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16 March 2006 Sarah Carter vs Lindsay Lohan

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Part 1



Posted by Simguy on 3/16/2007, 6:57 am.

Before: “I know it would be Lindsay first, Precious second,” Carter confidently asserts at podium. She turns to make crystalline eye-contact with Natalie, pointed ignoring Lindsay who’s seated directly behind Portman on BSE side of dais. “Natalie fears me—she sees me coming at BSE like a knife towards a soft belly, and she’s hoping Lohan can blunt the edge—only it doesn’t work that way, Carving Lindsay up will only make me sharper, and then I’m going to slice into Natalie for the finish. I only wish BSE had more flyweights—savaging them is going to be fun.”


Lilo making who-is-this-chick faces when it’s her turn. “Sarah, what’s that on your ass? Oh, it’s my foot—sorry—my bad!” Lilo grinning as crowd chuckles, warming to her down-to-earth Mic approach. “Seriously—is there ANYBODT as snooty as this chick? I don’t even know her—I mean, I don’t watch television—but every time she opens her mouth I just want to slap her face. I’m gonna do way more than that of course, Sarah, don’t worry. Your tummy’s getting a workout—looks like it could use it. I’ll perk up your chest, such as it is, and as for your face: girl—a beating from me will be just the thing to put some character in that bland wax mask you got on. Strap on folks—everyone who wants to see an ice queen get melted, buy your tickets early!”


Sarah in white bikini with ring connections hip-and-jug; white suede soft-soled boxing moccasins (knee high); small white “Cat paw” brand boxing mitts; tidy long low ponytail. Sarah baleful during ring instructions, turning away without touching mitts: Lohan reaches out, gives that blonde ponytail a good reefing tug while yelling “TOOT! TOOOOOOT!”—action delayed as scrappy battlecats get into it.


During R1: Sarah sharp on Lindsay—jab-jabbing at Lilo, dropping in the slick right cross with a scowl, stepping-in the mop-up hook. Lindsay supple-torsoed, weaving blonde delivery, circling back and away—Lohan using tactical retreats in an attempt to draw Sarah out of her stance, on the attack, Lilo crouching, awing with an open-palm left hand at Sarah’s fists, then sweeping a vicious right roundhouse to Carter’s ribs PAKK! Sarah grimacing, twisting away from the shot as Lohan’s aggressively forward. Lilo liking that right hand to the ribs, swinging it in lusty—alternately jabbing or pawing left hand at Sarah to distract her. 2 minute mark, Lilo walking Sarah down around the perimeter—redhead strides in like she’s going to strap the body, earning a little defensive flinch from Carter and LILO CRACKS SARAH UP TOP RIGHTY! Ringing blast bounces off Sarah’s temple and DROPS ~CARTER TO ALL FOURS! Sarah panting, shaking her head—Lilo strutting, big smile on freckled face as Carter gets gingerly to her feet. Shaky 8, Sarah: Lohan lopes in jugs a-sloshing, face a-beaming, Sarah covers up, sits in ropes, soaks up a lathering body-beating as Linds squares away, bats at midsection tidy sidearm lefts and rights, Even when Carter leans in to tie up light around Lohan’s hips—Lindsay still scouring away to ribs, digging in around Sarah’s outstretched arms at the bell.


R2: Carter shakes off punishment, shows classy this round. Sarah angular—right hand up at her cheek, left tracing little ovals in the air, chin tilted down as she slides to the right or pivots to the left ‘round her front (left) heel. Left jab more than a nuisance—Lindsay scowling at the hot touch of it at her brow, cheek or mouth—Lilo dukes collected under her chin, crouching forward in hopes of weaving stick. Sarah swinging wide rights to Lindsay’s taut body, paying the redhead back I kind—Lohan continuing to land such blows herself as girls take turns strapping each other’s flanks. Carter the aggressor, angling in and out on Lindsay, doing more work—Sarah carves out points, rights the ship after a shaky start.


R3: Lohan swinging wide-righty: Sarah’s reading it now, stepping inside the arc of the punch to let it wrap around her back while tucking in a short, gouging right hand up into Lohan’s sternum. Nasty shot pushes the air out of Lohan’s lungs, weakens her knees: Sarah stays in close, rotating her shoulders to lick tidy lefts and rights against that tight midsection. Linds beaten open-mouthed t ropes: Sarah leaning her head in close, stepping-with and lapping at Lilo’s body loose-limbed rights and lefts downstairs. Gorgeous whaling action has Lindsay breathless, shook up, and it only gets worse in the middle minute, Carter upping tempo, pouring it to a hurting Lindsay—beating becomes savage at the ropes—Carter’s long ponytail brushing her backbone as it sways in time to the lathering. Brisk PIK! PAK! PEK! of Sarah’s small mitts sounds out from Lohan’s hard body, punctuated by Lindsay’s agonizing breaths. Carter scraping meanspirited, jagged little uppercuts in close just to confuse Linds, then getting back to the bodkin lanky. Second minute mark—Carter nestled in close over Lindsay’s right side—blonde lashing a series of repeat right hands to Lohan’s stomach finally collapses redhead’s svelte legs. Lilo wilting to all fours, sobbing for breath: Sarah grins down at Lohan’s shiny back, spinning on her heel all ponytails and perky backside as she struts to neutral corner.


R4: Hounding pursuit from Carter as Lilo can’t shake off the body-shock between grounds, Linds grimacing, open mouthed, trying to get her legs back as she stumbles ‘round the perimeter: Carter hopping-to, very lively legged—she’s lapping frisky at Lohan’s aching ribs, trembling Tummy—Sarah’s shellacking in on the hurt. Carter setting her moccasined feet and lashing limber-limbed at Lohan—dreadful whip-armed beating of Lohan’s body turning her ribs a bright, sunburned pink. Carter attacking the breasts with wanton fury as Lohan falls apart and short, clipping uppercuts are finding Lindsay’s chin as Sarah straightens up pretty into blows. Linds beaten pillar to post, pursued by a heartless, very vigorous and fit blonde whose pace never slackens: as Carter stands close, grinning down, batting mitts together. Sarah all sauce, strutting past the BSE corner and giving Natalie a playful wink: Lohan pulling herself up cranky at the ropes, wincing as she suffers another hard 8.


R5: TORRID slugging as Sarah hops in all frisky, but Lohan won’t hear of it. Bitter toe-to-toe lathering—Lohan firming, absorbing Sarah’s initial assault near the BSE corner, then coming forward as Carter starts to grimace. Vicious, but disciplined: both girls bringing dukes back to temples when they’re done, holding form as her opponent beats away. Sarah being outworked to the body—Lindsay licking and strapping her shots—both girls holding elbows in, generating lashing torque with legs, hips, backs. Middle minute—Lohan takes back the initiative in a long, decisive sequence that sees her tear at Sarah’s toned tummy, privileged ribs—Carter mouth-breathing, eyes stricken as her back hits the ropes, Lindsay goes from aggressrix to dominatrix down the stretch: Carter covering up, wilting against the ropes, helpless to stop the rain of redhead leather. Lohan baring her teeth, grunting loudly as she opens up, scouring back and forth with her mitts as Sarah’s glumly rotating her torso. Lilo warned for pounding Sarah’s back at times, but Lindsay unrepentant—she’s shouting the bell: “What else you got, hey? Punk? Is that it? Don’t you quit on me, punk—I’m just getting warmed up!”


Carter/Lohan conc.


Posted by Simguy on 3/16/2007, 6:58 am.


R6: Carter disheveled, concerned—now her loping, leggy footwork sees her hopping the perimeter, trying to avoid extended contact with a very belligerent Lohan—Lindsay crouching forward—pawing her open left hand, then sweeping in rangy rights—Carter’s counterclockwise rotation helps her to absorb the cracking impact of these blows. Sarah walking Lindsay into clinches, tieing up and wrestling with Lilo more—Lohan walking Carter into ropes, pushing on her to make sure judges see who’s stronger, good defensive round stabilizes Carter’s front, but Lindsay in control—redhead stampeding the b londe through 6.


R7: Crowd shouting out “OH!” as carter dips her shoulders, lavishes Lohan’s trunks a lapping right/left/right sequence to paralyze her foe. Poor Lindsay cringing forward, lips parted in shock—Sarah slides out to her right, eyes hard, lips set cruel as she retakes the initiative in bloodcurdling fashion Lohan stiff-legged now, frowning as she turns—Sarah’s jab harsh, penetrating—cracking against lips, nose, left eye. Middle minute, Sarah’s landing the long right cross off the jab, turning Lilo’s head hard to starboard: Lindsay sighing into the blasts, knees loosening—she’s getting hurt here. Carter comes off the noggin like a pro, adds to Lindsay’s woes with strapping right./lefts to the midsection, and when Lindsay tries to  clinch: uppercuts brush her back, checking her chin, Lohan on her heels down the stretch, blinking, bewildered: Carter scrambles back on top in this seesaw gamine contest of wills. After the bell, Lohan tajkes a pair of halting steps towards her corner, then stops, bends forward hands-on-knees to catch her breath. Sarah cruises the BSE corner, seeking out Natalie’s gaze with a hardhearted glare, then giving her a dose of the most insufferable backside in Christendom as Carter struts back to her corner.


R8: Sarah cold-eyes—now clearly the boss at middle distance or greater—sliding to her right, dragging that lead foot with a dry whisper of suede on canvas, luring Lohan forward, busting up some—Carter’s accurate jab hammering at that left eye, or stabbing into drum-tight midsection: blonde right hand held in reserve, slicing in whenever Lohan’s sufficiently broken down by jabbage. Stepping right, Sarah’s treating herself to Lohan’s breasts via a clawing, mean spirited hook—Lohan grinding her teeth as she’s harvested, turning to stay square with her tormentress. Carter just whittling on Lohan—stooping to reach in belly jabs, stepping right to turn Lohan’s left flank, looking for opportunistic rights. Carter getting a particularly vindictive left uppercut into Lohan’s sternum off cunning feints: Lohan’s face screwing up, torso cringing forward behind her mitts as Carter gets up in there firm. At the bell, Sarah turns on her heel with an exaggerated ballistic whipping of torso, drawing her silky blonde ponytail across Lohan’s outraged face. Demure smile, Sarah en route to her stool, as soon as she hears Lindsay’s gurgle of protest at the ponylashing.


R9: Sarah completes work on Lilo’s left eye tapping it shut with a heartlessly accurate, Portmanesque jab. Lilo very brave—facing into punishment—but she’s crying fro the sharp pain of poke. Sarah smart—rotating right to constantly circle to Lindsay’s blind side—Carter able to drop the right cross with authority past Lilo’s left hand to tag the chin, or sweep it harsh to the ribs. Lindsay rickety, but proving durable here—turning, grimacing, but showing no tell tale signs of submission. Carter correctly reading the fight in Lohan—staying well to the outside using her legs and clever feints to keep Lohan from getting off—piling up points with a safety-first shutout.


R10: Lohan waving Sarah in, bellowing at her to come in and fight: Carter liking her chances here dives in, treating the crowd to gamine-limbed toe-to-toe, Withering trade to slender ribs and flat tummies—small-mitt leather cracking out on contract as both girls lash away. Lohan getting the better of it, outslugging Carter and backing her up: Sarah realizing her predicament too late, cant disengage without getting hit hard: starts to clinch instead, hanging on for dear life as Lohan violently twists and pulls to free herself. Down the stretch, Lindsay pouring herself at Sarah, bringing the fight to blonde doorstep: classy Carter baring her teeth, forced to bring it from the gutter just to hold her ground against surging Lohan. Bell: Lindsay lands a late right hand, startling Sarah—Lilo tackled off by the ref as she’s looking to pounce ion stunned blonde in overtime, Comes back UD10 Sarah Carter.


 After: Lohan being held back, still chirping—beaten tonight perhaps, but hardly bending her knee to Carter in dropping an entertaining duke. Carter smoldering, eyes flashing—she wants more Lohan and when Natalie’s in view, she wants Portman too. Forcing officials to be very vigilant as girls circle and probe for ways ton get at each other. Carter taunting Portman across the ring, holding up one finger and shouting “That’s ONE!”—Portman seething, visibly worked up by Carter’s postfight swaggering at Lohan’s expense. “I battered that tramp,: Sarah tells BLONDE! magazine in the aftermath. “Look at her eyes—look at her ribs—she was putty in my hands. It’s all going to be even sweeter when I give Natalie a pasting and run up the score on these BSE brats.”


 Reposted by Archer 10/11/09.

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