Gershon getting banged up in the exchanges. Midway through, girls get to hooking one anothers faces and GINA'S LEGS GIVE WAY! Once again Gershon rocked, bails out and folds into the ropes for support. Charlize wading in helps herself with big swinging lefts and rights - Gershon helpless under the onslaught as she bends forward, sways her torso. CHARLIZE GETS HURT! Brilliant counter RIGHT TO THERON'S LEFT BREAST beats Charlize to the punch! She's frozen in agony as Gina reloads, clips a left hand off Charlize' mouth, lands another right on the chin and carries through with the elbow to turn Theron's head. Charlize dazed - reaching pathetically for Gina as the brunette HAMMERS HER CHEST, CRIPPLING THERON to the bell. Gina steals the round - Charlize sent mincing back to her corner, starting to look worked over after 5 tough rounds.


Round 6: Charlize lumping up, lowers her mitts and comes out slugging to change things up on Gina. Tactic pays off as Gershon can't get the timing right and continually has to bend away to the right and bail out under blonde's wide punching pressure. Gina avoiding contact, gives away the round by default as Charlize the clear aggressor.


Round 7: Charlize continues her marauding ways but Gina's absolutely brilliant on defense. Gershon moving her upper body, pivoting under Charlize' wide punches to keep the blonde guessing and she is stamping right hand pot-shotting Theron's taut gut, BASHING BOOB whenever the blonde misses. Classic Gina G, hitting and making the other girl miss - Charlize unhurt, but she won't be brawling anymore as Gina wins a tactical round.


Round 8: Gershon tightens the noose, leading more now, surprising Theron with lead right hands, clocking that chin with insistent hooks and doing good work to the body whenever Charlize covers up. Down the stretch, Gina biting into the waist as Theron leans forward behind her tight guard - Gershon coming off the body to split the mitts with a sweet left uppercut - Theron's pretty face pops up - mouth open, eyes closed, eyebrows arching high - Gershon stays busy, gets her right shoulder into Charlize and CHOPS CUP, lashes lat and rips rib as Theron cuddles forward in pain. At the bell, Charlize pulls away wobbly butt - slumping from Gina's body work. Her face hasn't looked this shabby in a looong while.


Round 9: Gina in control - Charlize with her gloves at her face, elbows in, leaning forward and letting Gershon get off with both mitts. Gina wants a double right hand to the waist? She takes it! A double left hand to the hip? She takes it! A short left and right uppercuts between the mitts? Yep, she's taking those too. Gina just working her girl, PUNISHING CHARLIZE' BODY, stepping back to let the blonde stumble forward, then walking her into the uppercuts and hard body shots. Theron too hurt to answer back, body sounding tight and hollow as Gina pounds away - Gershon sends Charlize back to her corner steaming from abuse.


Round 10: Gina jabbing Charlize back into her corner then lathering away to the body as a heartsick champ stoops forward, gloves at her face, elbows squeezed in protecting her chest, taking like a mule. Gershon busy, but not crazy - setting Charlize up proper, using her shoulder and left elbow to prop, jerking the right uppercuts to the teeth and staying HARD to the body with both hands. Charlize finally moving her hands late - but every time she gets off, Gina's on her face with those pulverizing short combinations - as Theron covers up, it's back to abuse that lean body with more shattering damage. At the bell - Gina bellows in triumph as a slack-jawed Charlize straightens, only dimly aware of what's been done to her. Comes back UD10 for the winner and NEW lightweight champion Gina Gershon!


Theron beaten unrecognizable, face puffy and swollen, body horrifically battered. The challenger just came in here and gave Charlize the kind of thrashing she hasn't tasted in many months. A LOT OF DAMAGE DONE TO HER BODY in the first two rounds, Gina cashing in over and over with KO punches to the chin that the champ withstood, but it was all uphill for Charlize after that. Gershon showing her share of grit in this tough battle as well, and she changes her respectful tone in the ring as she snubs a weary Charlize hug attempt.


"It's finally my time," Gina sobs on camera. "I turned Charlize into a hobo! Used her up - you saw it. She can't take the breast work - she was hurting over the second half; whimpering whenever I touched her body. It's all mine - I can't believe it! Gina Gershon, lightweight champion of the world..."


BLONDE magazine bemoaning 'a night that will live in infamy' as all the blonde champions are thrown from power - brunettes reigning in all weight classes for the first time in history - Oh the humanity!


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